Apps Like Whisper – Check It Out!


Who doesn’t like having a place to vent and share their deepest disease and thoughts? However, everyone doesn’t have a network of friends to do so. This led to the creation of anonymous chatting apps and forums.If you are searching for the apps like whisper, then this article will surely help you to find the apps like whisper, keep on reading.

Apps Like Whisper

One such app is Whisper. It is a platform where a user can post something for everyone to read and reply to. The catch here is that everyone can do so anonymously. The popularity of Whisper has grown tremendously. If one has tried Whisper and enjoyed it, this article is for them. It is going to divulge apps like Whisper that are a lot more lowkey. Make sure to read till the end to see which is the best fit for you.

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What is Whisper?

Before talking about apps like Whisper, it is pertinent that you know what it even is. Whisper now has millions of active users and has appeared in publications like Forbes and USA Today. One can post pictures accompanying their message or “secret.” Other users have the choice to respond to these as they feel fit. 

There are two methods of replying to someone. One can post a message anonymously but publically, i.e. it will be visible to everyone. They can also choose to reply privately, where only the person who posts it can see your message. Your identity will be hidden here as well.

Apps that resemble Whisper

This section will mention some apps like Whisper.


It is a platform to vent or share one’s thoughts. Unlike Whisper, one cannot post pictures with their messages.

To use Now&Me, one first needs to sign in. At the bottom of the app, there is a ‘+’ that can be used for posting. After typing out your message, you need to select a suitable tag to go with it. The users have the flexibility of whether or not they want to be anonymous.

Now&Me has also introduced the ‘Connect’ feature where users can directly message each other if they want to continue the friendship. The founders realized the importance of mental health and thus included features like sharing circles and therapy. 

A feature called “Ask me anything” where users who are struggling can talk to a psychologist for free on certain issues has also been added.


It is slightly different from Whisper because the user’s activities aren’t visible to everyone. On HearMe, one is assigned a Listener who hears one vent and if needed provides advice.

One is supposed to divulge information about their problem to find a suitable Listener. There isn’t a time limit to how long one can stay connected. Once a user is satisfied and feels better, they can end the chat and rate the Listener. 

If one wants to join as a Listener, HearMe provides a certificate course for them. The app also helps foster communities at Universities and Businesses. 


The basic framework of jumpingMinds is very similar to that of HearMe. The user needs to select what area they’re facing a problem in and they will be matched with a Peer. The chat automatically ends in half an hour. One is allowed only 2 chats every 12 hours so utilize them wisely.

One can also become a Peer or mWarrior if they wish to help people out. The app has features like mCorner includes peace corner, morning corner, comic corner, etc, and ‘Inspire’ where people can post their triumphs for everyone to read. 

If a user doesn’t want to talk to a person in real-time, they can also choose to talk to Snuggles, an AI Friend. ‘Snuggles’ communicate in a way that will make anyone feel a little better.


Compared to the rest of the apps, Sarahah is a lot less complex. It has a singular feature, which is to connect and chat with other users.

One can search for specific users or be matched randomly. Anonymity is a key feature here as one has the freedom to disclose only as much information as they are comfortable with. Most users only have a pseudonym and a random avatar as their display picture. This helps keep real aspects of one’s identity hidden. 

One can block other users if they are rude and/ or offensive.

Sarahah was banned for a bit due to weird users but it is still available on Google Play. It is fine for short-term conversations but there are better apps out there.


Psst! is an app that lets one talk to people anonymously. The catch here is that all chats are automatically deleted within 48 hours. Unlike other apps, one cannot access previous chats. One isn’t even permitted to take screenshots. The chats are encrypted, no one else has access to them. 

One can send pictures, audio, and videos to ask for advice. They can set a time limit themself, and post which the chats will be deleted. One can also chat privately, without disclosing their identity at all. 

One can also post pictures, messages, and stories for other users to see and like. If a user likes another’s posting, they can connect with them to take the conversation further. 


There you have it, a list of apps similar to Whisper. The first three apps lean more towards the importance of mental health and how venting helps it. The last two are simply anonymous chat forums for people looking for like-minded users.

Apps Like Whisper – Check It Out!

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