Why Is Jerky So Expensive?- Read To Know More

Beef jerky is more costly than most comfort meals because it is prepared with significantly greater, nutritionally components that need more processing. Let’s learn about ‘Why Is Jerky So Expensive?’.

Why Is Jerky So Expensive?

Why Is Jerky So Expensive?

According to a basic cost analysis, beef Jerky is nearly Nine times more costly than comparable snack items. The cause of this startling number is more complex than simply higher-cost components. Let’s investigate why jerky is so costly.

Beef jerky is among the most delectable snacks available, but it may also be one of the priciest. This page delves into some of the factors in detail, giving you an intimate peek at what distinguishes great quality jerky from that mass-produced jerky.

The Reasons Why Beef Jerky Is Premium

Preparing beef jerky isn’t as straightforward as producing crisps, cheddar spirals, biscuits, and other packaged foods. It seems there are a lot of parts to the price puzzle, but each jerky is unique, adding to the intrigue. Observe how all of these factors may drastically affect the price of beef jerky.


The components used in each beef jerky dish are a major factor in the high cost of beef jerky. The grade of the primary ingredients—meat, seasonings, sauces, and other condiments has a significant impact on the final product’s excellence. It has been discovered that higher-quality components result in higher-quality finished jerky. Spices acquired from high-quality spice suppliers, for instance, provide more delicious, complex final goods. You may save money by working with lower-quality suppliers, but the seasonings will be less delicious. It’s never a smart option. The importance of freshness cannot be overstated. Businesses seek out vibrant, fragrant spice mixes to complement their jerky recipes. The greatest beef jerky is made using solid components in the finish, but these components are expensive and add to the entire value.

It’s important to note that there is a threshold of marginal gains when it relates to the raw materials used. For instance, Jerky prepared from Fillet Steak or Prime Rib is an intriguing concept in principle, but there are better ways to prepare these quality pieces. On the other hand, white truffle jerky sounds delectable and rich, but it’s best saved for a special event rice supper. It’s crucial to recall that beef jerky started as a practical, tasty, and nutritional snack for on-the-go situations.


Beef is substantially more expensive than the key components in other famous snacks. Beef is an intrinsically costly product. There’s no getting around it. Bringing nutritious beef to a mass market takes a great deal of time and effort. Businesses work directly with our vendors to assure the authenticity of their arriving meat; therefore, they are familiar with their difficulties.

Beef is a treasure, and businesses treat it as such. Nothing is squandered in the production of each batch. 

Furthermore, variations in meat grade might increase the cost of particular jerkies. Here are several good examples:

  • For higher-quality jerky, thinner slices of beef are chosen.
  • Beef that has been grown on grassland and fed grasses has more taste.
  • More room is required for ethical cattle husbandry.

To save money, some industrial manufacturers may purchase beef from other nations. These manufacturers will mark their goods with the statements “Manufactured in the X country” or “Stored in the X country” to deceive clients into thinking the jerky is created in that particular country from beginning to end when made overseas shipped for the ultimate packing stage. Although there is nothing intrinsically incorrect with this method, getting all of your beef from the country you trust is preferable. They’ll be able to better control the integrity of your raw materials and ensure that all of the meat they utilize is genuine, never refrigerated.

Beef jerky should have a low-fat percentage to avoid spoiling, as fat can grow sour over time. Most beef jerky items are fat-free, ranging from 93 to 80 percent. It is more beneficial to begin with, a thin piece of beef instead of cutting fat from the meat during the cutting process.

Manufacturers of other processed meat, such as burgers, bacon, and processed meat, can add fat to boost taste while lowering total costs, but leaner meats of beef jerky, particularly high beef jerky, result in a higher commodity that is also more costly.

Flavors and Seasonings

The seasonings and flavors used in meat processing also affect the price. Organic aromas and seasonings are used in higher-quality products, whereas extracts or granules are used in lower-quality products.

Processing that is not Outsourced

There are a few processes in creating beef jerky that are particularly labor-intensive. Although culinary innovation and automated equipment can improve some aspects of the jerky-making procedure (for instance, an electronic cutter is more accurate and efficient than human slicing), some phases still necessitate human intervention. Placing the seasoned jerky onto polished metal panels is one such stage.


The fundamental component in beef jerky decreases by 60-70 percent during processing, unlike other meals, due to water content. As a result, a 6 lb steak provides just around 3.9 lbs of jerky!

This is one of the main reasons why jerky is so pricey.


Making beef jerky necessitates a sequence of more time-consuming processes than several of the bulk snack options. What’s the outcome? A more expensive snack.

The below steps are used to make beef jerky:

  • Slicing – Meat is hand-sliced and fat-trimmed.
  • Marinating – The meat is marinated with spices to create taste.
  • To guarantee consistent cooking, meat pieces are laid out by hand on a metal frame.
  • Warming – The slices are gently cooked at an operating simmer with constant humidity.
  • To keep the jerky nutritious, it’s packaged in sealed, low-light canisters.

Beef Jerky of Good Taste vs Cheap Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is usually more costly than other snacks; however, there can be a significant price variation amongst jerkies. What’s the distinction, you might question? To put it plainly, quality.

When deciding which beef jerky to try, you may realize that the extra expense is justified.


Beef Jerky is more expensive due to higher-quality components. It is more costly since beef jerky is an elevated, more nutritional snack than other bulk snack items. It’s usually rich in proteins, low in saturated fat, and available in a flash.

Why Is Jerky So Expensive?- Read To Know More

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