Is Hamilton On Disney Plus?- Read More About It

Hamilton is a broadway musical that was initially made as a live show but made into a recorded musical due to the pandemic outbreak in the year 2020. It displays the history of one of America’s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton through various stages in his life. Let us know more detail about ‘Is Hamilton On Disney Plus?’.

Is Hamilton On Disney Plus?

Is Hamilton On Disney Plus?

Yes. Hamilton is now streaming exclusively on Disney plus. Hamilton was initially supposed to be released in theatres only. But due to the pandemic outbreak in the year 2020 this musical was released only on the online streaming platform Disney plus.

Broadway: Is Hamilton On Disney Plus?

A Broadway has generally referred to as a street with larger width and many theatres. People from different parts of the world visit these streets to watch the top shows presented by the greatest artists of that season. Theatres with more than 500 seats are referred to as proper- broadways because of their massive seating holds. The ones with seats from 99 to 499 come under off-broadways. 

Alexander Hamilton 

Alexander was born to Rachel Faucette and James Hamilton on the 11th, of January in 1757 at Charlestown, Nevis before their marriage. James left his family in 1766. His mother died around 1768. Growing up, Alexander was a very intelligent child by nature. He once published a letter explaining how the hurricane hit the island and raised money for his school.

Hamilton musical:


Lin-Manuel Miranda plays the main character Alexander Hamilton. Sydney James Harcourt played the role of Philip Schuyler. Renée Elise Goldsberry played Angelica Schuyler, the eldest daughter of continental army general Philip Schuyler and the sister of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton. George Eacker’s character was played by Ephraim Skyes. George Eacker is the antagonist in this film who is against alexander Hamilton. Aaron burr was the third and the former vice president of the US. Leslie Odom jr. was selected to play the Aaron. Christopher Jackson plays George Washington and Jonathan Groff as King George III.

Main theme

This musical depicts Alexander Hamilton as a person who values legacy and concentrates on building it until his last breath. He lived his life as a noble, intelligent and honorable person though times had their tests on him. Hamilton is the person of his words. He will go to any extent to protect his image towards the public and to prevent defaming. He did try to cover the news of his affair by risking all he had built and tried moving up in the scale. He applied this to build America too. All the hard and sincere efforts he has put into making America the number one country is been paid off now.  


Since Hamilton was initially written as a live stage play musically and then decided to be filmed. For the film, Thomas used about 30 cameras and some shots were filmed with the audience and without the audience. Around 13 songs were shots without an audience and the rest were during live performances. It had scores of hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. Though this film started streaming on Disney plus in the year 2020, this was shot on June, 26, 27, and 28, 2016. It is not only songs but much of the storytelling happens in the physical vocabulary. So the ensemble is the key element that completes the musical. Cameras were used perfectly to reflect the exact view of the writer to the audience. The choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler’s work is the heart of the show. Thomas told that the long shots showed more than singing. It showed the emotions and the other simultaneously happening events that are essential for the next song. 

Other notable shows on Disney plus

There are many shows available to viewers other than Hamilton. The most reviewed English shows are as follows

  • True detective 
  • The white lotus
  • Billions 
  • City on a hill
  • The plot against America  
  • Five days 
  • Game of thrones 
  • Silicon valley
  • Grey’s anatomy
  • Modern Family and many more.

There are other language shows and series that come along. Disney and its Marvel production tie-up make people want to subscribe to it. The MCU movies will be released in HD after a month or two of the theatre collection. Their Disney character movies are kid-friendly and you can even customize your preferences and watch list in Disney plus. 


The available plans for a subscription of Disney plus Hotstar incudes:

  • Disney bundle with Hulu (no advertisement) costs about $19.99 
  • Disney bundle with Hulu (advertisement supported) ranges about $13.99 
  • The annual subscription will be about $79.99 per year/ annually. 

The sports section in the Disney plus Hotstar is no longer available in the US. For those sports, you can subscribe to ESPN plus. That’ll cost about $6.99 per month and $69.99 per year.


Hamilton is a worth watching musical to know about the famous alexander Hamilton. If you are a historic person or you have been assigned any homework on this title then this show is a go-to one. Disney Plus is now available in bundles with Hulu and ESPN to watch the movies and shows from across the globe.

Is Hamilton On Disney Plus?- Read More About It

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