Does Kroger Own Safeway? -Know More About It

Companies are always in competition to lead the rest of the companies with similar services. When a company becomes stable enough then it tends to acquire other small companies that match the services of the parent company. Let us know about “Does Kroger Own Safeway?”

Does Kroger Own Safeway?

This helps both the companies to grow more rapidly. This enables small companies a huge place to list their product while the parent company gains a new product in their list of existing products. Owning the right company can have good growth in the company while choosing a bit bland company can reduce the sales of the parent company. So, it is a must to have both companies in a better situation.


Kroger is an American retail company that operates a chain of supermarkets and multi-department stores across the US. The company was founded about 1883 in Cincinnati. This popular retail company has a total of 2,723 stores in the country’s 35 states. These grocery stores serve people as a supermarket, hypermarkets, and multi-department stores. Apart from grocery stores, the company operates various other functioning bodies such as jewelry stores, supermarket fuel centers, pharmacies, and more. It is headquartered in downtown Cincinnati. Talking in terms of revenue, Kroger is the largest chain of supermarkets in the US and it is a tough competitor to big names Walmart and Amazon. The company has different subsidiaries through which it made itself on the list of top retail companies.   


Just like Kroger, Safeway is also a supermarket chain in America. This company was founded in 1915 in American Falls, Idaho. The company focuses on providing its customer’s products such as groceries, foods, bakery items, pharmacies, coffee shops, fuel centers, and more. The company serves most of its products throughout the western United States. The parent company of Safeway is Albertson and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. During the trend of Organic products, the company expanded its stores by establishing various fruits, juices, and vegetable shops at different locations. The company is almost similar to Kroger as the products and services of both companies are the same. Safeway expanded its chains internationally to have more profit.

Does Kroger Own Safeway?

 No, Kroger does not own Safeway. Safeway is a subsidiary of Albertson. Both Kroger and Safeway are subsidiaries of different companies. The companies are quite similar in terms of their products and services. Kroger is the largest retail company in the US in terms of revenue. So, in this perspective, it is a far bigger company than Safeway. However, Safeway is a big company and it serves the chain of supermarkets across the western US. Talking about the parent company of Kroger, it is a subsidiary of America’s largest chain of grocery providers, Fred Meyer. Apart from Kroger, Fred Meyer has other subsidiaries too namely, Ralphs, QFCs, and Smith’s.

Can Kroger Own Safeway?

Kroger is a big company that operates a chain of grocery stores across the US. Talking in terms of owning Safeway by Kroger, it seems unclear as both the companies are the subsidiaries of two big different companies in the same field. However, it might happen that the parent company of Kroger, Fred Meyer can own Safeway as it is known among the top retailers in the US. Owning a company is not a simple task. The companies and their executives check all the pros and cons before owning it. So, yes Kroger might own Safeway.

What Are The Different Subsidiaries Of Albertson And Fred Meyer?

Kroger and Safeway are the subsidiary companies of Fred Meyer and Albertson. Apart from these, there are several other subsidiaries of these two parent companies. Kroger, Ralphs, QFCs, and Smith’s are the subsidiaries of Fred Meyer while Albertson has subsidiaries Acme Markets, Haggen, Pavilions, Plated, Randalls, and Vons.


Owning a company is not an easy task. Companies and their caretakers research more and more and to expand their business they pick up the right company to own. In this, the consumer and the companies get some benefits in one way or another. As a consumer one will get the products of the company in a single place while from the company’s perspective, the company will get a new place to showcase their products and will get a new audience. Getting a new audience in the sales of the products is a big deal for such companies as it gives them more profit.

  1. What are the different products Safeway provides?

Safeway is an American chain of supermarkets. The products the chains of stores provide include groceries, foods, bakeries, pharmacies, etc.

  1. Is Kroger a larger company than Safeway?

Talking in terms of revenue, Kroger is one of the top retail chain companies. Also, Kroger is in the third position on the list of big companies; Amazon and Walmart. In comparison with Safeway, Kroger is a big company than Safeway. 

Does Kroger Own Safeway? -Know More About It

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