VPN VPNSecure Reviews- Find More About It

In the age of information technology and the internet, it is always prudent to protect oneself against a collection of sensitive information by individuals and organizations online. VPNSecure was founded in New South Wales, Australia in 2010 as a virtual private network provider that allows internet users to mask their identity and enhance their security and privacy while browsing online. VPNs also enable access to websites and services that are inaccessible in the user’s location or have been blocked by their government or ISP. Readers should note that Australia is a member of the “Five Eyes” program, which is an international alliance for intelligence sharing. Let’s learn about ‘VPN VPNSecure Reviews’.

VPN VPNSecure Reviews

VPN VPNSecure Reviews

VPNSecure has a no-log policy that guarantees the protection of the user’s privacy, even from the app itself. It is highly customizable, enabling the user to get a customizable encryption strength allowing for higher speeds when you are at home, with enhanced protection on the go. VPNSecure does not log the user’s internet activity permanently, including IP addresses, timestamps for connection and disconnection, DNS requests, etc. and they have their private search engine. However, it does not allow for connections with streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, etc., and does not provide human customer support. 

Features Of Vpnsecure 

  • VPNSecure does not log personal data, however, the privacy policy of the application does not have enough information to dissuade the doubts of the customer. Australia has one of the most intrusive privacy legislations in the world and is part of the “Five Eyes” program. The customer’s IP address, DNS requests, and other tracking information are only temporarily logged into the server, and then deleted.
  • VPNSecure provides excellent download speeds if the connection is made in-country, and the speed decreases with the distance of the server from the connection. However, it provides a good upload speed globally. Users have recorded a 20% decrease in download speeds when the connection is made to a nearby server, with greater slowdown with increasing distance. Download speeds are recorded at 9Mbps in Australia, 18Mbps in Japan, 28Mbps in the USA, and 53Mbps in Germany, while upload speeds are much higher at 25Mbps in Australia, 33Mbps in Japan, 82Mbps in the USA, and 92Mbps in Germany.
  • VPNSecure is very ineffective for streaming. Experts have tested it to find that it does not unblock Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many other leading streaming services. 
  • VPNSecure has much less speed and features to be suitable for torrenting, even if it does allow for torrenting on all servers without a reduction in traffic speed. Users have recorded 4.6Mbps of average speed when downloading torrents with VPNSecure, while the speed without a VPN can go up to 11.2Mbps. It also has to deal with the stringent torrenting laws of Australia.
  • VPNSecure has some of the best security features across multiple applications, and these features can be selected based on the user’s platform. It uses URL split tunneling, minimizing IP or DNS leaks, uses AES-128, DES-CBC, and AES-256 encryption with a VPN Kill Switch, and runs on the OpenVPN protocol, considered to be the best in the market. Users can also disable their IPv6 further preventing IP leaks.
  • VPNSecure fails to connect to the internet within China, giving out error codes. Users have been unable to access the uncensored internet while using the app within China, which is considered the hardest test for VPNs. VPNSecure has servers spread across 33 countries and 54 cities around the world, even in areas with sparse VPN servers like South America, Oceania, and Africa, covering India, Israel, Indonesia, Singapore Hong Kong, Japan, etc.
  • VPNSecure can be availed on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux, with simultaneous connections on a maximum of five devices with one membership provided they are connected via different servers on every device.

VPNSecure Pricing And Membership Options

VPNSecure offers different options for subscription plans, which have various numbers of IP addresses, DNS Access, Proxy Accounts, and other features included in every plan. The offered plans are: 

  • A subscription for 1 month is priced at $9.95 per month, 
  • A subscription for 6 months, which is billed at the start of the subscription, is priced at $8.32 per month 
  • A subscription for 3 years, which is billed at the start of the subscription, costs $2.99 per month. 
  • In addition, you can get VPN access for 7 days for a one-time payment of $4.95, access for 2 months for $19.90, access for 4 months for $34.95, and access for one year at $79.95.
  • VPNSecure also has a 30-day free trial period, where the users can connect with one US server with 2GB bandwidth. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘VPN VPNSecure Reviews’, VPNSecure is an average VPN focusing on user security and data privacy, with a fairly good platform, offering P2P support and a variety of subscriptions, products, and payment options. It is priced cheaper than most VPN vendors and has average connection speeds. However, the Australian jurisdiction of the company has made its privacy provisions problematic and, it does not unblock many leading streaming services. The subscriptions are affordable, especially the three-year subscription. As a review, VPNSecure is considered ideal for light streaming and high protection, but lacks in torrenting, streaming, unblocking, and accessing uncensored networks in countries with stringent data security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does VPNSecure have a refund policy?

Yes, there is a 7-day guaranteed cashback policy. 

  • How can I pay for a VPNSecure subscription?

You can pay via any major credit card, Bitcoin, PayPal, and various other payment options for VPNSecure payments.

VPN VPNSecure Reviews- Find More About It

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