Can you Return Formula to Walmart?


Walmart has over more than 10000 stores in 24 countries and websites, it employs around 2.3 million officials with nearly 1.6 million in the U.S alone. Its strategy of creating a seamless shopping experience makes them the biggest supermarket chain in the entire world. With their innovations like curbside pickup, mobile scan & go and a whole host of apps, Walmart is providing more ways to save time and money. Their online website sees over 100 million unique customers in a month. Walmart is continuously acquiring special e-retailers and digital brands, their brands include Hayneedle, bonobos, Moosejaw, ELOQUII,, etc. 

Can you Return Formula to Walmart?

Apart from being the biggest supermarket chain in the U.S, Walmart is also expanding its roots throughout the world, currently operating in 23 countries other than the U.S, having millions of customers. Walmart International has more than 5100 retail stores with approx. 550000 associates. Apart from providing all convenient living products at the lowest price, they provide services too to their customers, the most important one being return service. Walmart returns allow customers to conveniently return products for free by mail, scheduled pickup from your home, and in-store pickup. Generally, Walmart provides 90 days return formula, time varies according to the products, and has different time slabs, such as 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 1 year. Let’s dig out more about the return policies of different items.

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Ways to return an item: –

  1. In-store: – firstly sign up at the Walmart app or, then select the items you want to return. Give an appropriate reason for return and after that confirmation.
  2. ship it back: – Login to the Walmart app or to their site, view past order list choose return to the store, this will generate your barcode. After that review your return summary and submit your return at the store with email 

and select items you want to return and select return by mail to get your return label. Pack your items as you got them delivered and then drop them at USPS or FedEx locations.

  1. Officials help: – If in any case, you don’t know how to initiate your return, you can bring your item to the store or print a shipping label after then have your order number and receipt in hand to start your return. 

Walmart Formula Return Policy: – 

Walmart accepts returns of packed formula products since FDA does not imply rules for formula item return, within 90 days of purchase or delivery, provided you should have its invoice. You can return them in-store, mobile express returns, or by FEDEx or USPS mailing service. However, it’ll be notified if the receipt has modified its return policies, some stores even accept returns after 90 days.

Ways to return formula products: – 

  • In-store: – head out to any nearby Walmart store and visit the customer service desk, make sure you have a receipt/invoice and a proof of identity. Refunds are made immediately whereas refunds made to debit and credit cards can take up to 10 days to credit. Formula products worth up to USD 25 will be refunded with cash whereas products worth more than USD 25 will be refunded through shopping/gift cards.
  • Mobile express: – Use mobile express lanes to return products, provided you purchase them from the Walmart app or
  • Mail: – Visit to order history at or Walmart app, thereby select formula product to return, then select return by mail to receive printable free shipping label, then attach that label to the formula product and finally drop the package at a nearby USPS or FedEx location. Refunds will be processed once the formula product reaches Walmart, which usually takes 10 days to arrive. 

Returning opened formula products: – 

Opened formula products can be returned only in two cases: – 

  • If the expired product was sold;
  • The product was received as defective.

 Since each store has its policies, you should call the store before your visit to ensure that your formula product will be accepted for a return.

Return policy for WIC formula products: –

 WIC formula products are eligible for a cash refund if the customer can show a receipt /invoice dated within 90 days of purchase. Even defective or expired WIC items are exchangeable for a new pack. But if you have an official formula exchange from a WIC nutritionist, then an exchange will be there according to the instructions on the formula exchange form.

Conclusion: –

 Walmart is the largest retailer worldwide operating services in around 24 countries, with over 2.3 million associates worldwide. You can order through in-store shopping or via mobile express lanes, or through mail orders by visiting the Walmart app or and placing orders on it. Their aim of providing convenient products at the lowest price is the key strategy of their business. Walmart currently has approx. 10500 stores worldwide. They’ve 3 types of stores, namely supermarts, discount stores and neighbourhood stores. They have the longest return periods for their products, periods ranging from 30 days to 12 months, depending upon the product. They provide a 90 days return period for formula products, provided you have a valid receipt/invoice and the product is not opened if it’s not defective or expirable delivered to you. Some stores accept products with more than 90 days of the delivery period. WIC formula products are exchangeable in-store if they’re delivered defective or expired.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

1 Is a particular product returnable without a receipt?

Yes, if you present a valid government-issued photo ID card which has not been altered in any way.

2 Are formula products cash refundable?

Yes, but up to a certain limit, i.e., formula products worth up to USD 25 are cash refunded and those worth above it gets refunded in form of gift/shopping cards.

3 what is the max. time limit on return period?

The max. return period is around 1 year for items like plants, shrubs, etc.

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Can you Return Formula to Walmart?

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