Can I Make a Money Order Out to Myself?

A money order is a payment method for a certain specified amount of money that is widely trusted as that cash and personal cheques. It is similar to a certified cheque since it is purchased for the desired amount. The advantage of placing a money order is that it is affordable, safe, widely accepted, and most importantly, they never expire.

Can I Make a Money Order Out to Myself?

According to the information given by several companies like Continental Express Money Order Company, MoneyGram, U.S Postal service, etc., a money order can be made out to ourselves and also can be cashed. Therefore, irrespective of the issuer, it is an acceptable practice widely followed by many people according to those companies.

However, there is a limit of $1000, which is the same as making the moneyorder to someone else. The fee to place the order depends upon the retailer. Many places like Amscot, Chase, Moneytree, etc., offer free money orders.

Steps to make a money order out to yourself  

  • The process is similar to that of making it to someone else.
  • Firstly, decide the amount of the order. 
  • Fill in your information as both recipient and also purchaser,
  • We can then cash or deposit the money order according to our wish.
  • Pay the issuing fee specified by the company. 
  • It is suggested to fill out the money order immediately after purchase in case of displacement. ( If someone finds it blanks, they can fill in the information and cash it )
  • We can go to any post office location or bank to place the order.
  • A money order can only be made by cash or debit cards or traveler’s cheque but not by credit cards.
  • Collect the Receipt and keep it handy to track the order and future references.

How to deposit a moneyorder made to yourself?

Things that are required: Pen, Deposit slip, Receipt

  •  Head on to the nearest branch of your bank 
  • Obtain a deposit slip and fill in your details and endorse it by signing it 
  • Present the deposit slip, moneyorder, and Photo ID (if required)
  • Collect and save the transaction receipt for future reference

Precautions to be taken before accepting a moneyorder 

Ensure that the moneyorder is not fake before accepting it. There are a few notable features that can help us distinguish the real and fake money orders, as listed below:

  • Observe the Ben Franklin watermark that repeats from top to bottom on the left side. 
  • A vertical, multicolored thread weaves in and out on the right side of the watermark. 
  • Check if the dollar amount is discolored, imprinted multiple times, varies in size, etc., which indicates that the dollar value could have been modified.
  • If any fraud is suspected, Then immediately contact US Postal services.

Damaged, Lost, Stolen Money orders

Lost or stolen money orders can be replaced. Confirmation of this takes up to 30 days. A processing fee of $7 is supposed to be paid. To request a refund, take the moneyorder to any post office location and start the inquiry. We can then check the status of the moneyorder. If the order status is confirmed as lost or stolen, then a replacement of the order is issued. 

Coming to the Damaged money orders, take the moneyorder and the Receipt to any local post office, and the replacement will be issued.

Can you get a moneyorder online?

The online moneyorder enterprise is a risky industry. A few websites are presenting online cash orders. However, the maximum of them are in different nations except for the U.S., and you and the recipient should be withinside us. To apply those services. Other agencies put it up for sale online cash orders but provide cash transfers, which aren’t identical, even though they can accomplish a similar purpose. Beware of scams during the online process. 

Can the moneyorder be altered?

The money order cant is altered after mentioning someone else’s name in the recipient column. However, a refund can be initiated. The process usually involves going to the issued location, filing a claim online (via mail), etc. Before beginning the refund, one should be ensured that the order is not cashed by other people, which can be accomplished by tracking the moneyorder. 

How to track the money order?

The money order can be tracked anytime after the purchase. First, one needs to be ready with the serial number and dollar amount of the order from the detachable stub. Most popular moneyorder issuers such as Western Union, Money gram, and USPS have their website to track the order. 


In conclusion, One can make a moneyorder for themselves, but it cant be altered after it is made out in someone else’s name. Therefore, you must write your name as both the purchaser and recipient to write a moneyorder to yourself.

Can I Make a Money Order Out to Myself?

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