Red Robin Military Discount

Sam’s Tavern was the name of the first Red Robin restaurant in the 1940s. In addition to the song “When the Red, Red, Robin” Sam enjoyed singing many other songs. The song became his favorite tune, so he renamed his restaurant after it. 1969 marked the official start of Red Robin as a chain restaurant. Their popular burgers are still available, along with a large selection of classic grilled and fried dishes. Their commitment to customer service ensures that their guests have a wonderful dining experience. After a meal, guests are always welcome to stay. Guests are encouraged to stay however long they want, and only friendly employees are hired. Let’s see about ‘Red Robin Military Discount’.

Red Robin Military Discount

Unlike many other restaurants across the nation, Red Robin doesn’t offer a consistent military discount every day. As part of its Veterans Day celebrations, Red Robin is offering free meals to veterans and active-duty military. A free double burger and bottomless steak fries meal are being offered by Red Robin to veterans in recognition of their service. With their Red Robin Loyalty Program, they offer military members discounts and coupons throughout the year. Through the Red Robin Loyalty Program, military members get special offers. In the month of July, 15% off is offered or a free meal is offered on Veteran’s Day. Deals are sent out throughout the year. In addition to these military deals, you will receive free birthday burgers, every tenth item for free, $20 off your sixth visit, and more surprises. The Red Robin Royalty program is offered to the military instead of a traditional military discount. There is no cost for signing up, only you need to provide your military status. Your rewards will change throughout the year once you join the program.

Veterans Are Honored All Year Long At Red Robin

The idea of offering free food to veterans and active military personnel on Veterans Day is something we firmly believe in. Veterans and service members are also welcome at Red Robin. Members who join Red Robin Royalty are eligible for discounts and rewards for their birthday months, as well as free food rewards. Throughout the year, military members receive special deals as well. We would like to remind you that you will not receive points for your free meal on Veterans Day if you decide to sign up to the Red Robin Royalty program or if you already are a member.

A Guide To Using This Deal

Red Robin offers military discounts by following these steps:

  • In order to participate in Royalty Rewards, you must first register.
  • The link for verifying your account will be emailed to you.
  • Then, select your military status for your profile during the registration process.
  • Once you’ve selected the USA as your country, you’ll see the military status options.

Your account will be updated throughout the year with military and regular deals. Following the directions and instructions included with these discounts will help you use them. At any time, Red Robin has the right to request identification. When redeeming the discount, you need a valid military ID on hand. As far as the likelihood of them requiring it is concerned, there is no clear indication.

Bottomless Fries Deals at Red Robin

The fact that Red Robin offers bottomless steak fries may have attracted you to their restaurant, even if you have never eaten there. The container your fries will come in has no bottom: It’s literally true. The fries are instead held in place by a stainless-steel tube. Likewise, your server will bring you more fries once you run out. Like your favorite soda or water, run out again to get more. The menu also includes Fries as big as Red Robin, beef burgers, fried chicken, and pizza.

  • Some locations have a 1950s theme while others have a contemporary setting.
  • The sound system played rock ‘n’ roll loudly but not obtrusively.
  • When the table demand is high.
  • Guests are served at their tables with full table service (a tip is expected).
  • Sporting events, news, and weather programming are shown on television.
  • Nearly all locations have a bar.

Is this deal available to everyone?

Members of the military, veterans and retired military may qualify for this discount by choosing among the options during account registration. All five branches of the military have access to it. Additionally, the deal applies to military parents and spouses. As indicated on the form, National Guard and Reserve soldiers are not eligible to participate in the deal. To ensure this is accurate for your local Red Robin, check with them.

Are There Any Restrictions?

This deal is not restricted according to the Red Robin website. It is important to follow any guidelines that may be related to each deal since these deals are only available at certain times.


Members of can find discounts as a service. The availability of discounts offered by third parties is not our responsibility. However, we make every effort to ensure accuracy. Different locations may offer different discounts. We do not share your personal information with the discount provider, but they may track how you navigate to their site. With Red Robin’s Rewards Program, those who serve receive generous rewards. If you eat at Red Robin ever, you should definitely subscribe and use this discount, even though it’s not a daily discount.

Red Robin Military Discount

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