Pandora Outlet Store Locations in the US

Pandora, with its superior and unique jewellery, gives a new meaning to accessories. The idea of making personalised jewellery with meaning, such as charms, necklaces, and so on, has made it popular amongst people. And shoppers love to buy Pandora stuff. So, are you someone who urgently wants to possess Pandora jewellery but can’t afford it because of the high price?Let us know about Pandora Outlet Store Locations in the US!

Pandora Outlet Store Locations in the US

Pandora has over 1200+ stores worldwide in more than 100 countries. All of these stores sell authentic Pandora jewellery. So, you don’t need to worry about buying your jewellery from these stores. 

But, we’re not here to discuss all Pandora stores in the US, just the outlets. So, here is the list of outlets for Pandora. These outlets are owned by third-party retailers. And the merchandise is as genuine as it gets at any Pandora store.

To know the pandora outlet stores that sell jewellery at discount, scroll down.


Before heading to the outlet stores, let’s learn more about the Pandora brand. The exclusive company was opened in 1982 by a Danish man. Since then, the jewellery brand has become popular worldwide. Pandora jewellery has the speciality of stealing the hearts of its wearers.

Specifically, Pandora’s charms are the ones that win the hearts of shoppers. Their jewellery imbues the wearer with meaning and feelings.

Be it necklaces, earrings, charms, or bracelets, Pandora never disappoints in blending emotions with moderation. 

Pandora’s outlet stores

Check out the pandora outlet store locations list given below.

Outlet StoreAddressCity
Tanger Outlets National Harbour6800 Oxon hill Rd#830Oxon hill
North Georgia Premium OutletDownsonvilleGeorgia
Pleasant Praire Premium Outlet Pleasant Praire  Wisconsin
Rio Grande Valley Premium outletsMercedesTexas
Williamburg Premium Outlet Willianburg Virgina
Woodbury Common Premium outlets Cental ValleyNew York
San Marcos Premium OutletsSan MarcosTexas

The best ways to reach these outlet stores

Rio Grande Valley Premium outlets

This shop is part of the Simon property group and has approximately 140 stores. The best way to reach the Pandora outlet store in this outlet mall is through Harvest Court. You’ll see the store in the front row from this location.

Pleasant Praire Premium Outlets

This store has everything to offer with snatching deals of up to 60% off. You can also buy your favourite brands such as Fossil, ALDO, and many more. Here, you can get Pandora jewellery at discounts. So, if you reside nearby, you should pay this retail attraction a visit. The best way to reach the Pandora outlet in this shopping mall is through the east plaza parking lot. You’ll find the store in the front row.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

This location is the best shopping attraction for foreign tourists. Explore this location via shuttle or local tour bus and take advantage of incredible prices on several high-end brands. This outlet sells Pandora jewellery at a bargain price, making it a perfect place to grab your favourite yet expensive charms and bracelets. The best location to reach the Pandora outlet in Woodbury Commons is through parking lot 1-11.

San Marcos Premium outlets

This outlet is a combination of two distinct outlet malls—Premium Outlets and Tanger Factory Outlet Centre. There are over 240 premium and name brands nestled in the outlet mall. You can grab the best deals from this place. This place is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. The best location to approach a Pandore outlet here is near Brighton Collectibles.

Williamsburg premium outlets

This outlet store, operated and managed by Simon Property Group is another great place for shopping. The complex houses 135 stores of high-end brands. You can buy everything from clothes to watches to accessories from this location. The best entrance to get to the Pandora outlet in Richmond Road from the Ralph Lauren entrance. It is located at the corner of the complex. 

North Georgia Premium outlets

You can buy premium brands at great prices from this shopping outlet. This has premium brands such as Coach, Guess, Pottery Barn, Pandora, and so on. The palace runs deals all year round. Get easy access to the Pandora outlet store from the front park before the centre. You’ll the store in the neighbourhood of American eagle.

Pandora products by these outlet stores

These are the premium outlets of the Pandora brand and keep everything the brand has. These stores have sections for necklaces, bracelets, charms, and so on. You can go to these outlets and get an in-store experience, try on things, and if something suits you, you can buy it directly from these outlets at a discounted price.

These outlets also offer chams for the famous collection of Marvel or Disney bracelets. From travel to cartoon characters in the charms, you can put your hands on anything that pleased you. Also, these outlets have an online presence through their e-commerce stores. Feel free to scroll through the online store. You’ll also find other premium brands of watches, jewellery, and clothing on their e-commerce sites.

Pandora outlet discounts

Pandora outlets offer discounts, and you can buy the products at a lower price. But, you should know that it depends from store to store. Therefore, not all outlets give you discounts as high as 50%. You can check out their stores to learn more. However, through the Google reviews by shoppers, it appears that these outlets have great deals to catch. You can buy low-end to high-end brand merchandise from these shopping complexes. Along with Pandora, you’ll get to shop from popular brands such as Pottery Barn, Guess, Coach, Banana Republic and many more.

In the end,

Pandora jewellery is crafted by professional hands and made from precious metals and 

gemstones. If you love Pandora jewellery but don’t want the brand to bleed you dry, you can try their outlet stores. These stores offer great deals on Pandora jewellery. So, now you can own a Pandora jewellery set without feeling the guilt of spending more.

Frequently asked questions

Are Pandora Outlet stores authentic?

Yes, Pandora outlet stores are authentic and sell real merchandise manufactured by the brand.

How can I get a good deal on Pandora jewellery?

You can buy Pandora jewellery at slashed prices through Pandora outlets. Or, you can also get your hands on the best deals during holiday or Black Friday sales.

Does Pandora make high-quality jewellery?

Pandora crafts premium-quality jewellery. Although the brand uses metals like brass, silver, and golden-coated brass, the quality of the jewellery is still top-notch.

Pandora Outlet Store Locations in the US

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