Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working- Find More About It

It has become common to use any gadget to browse the internet. Additionally, you can access the internet on a smartwatch, a smartphone, and a laptop. Modern smart TVs include built-in web browsers for browsing the internet. Let’s learn about ‘Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working’.

Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working

Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working

The Samsung smart TV web browser is problematic, though. When the web browser program is damaged, it may happen. Similar to this, not enough ram is to blame for the malfunctioning web browser on Samsung smart TVs.

Additionally, the smart TV is slowed down, and its performance suffers. Additionally, programs like web browsers are forced to quit and become inoperable. Google Chrome, Firefox, and other well-liked web browsers are available on Samsung’s smart TV.

In this article, we’ll look at how to fix a Samsung TV web browser that isn’t functioning. Let’s examine the causes of this error first before moving on. Following that, using the solution is simpler.

Reasons why Internet Browser might not work on your Samsung tv

  1. A problem with the smart hub might exist. You consequently have a Samsung TV web browser problem. An internet connection is necessary for online browsing. For instance, if there is an issue with or a bad connection.
  2. No internet data will load in the web browser. There are further reasons why web browsers don’t function on Samsung TVs. Among the primary reforms of this issue are:
  3. When there is no internet connection, web browsers can still be used to search, browse, and navigate the internet. Therefore, a smart TV connection issue prevents the web browser from functioning. Make sure the connectivity is working properly to remedy that.
  4. Application Corrupted: Some of the data in the web app may not match. If there is a problem with the application program won’t run. This problem can be avoided by changing the app file.
  5. Problem with the smart hub: The configuration of the smart hub may be a problem the program cannot operate properly because of the improper settings generic bug may bet a generic bug is momentarily preventing the web browser from functioning. Rebooting the system will, however, resolve this.
  6. Outdated software: Some online pages won’t function properly if the smart TVisd web browser app is out of the current. Particular programs like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and others
  7. Problem with the DNS server: A web browser loads web pages via the DNS server. The DNS setting problem, however, prevents online pages from rendering.

Methods to troubleshoot this problem

Here are a few potential workarounds for the Samsung TV web browser issues. These instructions are simple to follow on every Samsung TV model.

First Approach: Reset the Smart TV’s power

The app occasionally won’t operate on its own. It occurs as a result of a general problem in the Smart TV or that particular app. However, after executing a smart TV reboot, the generic bug vanishes.

After doing a power cycle on the smart TV, the problem with the Samsung web browser not functioning was resolved. It is the technique where the smart TV’s power must be turned off.

Doing that,

  • On the smart TV, depress the power button.
  • Remove the power plug from the wall socket.
  • Wait for a while after that.
  • After that, insert the power cord into the wall outlet.
  • After the TV goes on, check to see if the error is still present.

Second Approach: Verify the Internet is Working 

Internet access is necessary for web browsing, as was already established. If the connection is bad or if there is no internet connection. So, to browse the web, your smart TV needs to be online.

You must check the internet connection on your smart TV before opening a browser. After that, verify that the internet is operational. The internet speed test can be started by clicking here.

The internet is experiencing a problem if the internet speed test indicates limited bandwidth. Restart your modem or router to correct it, then try again. Try connecting to another Wi-fi if restarting doesn’t work.

Third Approach: Clear Web Browser Data 

Data corruption is probably the reason for the web browser’s malfunction. You also need to rebuild the web browser app data to fix that. The simplest solution to this problem is to clear the web browser’s cache. Apply the following advice, then:

  • Pressing the home button on your samsung remote will launch the Smart Hub.
  • Select App after going to Settings.
  • Search for Web Browser after choosing System app.
  • Click OK after selecting Clear Data.

Fourth Approach: Reinstalling a web browser 

The web browser app needs to be reinstalled if it isn’t functioning. On a smart TV, updating an app requires uninstalling and reinstalling it.

  • To access the Smart Hub, press the Home button.
  • Select App after going to Settings.
  • Search for Web Browser after choosing System app.
  • Select OK after choosing Delete.
  • The same web browser must now be reinstalled on your smart TV. For that,
  • Go to Apps after pressing the Home button.
  • Enter “Web Browser” after selecting the Search icon.
  • Select Install after choosing Web Browser from the list.

Fifth Approach: Reset the Smart Hub 

If your smart TV’s internet connection is stable, but the web browser is not. It indicates that the problem is being caused by a misconfigured smart hub. Some websites cannot load or transmit content due to an error on smart Hub.

However, after resetting the smart hub, you may quickly fix this mistake. Everything is permanently deleted when the smart hub is reset. Before you reset, make sure to backup your data. After that, follow these guidelines:

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote to start Smart Hub.
  • Select Support after going to Settings.
  • To reset the smart hub, scroll down and choose Self Diagnosis first.
  • To confirm reset, enter the reset pin.
  • The Smart Hub reset process now starts.

Sixth Approach: Factory Reset Your Smart TV

Unfortunately, if none of the solutions to fix your smart TV’s broken web browser works. The problem can only be resolved by one item at that point. This troubleshooting technique also involves factory resets. The steps to factory reset a Samsung TV are as follows:

  • Launching Smart Hub requires pressing the Home button on the TV remote.
  • Select Support after going to Settings.
  • After choosing Self Diagnosis, choose Reset by scrolling down.
  • To confirm reset, enter the reset pin.
  • After performing a factory reset, see if the problem still occurs.
Final Reflections

Now we have learnt ‘Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working’, Problems with apps and the internet can lead to the Samsung Smart TV web browser not functioning. However, after restarting the smart TV, you can quickly resolve this problem. If restarting doesn’t resolve the problem, verify that the internet is operational. Additionally, when the web browser’s data and setup are damaged, cleaning app data would be helpful.

Similar solutions might be used if the methods mentioned above fail to fix the Samsung TV web browser problem. The Smart Hub can be reset, and then the proper configuration can be applied.

However, if your smart TV’s web browser still wasn’t functional. You can conduct a factory reset and then correctly set up the entire smart TV.

Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working- Find More About It

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