Become Post Mates Driver -Know More About It

The company was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California. Postmates is an American food delivery company that was acquired by Uber in 2020. The company is a subsidiary type. The company has an annual revenue of around $1 billion and has around 5,300 employees in its companies. The company operates in around 2400 cities in the USA and its main competitors are companies like Door Dash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats, its sister company. Let us know about “Become Post Mates Driver”

Become Post Mates Driver

Become Post Mates Driver

Working in the food delivery business can be a very helpful way for a person to make extra bucks and have a good paycheck at the end of every week. Becoming a driver for Postmates is better than the other companies because it is not only related to food deliveries. You can be going for a shift and end up delivering everything. This is a better opportunity for every driver of Postmates because the earning potential is increased and some drivers earn more than the average day or a week.

How To Become A Postmate Driver?

The following are the steps to becoming a driver for Postmates:

  1. You will need to go to their official website or the app of Post Mate, which is known as Fleet, and sign up on that website, or if you already have an account, then log in.
  2. Go to the “become a driver” section and fill in the personal details application.
  3. After that, there is another form where you will need to upload a profile pic and they will run a background check on you. You will also need to add a payment method where they can pay you your salary.
  4. The driver will also need to specify their phone information and the version of the phone, as well as their vehicle information.
  5. After everything is done, you can start getting deliveries from the Postmate’s fleet app and they will also send you a starter kit at your mentioned address.
  6. The starter kit will contain their prepaid card and all the additional information and rules on how to perform.

What Are The Requirements For Becoming A PostMate Driver?

There are some specific requirements or rules for recruiting that the post mate company follows. They are:

  1. The river must be older than 18 years of age.
  2. should have a valid US driver’s license.
  3. should have an android or IOS phone of a newer version where the app for the fleet is compatible.
  4. They will accept up to 5 fines on the vehicle, but if the driver has been caught ill driving and has a police record against his/her name, they will not accept the application.
  5. The driver should have a vehicle insurance policy because they will not pay any expenses if any damage occurs to the vehicle.
  6. Pass a background check with the information provided. They will also ask you to upload your passport photo on their online application.
  7. After you are shortlisted, they will take an orientation of the driver, explaining all the rules and steps for how he will get paid and when, and many other questions. After that, they will take a test on how well you understood the concepts, and if you pass that interview or test, they will recruit you.

How Much Does A Post Mate Driver Earn?

The drivers can earn more or less, but it all depends on the location they have been recruited for. If you are located in one of the prime locations, then you will get more orders than a driver located in a very quiet area. The steps to earning money as a driver are as follows:

  1. The breakdown of the driver’s payment is done by factors.
  2. Earnings are generated for each delivery the driver picks up and delivers.
  3. A monetary amount is given for each minute the driver is standing at the pick-up location for the order.
  4. They are paid for every mile they travel from the pick-up to the customer’s location.
  5. The orders are properly tracked, so people cannot make bad use of the 4th.
  6. Any bonuses or tips given by the customer or the company are paid more during the rush hours, so the drivers try to make as many deliveries as possible to earn more at that time.


Now we have learnt “Become Post Mates Driver”, Being a driver can earn you good amounts of money, and it is fast money as you are given the money each week rather than waiting for a whole month. But for a full-time thing, being a driver will not pay you as much as expected.


  1. Does Postmate pay the driver for gas?

No, they don’t pay the driver for gas. That and any vehicle-related expense has to be taken care of by the driver.

  1. How much can a driver earn in an hour?

The driver can earn as much as $25 per hour if he works continuously without any breaks.

Become Post Mates Driver -Know More About It

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