Can I Use My Floor And Decor Credit Card Anywhere?- Know More

The Floor and Decor company offers a credit Card service exclusively to its customers with many benefits and amazing offers. These floor and decor credit cards can only be used to make purchases in their company with many advantages. Let’s learn about ‘Can I Use My Floor And Decor Credit Card Anywhere?’.

Can I Use My Floor And Decor Credit Card Anywhere?

Can I Use My Floor And Decor Credit Card Anywhere?

No, you cannot use the floor and decor credit card anywhere. You can use it online, but they are unable to ship items to foreign countries.

So other than America, the floor and decor credit card, cannot be used anywhere.

And more importantly, the Floor and Decor credit card is a Comenity card, which means you can only use them at co-branded companies.

Floor and Decor

Floor and Decor is one of the leading retailers of hard surface flooring made of wood, tile, or stone. It also produces other flooring accessories and many flooring-related tools for a low cost. The company was started in 2000 and is one of Fortune’s 100 fastest growing companies.

The headquarters of the company is located in Atlanta.

So we saw a short introduction about the Floor and Decor company, let us now see about Floor and Decor credit cards.

Floor and Decor credit card

The credit card services provided by the  Floor and Decor company can be used only in their stores or while buying their products online. There are many benefits to using these credit cards. They are

  1. Though Floor and Decor credit cards are used only in one company, it allows the customers some benefits like loyalty points.
  2. It allows the company to get more insights into its customers and their behaviors and purchases.
  3. Most importantly lower merchant and processing costs.

So clearly these credit card services have advantages for both the customer and the company.

Floor and Decor Credit card Features:

The Floor and Decor credit card provides various benefits for its users and exciting financing options.

Some of its benefits include 

  • Easy management of your account.
  • No annual fees
  • Flexible payment options.

The financing options include,

  1. 6-month promotional financing on purchase of any amount.
  2. 12 months of promotional financing with a purchase of $499 or more.
  3. 48 months of promotional financing for purchases of $2,500 or more.
  4. For 48 months the APR will be 7.99% and after that APR will be 29.99%.

All of their promotional plans are valid only for a single transaction and as of April 2022 the terms of new accounts are 

  • The minimum interest charge will be $2 per credit plan in which interest is due.
  • 29.99% of purchase APR.

Comenity Credit Card

Comenity is one of the biggest credit card companies with over 100 credit card programs for store-branded and regular credit cards.

And one such credit card is the Floor and Decor credit card, which we are looking at in this article.

Comenity has been around for more than 30 years and is trusted by nearly 50 million customers.

Some of the benefits of their credit cards are 

  • amazing customer service 
  • simple and easy transactions 
  • earning interest immediately.

How to get Floor and Decor Credit cards?

To apply for the floor and decor credit card you can either go to their website and select the options from there or you can click the link given below

Now let me walk you through the steps for applying for the credit card

  1. Fill out the application they give.
  2. Read their terms and conditions carefully.
  3. Click apply and you are ready, it’s as simple as that.

Now let’s make the credit card suitable for online payments

1. Visit this link – click here

2. Or you can visit their website, and from the available options on the top of the page select Register for access.

3. After that Fill in the necessary details such as Credit card number, Zip code or postal card, and important details carefully.


The Floor and Decor credit cards are used only to purchase floor and decor products and services. Using this credit card feature, customers can get exciting offers during their purchase which they can only get using the Floor and Decor credit card. These types of brand credit cards have many advantages for both the customer and the company.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are there any other cards similar to floor and decor credit cards?

Yes, as mentioned above there are nearly 100 or more credit card programs like Floor and Decor credit cards. 

2. What is a brand-related credit card?

Brand or store credit cards or closed-looped credit cards are the credit cards that are used to make purchases from a specific shop or retailer.

3. What is an open-looped credit card?

Open-looped credit cards are those which can be used anywhere that card is accepted. Some of the open-loop cards are Visa, American Express, Master card, etc.

4. Are minimum payments required?

Yes, minimum payments are required for each credit plan.

5. How to avoid accrued interest charges?

To avoid the accrued interest charges, you may have to pay more than the minimum payment. Also, minimum payments are not guaranteed to pay the promotional plan balance within the promotional period.

Can I Use My Floor And Decor Credit Card Anywhere?- Know More

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