ATT Employee Discounts-Know More

ATT, known as American Telephone and Telegraph Company, is an American telecom company holding its headquarters in Texas, USA. This company’s history goes long back to the time of Alexander Graham Bell but it was launched as an independently-functioning company in the year 1994. ATT has ranked among the top Fortune 500 companies and has successfully captured a huge market across the US. The company captures around two-thirds of the telecommunications market in the US and has widespread clientele all over the country. It is preferred by most customers because of its impeccable customer service, fast and secure internet services, other additional telecommunication services, discounts, and various other benefits.  Here we will see about ATT Employee Discounts

Any company or business in the world runs because of two important factors – customer services and product quality. ATT aces both these factors by placing highly reliable and supportive customer care and technician teams at the forefront of its company. The engineers, operators, customer service executives, managers, and all the other roles of the company are given to highly efficient people to ensure that their internet and other telecommunication services remain uninterrupted and top-class for their customers. Let us look at what discounts ATT employee get. 

ATT Employee Discounts

ATT Employee Discounts

ATT is a reputable organization and has almost 200 thousand employees associated with them overall. Their employee retention policy is so good, that usually they do not hire frequently unless they need an employee turnover. Let us read about some benefits and perks that an average ATT employee gets –

  1. Life and health insurance
  2. Temporary and long-term disability insurance.
  3. Accidental, vision, and dental insurance
  4. A share in the profit
  5. Stock Bonus
  6. Defined benefit Pension plan
  7. Defined Contribution pension plan.

Apart from the above-mentioned health and retirement benefits, one other financial benefit that ATT employees get is the (401)k plan. Let us see what is this plan.

The (401)K Plan –

The 401k retirement plan is a scheme wherein a fixed and defined amount from the employees’ salary gets deducted every month and is contributed to their retirement fund. The same percentage of amount depending on the salary will be contributed from the employer’s end as well to support the retirement of the employees. 

Other than this, several other general benefits include –

  1. Maternity and Paternity leaves
  2. Flexible work hours
  3. Work from home facility
  4. Company Car
  5. Employee discount cards
  6. Paid vacation and time-off leaves
  7. Sick leaves, bereavement leaves, etc.

Employee Discount Cards –

This is one of the best features of the ATT employee assistance program. The discounts that are provided to ATT employees are –

  1. Wireless Products: 50% discounts on voice, text, and data plans. 50% off on selected accessories like modem, router, etc.
  2. Internet of Things: 50% discount on connected services like Audiovox car connection, etc.
  3. Wireless home phone (WHP): 50% discount up to 10 line-limit.
  4. Waived activation and plan upgrade fees.
  5. Wireless accessories: 50% discount on accessories at the company store.
  6. Watch TV is not included in the employee discount policy.
Conclusion –

There are several perks and benefits that each company offers its employees in order to keep them happy, motivated, and retained with the organization for a long time. But, ATT goes a step beyond and shows that they really care about their employees by offering them great discounts and free-of-cost products and services. ATT is a great place to work. You can grow financially, in terms of work experience, and avail of some great work benefits. If you want to start and boost up your career, ATT can prove to be a great launch pad. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 
  1. What benefits do employees get with ATT TV now?

ATT TV Now plan has over 125 channels and is one of the premier video streaming services that you can start streaming on day 1. Employees get the following discounts –

  1. Free cloud DVR
  2. Only a $10 enhanced technology fee levied
  3. Free programming add-ons
  4. Free additional add-ons

2. What benefits do employees get with ATT DIRECTV?

ATT employees get some additional and attractive benefits on their DIRECTV plan as well. These benefits include –

  1. Free Directv ultimate package.
  2. Free HBO, DogTV, NFL Sunday ticket max
  3. No installation charges
  4. One free residence service moves every 12 months with no extra charges.

3. What benefits do employees get with U-verse TV?

WIth their U-verse program, the ATT employees get these benefits –

  1. 50% direct off on the U-verse TV package and HD premier tier.
  2. No activation fee, no standard installation fee, and no monthly receiver fee.

4. What is the employee culture at ATT?

ATT employee culture is extremely inclined towards making their employees technically and financially sound. They believe in upholding the core corporate values and provide full-fledged training to their new joinees. The company invests over $200M annually in training its employees and keeping them up to date with the latest trends in technology and customer service. This way they enhance their customer service skills as well as their employee’s interpersonal and technical skills as well.

ATT Employee Discounts-Know More

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