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A TV, a DIRECTV receiver, and two stereo or video components can all be managed by a single DIRECTV® universal remote control (for example, 2nd TV, DVD, or stereo). Likewise, its innovative technology enables you to merge the distractions of your original remote controls into a single, simple-to-use device that is loaded with features like z Code library for well-known video and stereo components z Four-position slide switch for simple component selection Memory protection prevents you from having to reconfigure the remote control when the batteries are adjusted. Z code searches to enable program control of outdated or discontinued components. Users might need to set up your DIRECTV Universal Remote Control to operate with the particular segment before doing so. While using the functionalities of the DIRECTV Universal Remote Control, the user has to set this up by reading the directions that are made available in this manual. Let us know ‘Programming DirecTV Universal Remote’.

Programming DirecTV Universal Remote

Programming DirecTV universal Remote

1. One must consider the product and model number of the DIRECTV receiver (on the rear or bottom display) and insert it in the spaces provided.

2. Then, they should discover the DIRECTV receiver’s 5-digit code.

3. After that, turn on the DIRECTV receiver.

4. Then, slide the switch across to the DIRECTV icon.

5. Then, the user should press and hold the “MUTE and SELECT” keys while ready for the DIRECTV icon’s green color light to flicker twice, and then let go of both.

6. They must press the 5-digit code using the number keys. If all is done properly, the DIRECTV icon’s green light will show up twice.

7. Finally, it can be concluded, that to point the remote control at the DIRECTV receiver, press the power key after all. However, the DIRECTV receiver needed to be halted.

Key functions and features

  • Press the GUIDE key to access the DIRECTV program guide.
  • Press the ACTIVE key to unlock the special features, services, DIRECTV NEWS, and information.
  • Press the LIST key to see the list of programs for doing.
  • (Some DIRECTV receivers don’t, however, support this feature.)
  • Press the EXIT key to quit the application’s user guide and menu panels.
  • Use the arrow keys to browse the menu and application guidance pages.
  • Press the Choose key to bring a variety that is displayed in the instruction manual or on navigating menus.
  • Press the BACK key to revert to the previous screen that was visible.
  • Press the MENU key to open up the menu.
  • Press the INFO key to display the current channel and timing when watching live TV or exploring the TV schedule and course information.
  • Press the YELLOW key to toggle between the various audio tracks. Using only these colored keys would also provide users extra capabilities.
  • Press the VOL key to raise (or minimize) the noise volume. The Volume keys must only be activated after they’ve been programmed.
  • Press the MUTE key to switch the volume on or off.
  • Press the PREV key to go return to the channel being used the most.
  • The user should choose a platform pretty quickly using the numeric keys.
  • Press the DASH key to segregate the overt and covert channel numbers.

Program remote for an HD DVR or HD receiver

  • Click MENU on the remote control.
  • Then press Remote Control, followed by Program Remote, beneath Settings.
  • Select the device you would like to program (TV, audio, or DVD). The user should use the code research software to locate the 5-digit code if the TV or other device isn’t listed.
  • Read the directions along to finish programming.

Program remote for a Standard DVR or SD receiver

  • Click MENU on the remote control.
  • Select System Setup, then Remote or Remote Control & then Program Remote under Parental Favs & Layout.
  • The user has to determine which device they want to program (TV, audio, or DVD). Then, use the code web search tool to discover the 5-digit code if the TV or device itself is not listed.
  • To accomplish the programming, abide by the on-screen guidelines.

Controlling your DirectTV Receiver

The vast bulk of DIRECTV receivers is coherent with the pre-programming DIRECTV® Universal Remote Control. Users will also need to set up the remote control by obeying such instructions if that does not work properly with the DIRECTV receiver.

1. Programming Your DIRECTV Remote

  • One should retrieve the producer and prototype number of the DIRECTV receiver.
  • Then the user should identify the DIRECTV® receiver’s 5-digit code.
  • Then, consider turning on the Direct TV receiver.
  • Move the DIRECTV stance on the MODE switch.
  • Afterward, press and hold the SELECT and MUTE keys till the green light beside the DIRECTV position flashes twice, and then let go of both.
  • Key in the 5-digit code using the number keys. The green light underneath the DIRECTV role flickers twice if all is implemented right.
  • Therefore, refer to the remote control at your DIRECTV receiver, then press the PWR key once. If the DIRECTV receiver does not turn off, the user must try each code for your product until you find the right one by repeating procedures 3 and 4 afterward.


So, at, the users can readily and securely purchase a new or substitute remote control. To start watching the coding, the user should indeed explore the DirecTV site’s Remotes page. One can handle the entire entertainment center using the same.

Programming DirecTV Universal Remote – Know More

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