Received Someone Else’s Amazon Package-Know More About It!

Amazon is one of the world’s most popular delivery services. This means mistakes are bound to occur when using the service. It is known that losing your package while the package is in transit can be one of the most stressful situations but just as your amazon package might be misdelivered to the wrong party, someone else’s package might be received to you. This also has its stress attached to it.Let us know more about Received Someone Else’s Amazon Package!

Received Someone Else’s Amazon Package-Know More About It!

Technically, there is no strict regulation on measures to be taken if someone else’s amazon package is delivered or received to you. This means you can technically keep the package as your own without involving yourself in any legal issues. However, if you want to do the right thing, there are numerous by which you can return a misdelivered Amazon package. These ways are relatively simple and you don’t need to keep worrying over these packages. Given below are the reasons why this might have happened and the steps that could be taken to get the package back to the right person.

About the Amazon Delivery Process

There are multiple steps involved in the delivery of packages by Amazon. Customers can monitor the progress of their package by tracking the order on their Amazon account. Averagely, an Amazon order takes about a week to get to the customer. However, some orders go through third-party sellers. If the order indicates “Fulfilled by Amazon”, it means the order has been packaged and dispatched to drivers and Amazon has delivered the package. Meanwhile, items that are sold by other sellers may not use the Amazon delivery service and may be in control of the delivery of their packages themselves.

Why Are Orders Misdelivered?

Amazon takes its time to be precise and mechanical when handling its deliveries. However, this does not mean errors do not occur. Listed below are some of the reasons why a package might be delivered to the wrong address.

  1. The wrong delivery might not have been a result of a technical error. Instead, the person handling the delivery might have switched the package by accident. If you didn’t order anything, the person might have wrongfully confused the addresses to which the package was to be delivered.
  2. It is also entirely possible that there was a slight glitch in the system and the addresses were switched up. Check the address on the package to confirm that the address isn’t yours. If it is yours, check to make sure you haven’t made any orders. If these have been confirmed, then the error is most likely technical.

What Steps Should I Take if This Occurs?

Although keeping an order that has been wrongly delivered to you isn’t illegal, it is not the right thing to do. Doing this is considered morally wrong and might eat up at your conscience. Some of the steps that should be taken when this occurs are:

  1. Checking the address on the package is a simple step that’ll most likely reveal if the package was meant for you. You, your children, or your parents might have accidentally ordered something. If the address on the package is your address, then you should talk to your family members. If no one placed the order, enquire from your neighbors. GPSs are quite accurate but they can also be messy sometimes. A package meant for your neighbor might have been wrongly delivered to you. If the address isn’t yours, you should return the package to the address on the package.
  2. Another logical thing to do is to approach Amazon. It is important to contact them so that the error might be avoided next time. The original owner of the package will also be grateful for the help. Calling up Amazon and informing them of this error means they will have to come to get the package. They are also supposed to foot the bill for returning and delivering. You can contact Amazon by either sending them an email or calling their customer care service.


The constant rise in the number of customers who use Amazon means that mistakes too will increase. While it is scarce for errors such as these to occur, they can still be troublesome. If you are ever in this kind of situation, you should consider giving the package to the right person. It might be needed urgently. If not, you should inform Amazon about this error. This will afford them the chance to clear their mistake and deliver the package to the right address. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Could this be an attempt to scam? Yes. Amazon is host to third-party sellers, so scams are not an entire novel thing. Your best course of action would be to contact Amazon and learn any details about the package. 
  2. Can I be forced to return the package? Amazon can’t force you to return a wrongly delivered package. You can decide to keep the package if you want.
  3. Are there any steps to take to stop receiving wrongly delivered packages? It is possible that the former tenant of the address you now reside in has not changed their Amazon address. If this is the case, and you wouldn’t know, you can personally reach the person or reach out to the closest postal service.
  4. Can I get a refund on a wrongly delivered item? If you placed an order and the wrong item has been delivered to you, you can report the incorrect order. Amazon will either give you a refund or replace the item depending on what you prefer.
Received Someone Else’s Amazon Package-Know More About It!

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