Funimation Free Trial

Do you consider yourself an anime lover? Do you have a special niche in anime and only like to watch magic girl anime? Maybe you’re into sports anime, or exclusively prefer battle shounen? maybe you’re an isekai lover and only want to watch animes adapted from light novels that you’ve read. Or maybe you love the classic early two thousand’s shoujo anime. Regardless of your taste in anime, there is one thing all anime lovers can relate to, and that is not being able to find a decent website that streams their favourite shows. Hate dealing with targeted ads? Maybe you just want to get through one episode without having a thousand tabs accidentally opening all because you clicked at the wrong thing. If you’re looking for websites where you can watch all of your favourite Japanese animes all in one place without having to deal with ads or piracy, then this is the article for you. Keep on reading if you want to know more about Funimation. Let us know more detail about ‘Funimation Free Trial’.

Funimation Free Trial

Funimation Free Trial

Funimation is a part of the Funimation global group, founded by a Japanese man Gen Fukunaga that primarily focused on the distribution of east Asian media and mainly Japanese anime. Funimation is a streaming website that streams thousands of anime and is one of the lead distributors of a lot of the biggest and most popular Japanese anime such as Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and Fruits Basket, One Piece, etc. 

Funimation offers a premium plus subscription on three different tier levels with a free trial of 14 days. The three tiers include premium at $5.99 per month, premium plus at $7.99 per month, and premium plus ultra at $99.99 per year.

Funimation subscription plans and Free Trial

Funimation allows its users to watch any anime available for streaming for free with ads. However, to be able to watch the shows ad-free along with plenty of other benefits you can try out their subscription plans. 

The Premium Plan

The premium plan starts at $5.99 per month and $59.99 a year. It allows users to watch anime Ad-Free, along with access to the subs and Dubs available on their catalogue. It also allows users to have two simultaneous streams.

The Premium Plus Plan

At $7.99 per month and $79.99 per year, along with being able to watch anime ad-free, members also have access to the subs of anime shows as they are released, and to the dubbed episodes of animes that come out within 14 days of initial episode release. Users can also have five simultaneous streams and can also download shows for offline viewing on mobile devices. The premium plus plan also provides its users with a lot of benefits from its shop as well. Benefits include early access to Funimation shop sales, free shipping on orders above $20 and having members-only offers for the shop.

The Premium Plus Ultra-Plan

The premium plus plan is their most expensive plan at $99.99 per year. It allows users to watch anime ad-free and access the subbed and dubbed versions of the latest animes like the first two tiers. It also allows its users to have five simultaneous streams and an offline viewing experience with the ability to download content for mobile. Like the premium plus plan members also have exclusive offers and deals from the Funimation shop as well. 

These include:

  • early access to shop sales, 
  • exclusive member-only events
  • free shipping on all orders
  • member-only offers
  • anniversary gifts

At each tier of subscription, each user gets one time only 14-day free trial.

Funimation and Crunchyroll

Crunchy roll is another streaming platform that streams Japanese animes, drama and manga. In March of 2022, both streaming platforms combined and Funimation became a subsidiary of Crunchyroll. 

What is unique to Funimation?

Funimation from the very beginning has focused on dubbed content. Its main area focused on dubbing Japanese animes. And till now it has a huge variety of dubbed anime in its library of content. With dubbed versions of episodes being released after only fourteen days of the episode release in Japan. It also had exclusive rights to a lot of the popular anime series which you could not find on Crunchy roll before their merge. They had the distribution rights to the hit series like My Hero Academia, Dr Stone, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Fruits Basket etc.  

Is Funimation Cheaper?

Yes, Funimation is cheaper than Crunchyroll. Ever since they combined in early 2022 users can now have access to the content which was otherwise exclusive to their platforms alone. Out of the two platforms, Funimation is cheaper than Crunchyroll. The cheapest subscription plan out of the two of them is with Funimation at $5.99 per month whereas Crunchyroll’s cheapest plan is at $7.99 a month. Even with the mid-tier subscription plan Funimation is nearly $2 cheaper and provides five screens for simultaneous streaming while Crunchyroll has only four simultaneous streams available. All in all out of the two platforms the subscription plans for Funimation are more affordable.


If you love watching anime and want to keep up with all the latest releases. If you want to watch all your favourite shows without having to worry about pirated and shady websites with a plethora of unwanted ads popping up or the fear of viruses. If you want to support the official distributers who get you content at the same time as Japanese releases and have a trustworthy streaming platform that you can watch on your devices and places like Apple tv, Roku, Amazon fire tv, etc. make sure to check out Funimation and their large library of anime content.

Funimation Free Trial

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