What Other Stores Does Kroger own? – Know More


Kroger is a chain of retail stores that operates exclusively in the United States of America with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are around 2800 plus places in the States of America with over 2700 supermarkets and department stores including 100 and more jewelry shops. This company was founded by Bernard Kroger after whom it was named.

What Other Stores Does Kroger own?

What are the other stores owned by Kroger?

The stores owned by Kroger can be broadly named as superstore/supermarkets, other specialty and supercenters, hypermarkets, departmental stores, and jewelry stores. It also has about 30 more food processing centers and food manufacturing facilities along with 2800 pharmacies which include the in-store medical clinics around the places of America. 

The chain stores owned by Kroger include the following

● Bakers – this is a chain supermarket located in the area of Omaha, Nebraska. As the name suggests they mainly deal with bakery items and products like cakes and cupcakes which can be customized by the customers. They also sell cookies, brownies, donuts, cheesecake, angel food, pies and rolls, artisan; pita and flatbread, pizza crust, and packed bread.

● City markets – this store is currently open at 38 places in western and Central Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming. They run as a departmental store type selling food products like bakery items, frozen and processed food, packed food items, general grocery, meat, and dairy products. They also sell pharmaceutical items, seafood, liquor, and a variety of snack items.

● Dillons – this store serves about 94 areas in and around Kansas and is headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas. It is also a typical supermarket named different from the other stores owned by Kroger in other areas but the sales of products are more or less similar. The bakers, gerbera, and food 4 less come under the division of Dillons only. Apart from Kansas they also serve the areas of Wichita, Lawrence, Manhattan, and Topeka.  

● Food 4 less – food 4 less is headquartered in Compton, CA, and is also a retail supermarket store serving about 112 places in Chicago, Indiana, Illinois, and southern California.

● Foods co –

– Ralph’s – is also a retail supermarket based in southern California headquartered in Compton, CA. They have 189 stores in and around South CA and is founded by George Ralph.

– Ruler foods- it’s a warehouse-type retail store headquartered in Seymour, IN operating at 50-plus locations around Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Other retail stores owned by Kroger include

– Fry’s

– Gerbes

– Metro market

– Mariano

– Pick n save

– Smith’s food and drug

– King Soopers

– Payless Super Market

– Harris teeter

– Home chef

– Roundy’s

– Vitacost

Jewelry shop owned by Kroger

Fred Meyer jewelry

This is the jewelry shop that works under Kroger headquartered in Portland, Oregon with branches in Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. The founder of this store is Fred G Meyer and the company merged with Kroger by the year 1988. Kroger made this one of the biggest one-stop shops in the US just like how you can find everything at a shopping mall but with more minimal pricing.

Products sold

This store has a grocery supermarket, drug store, garden supplies, jewelry, clothes and beauty products, home decors, shoes, electronics and smart gadgets, home improvement products, kids’ toys and sports equipment, and a bank.

What are the best products to buy at Kroger?

Kroger stands 3rd after Walmart and Amazon in the supermarket and retail store management across the states of the US. Kroger might sell a variety of products but compared to Amazon and Walmart certain products are priced more and some prices are less at Kroger.

They sell the best farm-fresh products at the lowest price when compared to other famous brands.

Other than that their bakery and packed food items are customer favorites. They include Kroger’s

● Thai chili lime

● Bread onion rings

● Chicken meatballs

● Tater bites

● Cheesy baked pea puff

● Vegan dips

● Cinnamon French toast sticks

● Keto ice creams

● Crabmaster products

● Matcha green latte

● Bronze cut creamy Mac and cheese

● Focaccia-style frozen pizzas

● Granola bars

● Chocolate ganache lava cakes


Kroger has set foot in different areas of product sales intending to make it its customers easy to buy anything they want from a single place. This not only makes things way for the customers but also they’ll prefer Kroger over other shops for their versatility. From hair pins to medicines, jewelry to clothing, farm-fresh and Bakery items to packed food, anything you name it, Kroger has it all.


  • How to redeem digital coupons from Kroger?

It is very easy to redeem your digital coupons also known as “ecpn”. Just go to the website or app and add the items that qualify for the coupon. You can use it for your in-store purchase by scanning your shopper’s card. Once done the discount will be applied to the valid items in your checkout list.

  • Does Kroger still have a savings center?

No. Kroger’s removed the savings center. All the information regarding fuel points, weekly ads,, and digital coupons are now displayed on the home page.

What Other Stores Does Kroger own? – Know More

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