Camping Hacks – Know More

If are having a camping trip coming up soon, or you have the idea of spending quality time with your family or a group of friends sleeping in tents, hiking, and roasting marshmallows, there are a lot of camp setup ideas with easy and brilliant camping hacks. These camping hacks include tips for packing, tips for supplies you need, food and meals tips, sleeping tips, pitching up and packing down of tents, and many more.

Camping Hacks

Packing and Supplies Tips for Camping

  • Make sure to pack spoons, spatulas, bottle and can openers, scissors, and other kitchen utensils along with you
  • You can use big recycled storage bags for camping
  • Roll your clothes in your suitcase to save space
  • Pack plastic storage containers and food bags
  • Take a lantern or a torch light along with you
  • You can take floor cushions along with you
  • Take along with you a power bank or solar charging device to charge your electronic devices
  • Use a clear zipper bag to pack your toiletries like toothpaste and toothbrush and another one for your underwear
  • Buy inflatable pillows to save space
  • Make sure you take a First Aid kit
  • Take showers caps and shower covers
  • Take medicines, cosmetics, and spices along with you
  • Disposable bathing wipes are also important to carry along
  • You can also pack dryer sheets to prevent unpleasant odors
  • Get Animal tracks flashcards
  • You can also get Crayon Firestarter
  • Get tent lights to light up your campsites
  • Also get collapsible buckets for convenience

Food/meal Tips for Camping

  • Get a decent cool box that will keep your food cool for a few hours or a passive cooler where you can store ice for up to 5 days
  • Make sure you freeze the foods and drinks before storing them in the cool box to retain the coolness and temperature.
  • You can crack your eggs and put them in a bottle to avoid them breaking
  • Pack straws for your drinks
  • You can freeze pancake batter in a zip lock bag and put it in a cooler
  • You can pack your favorite snacks

Sleeping Tips for Camps

  • Get a decent sleeping bag
  • Make sure you take extra blankets for the cold nights
  • You can take a hot water bottle along with you to help keep your bed warm
  • Protect yourself from bugs and other insects to get a good night’s rest
  • You can bring ‘white noise’ along with you
  • Bring along an eye mask or ear plug for sleeping
  • Make sure the tent is properly ventilated

Pitching tents Tips for Camp

  • Make sure you know how to pitch a tent. You can read instructional manuals or videos on pitching and packing up a tent
  • Make sure the pegs, poles, and mallets are complete before you leave for camp
  • Make sure to clear the grass for twigs and pebble stones on the ground where you wish to pitch your tent
  • Use Windbreakers to create some privacy
  • Make sure the doors are zip closed before putting the tent up
  • When packing up the tent, make sure the doors and windows are unzipped
  • Have a pair of in-tent shoes with you

General Camping Hacks

  • Take along with you books, games, and other craft ideas to escape boredom
  • When packing up, make sure you leave no item behind
  • Always plan for a bad or unexpected weather
  • You can take an old rug and use it as a front door mat for your tent
  • Take bin or recycle bags along with you to help properly dispose of your rubbish
  • Ensure you NEVER cook inside your tent to avoid fire incidents. You can take along with you a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket in case of any fire hazard.
  • You can print out a list of things you need to pack and tip them as your pack. This way, you will not forget things
  • Familiarize yourself with poisonous plants and be very careful around them

Camping DIY ideas

  • For a lantern, point the head of your lamp or torch light into a container of water.
  • You can also paint the inside of a jar for a DIY lantern
  • On the top of your match holder, you can glue sandpaper for easy and better strikes
  • You can use a coffee jar or small paint can as a tissue paper holder
  • You can store your condiments and spices in Tic-Tac boxes
  • Use vegetable peelers to make small leaves of soaps from a full bar of soap
  • You can use a belt to hank your pots and spoons on a tree
  • You can roll some duct tape on a lighter instead of carrying the while roll


Camping is the most enthralling aspect and in these hacks are the necessary things because camping is done at places where people do not get things easily, so here is the list of hacks for camping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it advisable to lock your tents?

Yes, it is safer to lock your tent while sleeping but ensure that the tent is properly ventilated to about stuffing or suffocation.

  • What are the best types of food to bring on a camping trip

You can bring snacks, nuts, beef jerky, instant foods, bars, smores ingredients, and other foods that are easy to prepare.

  • How can I secure my tent at the night?

You can use a padlock on the zipper of the tent and keep it locked from inside while sleeping

Camping Hacks – Know More

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