Does CBX Have Wheelchairs Handicap Carts?- Know More

CBX, also known as Cross Border Xpress, is a private walkway border crossing that runs from San Diego’s Otay Mesa neighbourhood to Tijuana’s airfield. Although foreign passengers have relied on the Tijuana airport to preserve ticket money, CBX enables a breeze to travel to the Tijuana airport. They saved between 50 and 70 percent on their flight by travelling between Guatemala and Tijuana rather than San Diego. Let us know more detail about ‘Does CBX Have Wheelchairs Handicap Carts?’.

Does CBX Have Wheelchairs Handicap Carts?

Does CBX Have Wheelchairs Handicap Carts?

CBX began operations in December 2015 and was formally launched in April of the following year. CBX is a good option for anybody travelling to or from Southern California, particularly San Diego. 

You’ll require your board ticket, passport, and CBX reservation, although you’ll need to double-check your visa conditions if you’re not an American or Mexican resident. The CBX ticket may be purchased digitally or in the foyer. Some companies allow you to add a CBX reservation to your aeroplane ticket as an attachment. 

The CBX Guided Pass is a customised program in which a CBX Envoy is assigned to assist a specified passenger on their CBX passage. The CBX Envoy can help with suitcases, paperwork, and any concerns the traveller could experience. It is particularly designed for older citizens commuting unaccompanied, moms travelling with young children, or any other traveller who may need support.

What are the Benefits of Using the CBX?: Does CBX Have Wheelchairs Handicap Carts?

Commuters can verify into their plane ride on the American side, display their booking pass and bridge reservation to the attendants or check in an auto booth before traversing the bridge, then stroll across the bridge with wheelchair assistance which is available for those who need it, go through Mexican customs and border protection, and then go through security checkpoints. This is speedier than other border crossing locations in Tijuana or getting a cab to the airport, although it may be more costly.

The major benefit of using the Cross Border Xpress is that it saves time at the crossing when heading to the United States. The large border gate in Tijuana is one of the biggest. Returning from Mexico to the United States might take many hours. Even if you’re walking along the street. You can cross in quickly without queueing in a large line if you use the CBX.

If you’re driving, the CBX is also a good option. This is because you will not be dealing with buses, cabs, or Rides. In Mexico, you are also not required to drive. You may just drive there, cross the street, and board your aircraft.

Moving from the CBX terminal to the airport

CBX resembles an airport terminal, replete with a duty-free store and baggage trolleys, but without the aircraft. Wheelchairs are supplied for anyone unable to travel the five-minute distance. When you get to the Tijuana airport, you must transfer your bags from the CBX trolley to the airport trolley, but they will assist you. If you’re in a CBX wheelchair, you’ll need to switch to an airport wheelchair at the terminal. 

Wheelchair rentals are available

Wheelchair rentals at Cross Border Xpress (CBX) are available through a vast network of Cross Border Xpress (CBX) wheelchair rental firms. There are various wheelchair rental options, including regular wheelchair rentals, lightweight wheelchair rentals, pediatric wheelchair rentals, etc.

Bus Services Facilities

CBX offers a regular transfer bus service to and from San Ysidro, San Diego, and Los Angeles for its clients. The cost of a transfer trip from CBX to San Ysidro is USD6, and buses run to the bus terminal in San Ysidro. The airport transport from CBX to San Diego costs USD11 and runs to and from city center. Lastly, the CBX bus to Los Angeles costs USD25 and goes to numerous destinations across the city, notably metropolitan Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Anaheim. Contact 619-952-9846 to schedule wheelchair-accessible transportation. Credit card issuers and cash are welcomed.

How much does it cost to hire a wheelchair from Cross Border Xpress? (CBX)

WheelChair TypeUltra Light Standard WheelchairStandard WheelchairExtra Wide Standard WheelchairPediatric Wheelchair
1 day$55$45$50$50
2 day$60$60$65$65
3 day$75$65$70$70
4 day$85$75$80$80
5 day$105$75$90$90
6 day$125$85$100$100
7 day$140$95$110$110
8 day$155$105$120$120
9 day$170$115$130$130
10 day$185$125$140$140
Extra day$10$135$5$5


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Does CBX Have Wheelchairs Handicap Carts?’, CBX simulates an international terminal, replete with a duty-free store and baggage trolleys, but without the aircraft. Wheelchairs are supplied for anyone who is unable to traverse the 5-minute distance. You must transfer your bags from the CBX cart to the airport trolley when you get to the Tijuana airport.  Travelling out of Tijuana International Airport is an excellent method to save cash on global flights across Latin America. Since the opening of the CBX, travelling into Tijuana Airport has been as simple as travelling out of every other Southern California airport. If you dwell in the San Diego region, flying out of Tijuana is more convenient than flying out of LAX. It’s usually a great option to compare costs outside of Tijuana when purchasing a ticket. You might be able to save a few dollars.

CBX Guided Pass is wheelchair transportation that runs from San Diego to the Tijuana Airport Fast Drop Off location. The Tijuana Airport stewards give wheelchair help further than this checkpoint.

Does CBX Have Wheelchairs Handicap Carts?- Know More

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