Is Patagonia Publicly Traded?

Patagonia is an American outdoors apparel brand that is not only known for its products but also its activism and social entrepreneurship among other things. Established back in 1973 and based out of California Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the company, has gone on to lead one of the most successful entrepreneurial endeavors one can hope to achieve. Functioning across 5 continents Patagonia is an industry benchmark for those looking to conquer the outdoors.let us know Is Patagonia Publicly Traded?

Is Patagonia Publicly Traded?

In the case of a public listing, it is only logical to assume that a company as successful and resonant as Patagonia, is listed. However, you will be surprised to know that Patagonia is privately owned. Therefore, it does not trade in the stock market and is known as one of the successful outliers in the social impact companies earning over 600 million in revenue with less than 1500 employees. As is the case with its founder, Patagonia is unconventional in its methods and is an atypical business that focuses more on activism.

A Little Bit More About Patagonia

Patagonia’s social and philanthropic endeavors, however, do not come in the way of its success as a profitable company. Doubling and tripling in revenue, Patagonia sets industry standards in sportswear and special weather clothing. Most significantly however, relative to the other Social Impact companies across the board, Patagonia leads the pack when compared with others on both sustainability and revenue standards. Furthermore, this goodwill that it generates on the social front is greatly reflected in its profitability.

What Does The Future Hold?

As exciting as it will be to watch such a successful business model open up its horizons and expand to other markets, it is difficult to imagine that Patagonia has such an ambition in its immediate future. Built on the principles of being the master of one’s fate, the founder owns 100% ownership and is hence free to practice his philanthropic yet incredibly profitable company without the constant presence of a towering figure like the SEC. With an abundance of regulations to keep shareholders happy, running a company such as Patagonia in the way that he has, will be almost impossible. From unconventional working schedules that include a very considerate spin on holidays allowed to the employees, to its numerous social undertakings running charitable campaigns the company has become somewhat of a cult classic among the Social Impact Company admirers. Therefore it is extremely unlikely that an IPO is an option that is being explored by the company given its favorable position in the market.

Alternative Companies To Trade With

Since Patagonia isn’t listed it is only logical for anyone looking to invest in similar Social Impact Companies to search for others that portray a similar approach to their business.

  1. Columbia – Started in 1937 as a small outdoor wear and sporting wear company, it has risen to unprecedented levels in the industry and has become a recognizable brand across the globe. It trades under the symbol COLM on Nasdaq
  1. VF CORPThe parent company of Vans and The North Face, this company is a direct competitor of Patagonia and trades on the NYSE under the symbol VFC. Its world-famous sneakers manufacturer Vans in addition to The North Face is worth exploring if you are looking to penetrate this market. 


Therefore, I think it is safe to say that Patagonia and its ideals cannot be bought, both literally and figuratively. And why would they be? Running a company that earns over $600 million and simultaneously helping the planet is not a bad feat for anybody. A private company that has watched others turn public and still fights to make its mark is admirable, but when this company manages to rub shoulders with other global leaders like Unilever and Tesla who hire in the millions, it is almost astounding what the company has managed to do with just over 1500 employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of philanthropy is Patagonia involved in?

From political to environmental, Patagonia takes a considerable amount of care in ensuring that events such as the election are given utmost importance through employee holiday programs and environmental donations through charitable campaigns such as providing its entire Black Friday sales to environmental non-profits.

Is Patagonia involved in the food industry?

Yes, Patagonia has recently ventured into the food industry focusing primarily on the organic and sustainability front. It is also predicted to surpass its primary revenue generator which is Patagonia’s apparel department, in the next decade or so.

What is it like working at Patagonia?

Amazing! As mentioned earlier, the owner believes that a worker needs to be given utmost consideration and care. Therefore apart from the holidays you receive, Patagonia also provides other perks such as childcare support and subsidized organic meals in its cafeterias.

Is Patagonia Publicly Traded?

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