Lyft Rewards And Perks- Read More About It

Lyft is popularly used as a transportation service across the USA, falling only second to Uber in terms of users and rides utilized every year. This service is active primarily in the USA but it has several operations in some of the major cities in Canada as well. It was established in 2012 under the name ‘Zimride’ as a carpool service and quickly climbed the ranks to become the biggest carpool-specific company in the country. It acquired the name ‘Lyft’ in 2013 and gradually grew into one of the most popular cab services across the country. It started offering various other services soon such as a Reward program, bikes, and scooters. In this article, we will see about ‘Lyft Rewards And Perks’.

Lyft Rewards And Perks

Lyft Rewards And Perks

Lyft has a loyalty program that helps its regular customers get various benefits by using the service on a regular basis. They offer exclusive rewards to their members, payment rewards, and even travel rewards. Lyft offers rewards to their drivers as well which can be earned by keeping a high ‘driving score’ and working during ‘busy hours’. Lyft careers give their potential employees an insight into the various benefits and perks they’ll be offered as well. 

Lyft Rewards For Riders

Lyft offers different types of rewards depending on whether you’re a driver or a rider. There are specific eligibility criteria for both of them. This reward program was established with the motive of boosting the company’s revenue and attracting more users to utilize their service. 

Lyft rewards for riders:

  • Lyft Pink: As a frequent rider, you’ll get the most out of Lyft by signing up for ‘Lyft Pink’. This membership plan was designed specifically for people who are looking to travel through Lyft more than twice a week. It costs $19.99 per month and it follows an auto-renewal system until cancellation. According to this plan, you’ll have access to:
    a) Priority pickups at the airport
    b) 15% off on any car ride you take through the app
    c) Access to their seasonal offers and discounts
    d) Three free rides for thirty minutes on their bikes or scooters per month
    e) Exemption from lost and found fees that are applied to regular riders
    f) No cancellation fees for three cancellations made under 15 minutes per month
  • Special rewards on payment through Chase credit cards or Mastercard: Lyft offers payment rewards upon transactions made through Chase credit cards. Those who use this form of payment will receive Lyft points depending on the type of Chase credit card they own. Lyft will add credits worth $5 to your account after three rides are paid through ‘Mastercard’. 
  • Linking your Delta SkyMiles account to your Lyft account will make you eligible to earn points through various miles traveled through the rides. 
  • Lyft has partnered up with Hilton Honors as well to let their frequent riders earn up to 3 points per $1 on regular rides. 

Lyft Rewards for Drivers

Drivers at Lyft have their own separate rewards program. In order to access these rewards, the drivers can click on ‘Lyft rewards’ which will be available on their Lyft drivers app. This initiative was introduced to boost the employment rate at Lyft and the various benefits applicable for drivers are:

  • Opportunity to earn points for the rides they make during busy hours. There is a feature on Lyft’s driver’s app that can help them track down these ‘busy hours’ in their area. 
  • There are three tiers that can be accessed by Lyft drivers depending on their points and driving score. The following tiers are silver, gold, and platinum. 
  • The eligibility criteria for the silver tier is that the driver should have a minimum driving score of 60% while the minimum points criteria may vary depending on their market location. For the gold tier, the driving score has to be 80% and the same applies to the platinum tier. 
  • Drivers who are eligible for the three tiers will have access to the following benefits which vary depending on their tier:
    a) Access to discounted tax services with TurboTax Self-Employed (25% off for silver and gold tiers, 50% off for platinum tier)
    b) Discounted roadside assistance (free for platinum tier)
    c) Access to view details of the trip before accepting it (only applicable for gold and platinum tier)
    d) Discounts on auto-maintenance and repairs in association with Openbay
    e) Discounts on language learning via Mango Languages 


Lyft offers plenty of rewards and perks for its riders and drivers alike. Their policies change every now and then so it’s important to keep in check with the changes by accessing their app or website frequently. Lyft also has a referral program that works if you refer the app to somebody who hasn’t used it before, both of you end up getting credits after they finish their first ride successfully. Lyft’s rewards differ based on the rider or driver’s location as well.

Lyft Rewards And Perks- Read More About It

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