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Knowing what a patent attorney does is a wonderful step to push you through the journey of becoming ones. Protecting people’s intellectual property has been recognized by the United States since adoption of the United States constitution. Let us know about “What Does A Patent Attorney Do?”

What Does A Patent Attorney Do?

It is a professional in the law field that helps inventors protect their intellectual property, by assisting them during patent application process, in obtaining a license that puts them in control of their invention. 

Patent attorney talks to inventors and businesses about the invention they want to stop other people from copying, helping them get patent protection for that invention if it’s appropriate and to use their patent appropriately so as to make more money from their invention. 

Key Responsibilities Of A Patent Attorney

Regardless of the area of specialization, education or background experience, patent attorney in the United States is entrusted to perform the following duties;

  • They offers advice to clients on how their intellectual property can be protected
  • Ensuring proper documentation of client’s invention during a patent application
  • Making sure a client meets up the necessary requirements to own a patent license
  • Representing the client before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) regarding patent matters
  • Bringing lawsuit against anyone that encroach their client’s intellectual property

How Do You Become A Patent Attorney?

How To Become patent attorney? and be verified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), an individual is required to meet several requirements which include;

  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctor of Philosophy degree 
  • Completing a full law degree
  • Passing patent bar exam

Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree Or Doctor Of Philosophy Degree

To become One , an individual is required to have obtained a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctor Philosophy degree in a recognized technical subject such as; biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biophysics, biological science, food technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, marine engineering, neuroscience and other related subjects. This is to ensure that They can have a deep understanding of the invention. The better the patent attorney understands the invention, the better the patent attorney can draft a better application for the invention.

Completing A Full Law Degree

In becoming one, it is required of an individual to complete a full law degree and being admitted to a state or territorial bar. However, engineers, scientists, and other science based majors as well law students and graduates who are not admitted to a bar would be labeled as “patent agents” since they cannot give a legal advice or represent clients in court. 

Patent Bar Examination

Passing examination is an important requirement by the USPTO for an individual to become a patent attorney. The examination is designed to test applicant’s knowledge of applicable patent laws, procedures, and rules and their usage in managing patent matters, so as to ensure provision of quality service, advice, and help to patent applicants in the preparation and prosecution of their patent application.

What Are The Good Things Of Becoming A Patent Attorney?

Being attorney comes with various benefits which include;

  • Dealing with new inventions over time 
  • Working with bright and creative people
  • It pays well
  • It is flexible, offering the opportunity for part time, working from home e.t.c.
  • It combines science, law and business, offering the opportunity to talk to scientists, lawyers and business people, bridging the gaps between them.

Would You Make Money As A Patent Attorney?

Of course yes, it is a professional career that helps you make better earnings and securing interesting business deals with your clients. The fact that patent attorneys help their clients to monetize their inventions is another sure way of having a share in the money made depending on the negotiation made between you and the clients. 

The level of experience also determines the amount of money They earns. According to pay scale, the average money earned annually by a patent attorney is $144,000, while on the lower end of the scale, It is said to earn $87,000 and at the high end of the scale, a patent attorney earns $224,000.


It is an interesting career that connects you with great inventors,, entrepreneurs and business people, helping you build a better network. They also able to help with any other problem in the field of law but specializes in patent as they have full law degree and also have extra qualification as a patent attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What extra skills should you have to become a better Attorney?

Having a good writing and communication skill would help you flourish as a patent attorney because They do more of talking by educating clients on patent laws and procedures, and as well prepares necessary documents required by the USPTO during patent application.

2)Should you become a patent attorney?

If you are so passionate about hearing new ideas and inventions, and also helping people manage their ideas, then you shouldn’t think twice, becoming a patent attorney is what should be your priority as it brings you close to your passion, and apart from enjoying what you do, you also make money from it. 

What Does A Patent Attorney Do? -Know More

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