How To Install Smart Wifi Doorbell Camera?

The Mercury smart Wi-Fi doorbell is a budget-friendly item comprising a variety of features. That can be associated with other devices such as Alexa and Google. This equipment is made with a range of high-level characteristics such as night visibility, movement sensors, and weatherproofing qualities. This can provide us with time-to-time alerts through our phones. The Best point about the mercury smart Wi-Fi doorbell is that it can be fixed without having a pre-installed doorbell. The installation does not need any existing doorbell to fix. It only needs to have an adaptor that can fulfill the voltage requirement. Let us know about that the How To Install Smart Wifi Doorbell Camera?

How To Install Smart Wifi Doorbell Camera?


Prime reasons for installing a smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera at home:

  • The inclusion of smart home appliances for the additional security of the home can lead to providing rate discounts by insurance companies. Having a smart Wi-Fi doorbell allows getting the video of the incidents that are occurring outside. This can provide extra security and savings of money.
  • The doorbell can record videos of any illegal entry at home. Videos are stored and can be sent back to the police if needed later.
  • In this age of online shopping, it is a very common thing to receive parcels on every occasion, especially during festivals. Packages that are kept at the doorstep can be noticed and stolen by the burglars. By using smart Wi-Fi doorbells, one can identify them. Not only that but we can also be informed about the arrival of the delivery boy.
  • By utilizing these highly skilled technical gadgets, we can receive HD videos, nighttime incidents, and face recognition even in the darkness of night. Thus including daytime incidents, it can provide us with information about nighttime.
  • When the robbers come to know about the inclusion of smart Wi-Fi cameras at home, they will automatically avoid that particular home.

How To Install Wifi Doorbell?

  1. The inclusion of a power supply can make the process of installation smooth. Mercury smart doorbell is processed to work with an existing doorbell. Along with this it can also work without an existing doorbell. One needs to connect the device with wires that are associated with the analog doorbell.
  2. The doorbell must be connected via wires that can supply the current between 16-24 V and minimum power of 10 VA. Requirement of the power supply differs according to the countries. This requirement is meant for North America. 
  3. Now the necessity of having the existing doorbell and the wiring has to be destroyed. The power adaptor is needed to complete this task. The adaptor is also known as a plugin transformer. The specialty of the adaptor lies in reducing the high expense of installing a doorbell into an affordable affair.
  4. All the additional power equipment will not be suitable for the Wi-Fi Mercury smart doorbell. That is why one must find a suitable doorbell that works well. 
  5. After that, the black and red wires at the back of the doorbell are needed to be connected with a screwdriver. The power equipment is meant to plug in at the nearest point. 
  6. The two terminals of the mercury Wi-Fi doorbell are two silver-colored screws. By slightly untightening them, the wires are needed to be placed beneath the screw and tightened. It is not necessary to connect the wires with appropriate terminals. After the finishing of the particular task, the power equipment is required to plug in. 
  7. Then with the blinking of the red light, the connection process of wires was completed.
  8. Sometimes the length of the wire of the power adaptor is not enough. So one needs to find an extension cord. By using that cord, the power equipment can be plugged in.
  9. The mercury smart Wi-Fi doorbell comes with a sound connector. But it will not be needed anymore if it is connected with a piece of power equipment. The sound connector has its sound circuit, which is bisected from the analog bell’s circuit. The bisection helps to prevent any electrical disturbances.
  10. By installing the sound in between the doorbell and adaptor, one can draw power from power equipment without plugging in.
  11. Before mounting the doorbell on the wall, one needs to connect the doorbell with an app. 
  12. The doorbell is to be mounted at least 4-4.5 feet above the ground. The placement will make it easy to identify the faces of the visitors.
  13. Once the installation process is over, then it is needed to connect with an app.
  14. The doorbell has its microphone and a speaker with which the phone’s microphone and speaker are connected.


Technology is improving every single day. By using this modern technology ,we can develop our day-to-day life also. We all want to maintain proper safety for our home and our family. Thus, by installing Mercury Smart Wi-fi doorbells in homes, we can ensure safety for our homes. 

How To Install Smart Wifi Doorbell Camera?

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