FiOS Equipment Return -Know More About It


There is a rising need for skilled and productive machinery in the current business environment. For this reason, Verizon has created a variety of tools that can aid companies in making the most of their operations. However, Verizon is known for having tight procedures regarding returns and refunds. Let us know about “FiOS Equipment Return”

FiOS Equipment Return

You must adhere to their protocol precisely for the company to acknowledge your equipment return, and remember that you will be charged in case you are late. Therefore, you should fully comprehend the return-related method before deciding to terminate your Fios connection. Since Verizon has rigid return policies, you must handle the equipment very carefully from the minute you purchase it. If you wish to eventually return the equipment to Verizon, you need to take care of everything, even the boxes in which it was packed. In the case of returning the equipment you purchased or rented from Verizon, you will be guided by a professional team of employees who can process your return swiftly and effectively.

FiOS Equipment Return 

There may be times when customers wish to withdraw their Fios TV service. It might be because they want to go for a different provider, they are moving, or they won’t be at their home or workplace for a specific amount of time. In such circumstances, customers can terminate their FiOS service by reaching out to Verizon during the weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. When you phone Verizon, make sure to have your account details ready because they will need them to cancel your subscription. You have 30 days from the date of cancellation to return all the rented equipment from Verizon after canceling your account. You can ask for the list of products to be returned when you discontinue your service with Verizon. Routers and set-top boxes, cable cards, remotes, power cords, and digital adapters typically appear on this list. You are not required to give Verizon any personal goods you bought for the service. Depending on the Verizon service you have been using, the equipment to be returned will vary. The way of returning the equipment is discussed in the course of this article.

How To Return?

It’s important to remember that you must call Verizon if you need help with the return procedure. From them, you will receive precise guidelines on the equipment returning process. Packing all the equipment that Verizon supplied is the first step. Make sure to pack in the same box they provided you when you purchased the items.

Safely and securely pack the equipment. You don’t want the machinery to sustain any damage while being returned. Unfortunately, Verizon will impose fees for things that are damaged, so be extremely careful when packaging.

Putting the shipping label on the package is the next step. The steps listed below can be used to generate a shipping label from My Verizon:

Use your Verizon user details to access My Verizon, or your Order Number and Zip Code.

  • View My Orders.
  • Choose Return Products under Your Order.
  • Select the item(s) to be returned.
  • Following the directions provided print the label 

The shipping box for the equipment needs to have the label on it. As proof, keep a record of the label. 

You can return your package in one of two ways. O one option would be to mail the items directly to Verizon.  The other option would be to bring the equipment back to a Verizon shop. It’s important to note that all Verizon outlets do not have the right to accept returned goods. Even the shop where you bought the equipment might not be able to take it back. Since returning a product through mail involves a lengthy process, most customers choose to do it at the closest authorized Verizon store.

Consequence Of Not Returning FiOS Equipment

As previously mentioned, Verizon is known for its stern equipment return policies. Verizon will charge you a fee for every day you delay the return if you do not return all of the FiOS equipment within a month after terminating the service. Even after the 30-day period has passed, you may still return the equipment, but you must include the fine payment. Additionally, before returning, any damaged equipment must be repaired. Expect a penalty from your Fios operator if you are unable to repair the device.

Moreover, make sure you go through the Verizon equipment return policy guideline, which outlines all that you must know about returning Fios equipment before you do anything. Verizon claims that its equipment return policy conditions were established to boost customer satisfaction and service.


If you’ve read this far, you must have got an idea about the whole FiOS equipment returning process. It is advised that you contact Verizon customer support to learn about any of their alternate equipment returning procedures if either of these two return options won’t work for you.

FiOS Equipment Return -Know More About It

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