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After the season, both the National Football League and National Basketball Association present honours. The MVP, or Most Valuable Player award, is one of the most prestigious honours. You might be curious as to what it implies and whether it is significant when someone earns a unanimous MVP award,Keep reading to know more.

What Does Unanimous MVP Mean?

What you should know about MVP honours and their significance?

Any member of the voting panel who received a unanimous vote for MVP was the winner. The NFL voting panel consists of 50 people. This indicates that all 50 voters wanted that player to win the MVP prize. That’s incredibly challenging, particularly in sports where everyone has a favourite. 

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A unanimous MVP award has only ever gone to one NFL player. There are numerous MVP honours given in the NBA. The Finals MVP is the most coveted award. This honour is given to the player whose outstanding performance, leadership, and commitment to their team contributed to their team’s triumph during the NBA Finals.

Even if winning the MVP award is challenging for certain athletes, winning it unanimously is even more challenging. It’s a tremendous honour and a testament to the player’s talent.

What is the importance of being selected as MVP unanimously?

Achieving unanimous MVP is historically significant. The unanimous MVP award is significant since it has never occurred in the NBA. (Shaquille O’Neal and Lebron James came the closest; both missed by one vote.)

The claim that Steph Curry, the unanimous MVP, could succeed in any period gains some support from the fact that Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or Wilt Chamberlain never accomplished that feat.

Curry received 1 Kia fan vote in addition to 131 out of 131 first-place votes from sports writers. They were all too objective in their praise of Steph Curry’s outstanding campaign.

Who Casts The NFL MVP Award Ballots?

You might be curious as to where the 50 members of the NFL MVP voting panel come from. The panel consists of 50 people provided by The Associated Press. To select the top player for the whole 1961 football season, they collaborated with the league. 

They are journalists and sports reporters who are familiar with the players and their seasons’ worth of play. Since they must frequently report on player performances, the press maintains a tight eye on them. However, the panel consists of individuals with extensive backgrounds in sports reporting. 

Each panellist evaluates each player they think is deserving of the MVP award before casting their vote. They then cast their ballots. The MVP award is given to the contestant with the most votes. It is uncommon for a single player to win the award more than once because the panel has 50 members.

Who Casts Ballots For The NBA Finals MVP?

The NBA Finals MVP has a wider range of candidates. For instance, not all of them originate from the Associated Press. Instead, the panel, which consists of 11 voters for the award, is made up of members from different reporting fields, sports broadcasters, and sportswriters.

The 11-person panel meets after the finals are over and the winning team is determined. They review the team’s performance for the entire year and vote on the member who they believe deserves the award based on that performance. Although the panel takes into account their success during the entire season, they mostly focus on their performance in the Finals. The Finals MVP is given to the player who receives the most votes from the panel.

Who Casts The MVP Award Ballots?

The MVP award is not the same as the MVP of the Finals. The MVP award comes in second place behind the Finals MVP award in terms of prestige. At the beginning of the 1980s, a group of sportswriters and broadcasters took control of the MVP award. Members of the panel are from both Canada and the United States.

They cast their votes for the player who, in their opinion, displayed the best overall year-round performance—not necessarily the best Finals performance. This implies that a player may still be eligible for an MVP award even if his team didn’t advance very far into the Finals. 2010 saw changes to the MVP award voting process as well.

NBA supporters were allowed to vote for the MVP award. NBA supporters can vote for the player they feel has shown the best performance and leadership during the season at the end of the regular season. The player with the most votes is then revealed by the panel after tallying up all the results. The MVP for that season goes to the person who garnered the most votes. 


Several athletes win honours every year in the NFL and NBA, respectively. The MVP award is the most coveted of these prizes.

The player who deserves the honour the most in the NFL is chosen by the Associated Press. The NBA MVP is chosen by a group of sportswriters and broadcasters.

A vote is considered unanimous if all voters choose to support the same candidate for MVP.

What Does Unanimous MVP Mean? – Know More!

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