Cancel Toomics Subscription-Let’s Know More

Comics is a webcomic-based platform which works based on a premier subscription. Headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea. These comics are available in a total of 11 languages. It caters to a large audience which can be well understood by its global presence. Let’s know more about Cancel Toomics Subscription 

Cancel Toomics Subscription

The app steps up the game by providing access to in-app purchases, which can be used to purchase additional content and remove ads. The free version contains ads from Google AdMob and Chartboost. The premium version allows users to remove ads.

Comics is a webcomic-based platform that provides access to webcomic creators and an online manga library. Translation platforms are available for the different languages which include English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and German.

In the app’s library, there are 40 thousand comics by 6 thousand creators. The app itself is free with ads from AdMob and Chartboost but can be purchased for $8.99 a month for premium subscribers or $4.99 a month for a one-month trial. As it can be understood now that it operates under subscription but sometimes people do not want to continue with it. In this case, it is needed to cancel the subscription. There are various ways to cancel it. Some of them are described. 

The process to cancel Toomics Subscription on Android

There is a difference between the cancellation process in Android devices. To cancel your active Android subscriptions, the steps are given below:

  • Open the play store app from the phone and place it on the home screen.
  • Click on the search bar on the menu icon on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Find and select “Subscriptions” from the list.
  • Select “Toomics – Read unlimited comics” from the list.
  • Now tap on the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  • A pop-up appears with the question asking why you want to cancel the subscription. The options also include decline to answer so one can click on the decline option or can give a particular reason for cancelling the subscription.
  • The subscription to “Toomics – Read unlimited comics” will now be cancelled.

Cancellation of subscription of Toomics on iPhone & iPad

  • Tap on “Settings” on the device.
  • On tapping on the icon which has the name of the user it will open the Apple ID.
  • Click on the “Subscriptions” menu from the profile page.
  • Click on “Toomics – Read unlimited comics” from the list. If it is difficult to find it in the list try to search from the top bar.
  • At the end of the page there will be an option of “Cancel Subscription”, now, click on that option.
  • No confirmation is needed for cancelling the subscription.
  • Check on the cancel button to proceed with the process of cancelling “Toomics – Read unlimited comics”.

There is another method of cancellation of the Toomics subscription. For this, you have to access the Apple app store. The steps of that are described below:

  • Open the Apple App Store and open the profile by tapping on it.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription” by selecting any active subscription that needs to be ended.
  • Select the active subscription you want to end.

Cancel Toomics via Email

The subscription to “Toomics – Read unlimited comics” can also be done through email. The process of cancellation of the request is described below:

  • Click on the Mail app to open it 
  • Provide the information to open the account by logging in with all the credentials.
  • Compose a mail addressed to
  • Give a reason for the cancellation.
  • Send an email to the given email address.
  • Provide a reason for the cancellation.

Process of cancellation of “Toomics – Read unlimited comics” through its website.

There is another way of cancelling a subscription to Comics. It can be done through their website. 

This can be done if a person doesn’t have the “Toomics – Read unlimited comics” app installed on the smartphone or they have deleted it earlier. The steps involved in that are described below:

  • Visit the given website-
  • Now login into the account through which it was subscribed.
  • Visit the profile or the account page.
  • Click on “Subscriptions” or “Billings” or if these two options are not available check other, similar alternatives to see a list of options.
  • Click on the “Cancel” icon. Doing at one will cancel the subscription.

To conclude, the way to cancel the “Toomics – Read unlimited comics” subscription is by logging in to your account and adding the reason in the text box or by composing a mail. The requests for cancellation of subscriptions can also be done through their website or mobile site. It is also possible to cancel subscriptions to Toomics through their app.

The way of cancellation will depend on how the subscription was subscribed. If it was done through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store then cancellation can be done by following the steps described in the case above. It is also possible to cancel a subscription to the Toomics by account page if one has a smartphone installed with its mobile site or app.

Cancel Toomics Subscription-Let’s Know More

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