Does Walgreens Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

All the stores of Walgreens, having NFC-enabled payment technology, a contactless payment that a customer initiates by tapping on the cell phone at the terminal of the payment, which passes encrypted information to and back, and the payment is done, accept Google Pay. It accepts Samsung Pay also because it has an MST facility also. […]

Get Your Firestick And Samsung TV To Work Together

As technology is advancing, people’s knowledge about the fast changing technology is not advancing at a similar pace. There are still many gadgets and the technology behind them that is not understood by the general public but that does not mean they can’t understand even if they try to. Similarly, the gadgets Amazon Firestick and […]

Crunchyroll On Samsung TV -Know More About It

Introduction: – How to Get Crunchyroll on Samsung Smart TV? We’ve got you covered! This page will tell you all you need to know about Crunchyroll. Let us know about “Crunchyroll On Samsung TV” With the well-known streaming service Crunchyroll, you can watch a wide variety of on-demand programmes, including manga, anime, drama, and Crunchyroll Originals. […]

5 Simple Steps To Deactivate Samsung TV Voice Assistant/Guild

The Voice Assistant is one of many intriguing features of Samsung TV that allows you to interact with your TV. However, the Voice Assistant can become irritating or annoying if you don’t need it because it reads out everything that is selected. You may prefer to mute it. Let’s see about ‘5 Simple Steps To […]

Samsung Warranty Check -Know More About It

Samsung Warranty Check Samsung offers a manufacturer’s warranty for all their products be it smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Television, monitors, washing machines and many more. This warranty is in effect from the first date of the purchase of the product and covers all defects in materials and workmanship for a specific period. Let us know about […]

Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working- Find More About It

It has become common to use any gadget to browse the internet. Additionally, you can access the internet on a smartwatch, a smartphone, and a laptop. Modern smart TVs include built-in web browsers for browsing the internet. Let’s learn about ‘Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working’. Samsung TV Internet Browser Not Working The Samsung smart […]

Why Netflix Is Not Able To Pair Up With Samsung TV?

The world’s leading internet entertainment service telecasts various TV shows  and movies online via a mobile app. Netflix in a very short period has gained  worldwide popularity and reached almost all top brands including Samsung. It is an important app, that needs to be compatible to enjoy its services. Hence, if there  are some hardware or […]

Spectrum TV App Not Working On Samsung TV- Know More

Spectrum TV App is one of the leading premium streaming services offering live streaming online. It offers an on-demand streaming platform at no extra charge. Spectrum TV is available only in the United States though it can be accessed from some of the United States territories and by using VPN. The Spectrum TV App can […]

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