What Is Xfinity And How Is It Different From Comcast?


You already must know that Comcast and Xfinity both of them are service providers but they have two different names and are part of one company. What is Xfinity and how is it different from Comcast?

What Is Xfinity And How Is It Different From Comcast?

Comcast and Xfinity

In short, both Xfinity and Comcast or two different companies that are working under the same organisation. Comcast is the parent company that launched Xfinity as a brand in 2010. There was confusion that erupted about Comcast having plans to expand to various other services and locations, to eradicate this confusion Comcast came up with Xfinity. This confusion has not been eradicated properly and so this article explains the difference between the two and by the end of reading this article you will have a clear idea of what services these two offer. 

 In short, Comcast is the parent company and has rebranded its services with Xfinity. Now Xfinity is the brand that provides TV, phone services, internet services et cetera.

 All about Comcast

From the very beginning, Comcast has been working in the service sector and it came into existence in the 1960s. The main service that Comcast provides is the internet as well as cable services to people living across the United States, it has also been known to grow its services and operations to have their presence in the remotest areas. Comcast owns about 40% of the broadband market, this makes it extremely trustworthy and a loyal brand. Today, Comcast is a global tech corporation, owning two main businesses that are cable and internet.

 All about Xfinity

In 2010, Comcast faced a big confusion over whether to merge with NBC or not. Comcast has and always been a TV and Internet Service Provider (ISP), The marketing team of the organisation felt that continuously adding more and more services to an already established and narrowly focused brand Will not be good for the brand‘s reputation. But they had to come up with a solution so therefore they came up with Xfinity which is now a TV and internet brand.

Now, Comcast is the head company and has rebranded its telecom services to Xfinity. Then came up with names like Xfinity internet, Xfinity TV et cetera. Some businesses and enterprises are still connected with Comcast, but Xfinity remains the brand that provides internet and television services that the consumer uses these days.

 Has the rebranding yielded better results for the company?

This is a definitive yes. Earlier Comcast had an extremely bad reputation, their main aim of rebranding was to steer away from the negative image that was being associated with the Comcast brand. Comcast also has an extremely bad reputation for its customer service and was famous for the name – Comcast sucks. 

Therefore, it decided to rebrand and produce another name for the same services which is Xfinity after that the company has improved its customer service and it seems to be working. Xfinity has produced good results. 

Services offered by Xfinity

Xfinity has been known to provide three main services that are phone, internet, and cable TV. It offers bundles of either two or all three services which are usually at a discount. Bundling is a great way to save money and get a good discount and great value for your cable services.

Xfinity Internet service

  • Xfinity’s internet service is pretty reliable and fast. While some market areas get access to an amazing speed that is 2000 Mbps connection whereas usually, the speed ranges from 10 MBPS to 1000 MBPS, this is for most areas. 
  • Xfinity has a highly advertised one of its Internet connections which comes at a speed range of a hundred MBPS. This service is the most common one and is available almost everywhere and also is considerably fast. So you can purchase this package without a second thought.
  • The best way to save your money and get standalone services is by bundling. The bundle packages however are different concerning the area so you must call the customer care number to ask about the prices et cetera.

 Xfinity TV services

  • XFinity TV is also a very good option as it includes various channel lineups. There are great options to choose from, you also get access to various sports selections as well as the premium channels like STARZ and HBO. 
  • They also offer a library which is usually very high on demand, this is good for those who know what type of channel they want to watch.
  • Just like its internet services, the Xfinity TV package also depends upon the area you are living in and the ZIP Code therefore it is advisable to call Vikas SIM card service to check the price range provided in your area. 

We can say that both Xfinity and Comcast or different brands within the same company. Now XFinity provides services like phone internet and television for its customers while Comcast is the parent company that now owns Xfinity as well as various other brands. 

The main part is that XFinity provides great services and you can definitely rely on its internet connection and cable and also its bundle deals or quite a catch.

What Is Xfinity And How Is It Different From Comcast?

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