Shapellx Reviews-Know More

Appearance is among the top priority things when we are somewhere outside our homes. It can be inside the home when there are other people. Because when we are alone, we least care about our appearance. The appearance of people depends on many factors, such as where they live, their traditions, and their do’s and don’ts when it comes to body appearances. Things and people’s lifestyles have changed a lot in the last 3-4 decades. Now we also have many new health issues. When it comes to women, then appearance is the thing they always want to be perfect, but with the changing lifestyle and many related things. Things have become difficult for some people because sometimes people do not get the choice of clothes that they want. If the reason is due to body type or related factors, then there is Shapellx, which is behind your back. Here we will see about Shapellx Reviews

Shapellx Reviews

Shapellx Reviews

Shapellx has helped many women change their ways of living and has boosted their confidence. Women are always conscious of their looks and appearance; it is quite a good thing because from this they get self-confidence. Due to the change in lifestyle and many other factors that are in a woman’s life, such as pregnancy, and weight gain problems, usually after pregnancy, many women gain a lot of weight and because of this, they lose their confidence. Here, Shapellx helps women shape their bodies in the way they want. They sell customized dresses and innerwear, which help in shaping the curves and body looks through their clothes. They are loved by the young women because they have helped them change their lives. 

Products offered by Shapellx

The company offers a lot of shapewear, swimwear, and gym wear along with some other dresses which are also for making the body look good and attractable. The shapewear includes shaping shorts, panties, body suits, tank tops, and waist trainers. All these products help to shape the waist area of the body. They also have a huge collection of shaping leggings, and in addition to this shapewear, they also sell waist trainers which help in shaping the tummy area and the back region for an hourglass body shape. 

Shapellx also has some premium collections for its customers where they can get air slim 2 in-1 high-waisted booty lift shaper shorts, tummy control shapewear, and activewear.

Shapellx’s advantages and disadvantages

If you are considering any Shapellx product for purchase, then you must know the product-related pros and cons for any further assistance.


  1. The sizes that you can get in Shapellx are from XS to 6XL.
  2. The products offered have different categories and are well explained. 
  3. This does not any extra step to be followed or any other method it is a natural product 
  4. These products are available internationally.
  5. Many rewards and deals are going on every time.


  1. The first drawback of these products is that they can be up to 60 days when we talk about their return and exchange service.
  2. There are very few color options available.

Shapellx Reviews

Today, the most essential thing that we want to know about any product is its reviews. So let’s look up some frequent and common reviews that customers have to say about Shapellx.

  1. The product offers super flexibility and comfort.
  2. The available sizes are very good and they have a large range of them.
  3. The product has boosted my confidence. (This is a very common review)
  4. The product is awesome, but a product is also defined by its other related factors such as price, quality, and customer service.
  5. Prices

The prices are fairly normal for innerwear. The neo activewear and premium clothes are a little higher in price, depending on the size and clothes which you choose.

The price range is usually between $30 and $150.

  1. Quality of the product.

Shapellx sells products that require to be stretched and have to keep the body in perfect shape, which is why it requires good quality fabric. The company has always passed all the quality checks, either checked due to usage or from the tests which verify the quality of the product.

The quality rating is 4.

  1. Customer service

Customer service is one of the most essential services that a company or business can offer because there are many times when a wrong delivery has been made or many related queries about the product. Shapellx has a chat and call facility for their customers and has always solved queries, but due to the long hours of wait and the fact that the return of the product can take up to 60 days, it affects customers.

The customer service rating is 3. 


Shapellx is a new concept in clothing that sells innerwear and sportswear for women. The main focus is to help women regain confidence that they have lost somewhere due to the changes in body structure. Customer reviews about this business are positive because it has helped women gain confidence and the prices are normal with the best fabric material.

Shapellx Reviews-Know More

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