Is Joining The National Guard Worth It

One of the most honorable jobs that are available in the country is that of the national guard. They are among the few job profiles that are respected everywhere in the country and outside the country also. The job profile teaches a person some important life lessons, as well as how to deal with the majority of problems that ordinary people face daily. A national guard is a person who has the responsibility for the country’s safety and if you are on the verge of confusion about whether to go for the national guard job or not, then this article will help you understand the benefits of the national guard job which they get apart from life lessons.let us know Is Joining The National Guard Worth It.

Is Joining The National Guard Worth It


Joining The National Guard Worth is one of the most respected jobs in society because they are the people who risk their lives in real-time to save our lives and nation from different types of threats. If a person is confused about whether to join the national guard job or not, well, it depends exactly on the person. Today we will look at the benefits and remarks a person can earn while working for the national guard because it might help you make the decision.

National Guard training 

National Guard training is not any normal training. It is some of the toughest training where people learn most of the things about their lives. They learn decision-making skills, and how to tackle challenges, and one of the most important things they learn is how to be disciplined in life.

Learn different skills.

A national guard is a person who holds some major responsibility to the country, and that is the reason they are taught about many different skill sets which might help them or which might be needed in the course of serving the nation. As a result, they are taught many skill sets, and these skill sets can also help a person in their lives when they leave their job and can use them to earn some money.

Discounts and other facilities 

As a national guard, a person gets many different facilities, such as special discounts at most of the stores, travel discounts, and also shopping at most of the stores. The national guard job is one of the respected jobs and that is the reason they get many facilities for their family members also.

A new family 

As a national guard, a person has to spend most of the hours at their work location, and that is the reason a bond is created among other people who you call family on the job. Family members formed through national guard jobs are the ones who will always have your back, whether on the battlefield or in everyday life.

Healthcare and other insurance

This job profile is as risky as it has benefited. One such benefit is health care, and in the US, we are very well aware that health insurance is a costly idea. When a person joins the national guard job, he is entitled to have a lifetime health care facility which is available at a very low cost.

Travel around the world

In times when any nation is in danger of going through any other natural calamity, countries send their troops to help the nation, and this is one of the common things that is done across nations. So you might get a chance to visit different countries and see new places. Apart from national guard security, people also get many travel allowances where they can visit as tourists many places.


One major thing which is required and is to be maintained throughout the job is fitness, especially in this time where technology is changing every day and making life easier for people. People now can get anything at their fingertip, so very few people work on their fitness. Fitness is very important for good life otherwise you will be paying money to hospitals to keep you safe. This is minimized in national security jobs where they are trained and are obliged to have good fitness.


The National Guard is one of the most respected jobs in the country because they are the people who have the responsibility of keeping our citizens and country safe. As risky as the job is, so are the benefits you get from working on this profile. People who have done the national guard training share how it shapes their lives because it forces a person to make decisions that help them in taking most life decisions. Also, there are many other benefits discussed above. Please go through them and you will understand if it is worth it or not.


Q1: How much does a national guard earn?

If you are thinking about the money which an average national guard earns, then it is around $50,000 per annum and it can go up to $90,000 when you reach higher posts.

Q2: What do national guards do?

As a national guard, a person has a lot of responsibilities. They need to protect the national boundaries and help the nation in fighting any natural calamities. National guards are also sent to the different nations during any mishap.

Is Joining The National Guard Worth It

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