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Starz is an American-based television channel network with six channels under that name, owned by Lions Gate Entertainment, which also has its OTT-based network called Lions Gate Play, where all Starz shows and much more can be viewed. The company has its headquarters in Colorado and was founded in 1994. The company has six channels named Starz Cinema, Starz Kids, Starz in Black, Starz Comedy, etc. The channel has over 25 million subscribers and the number is increasing day by day. Let’s see about ‘Starz reviews’.

Starz Reviews

Starz reviews

Starz is an inexpensive streaming service platform that has its app and website and is also available on cable TV packages, but the customer will need to pay an extra amount for that as it is not included in the packages already. The company cannot compete with big platforms like Netflix but still has its position in the market. The company is preferred by those who like the old and retro shows more than the original content, as this app does not provide much on the latter point. The customer reviews of this site are very bad due to lack of original and new content. The online ratings for the channel and the digital platform is only 1.6 stars out of 5 which comes in the bad region. Majority of the users have complained about the lack of new content and showing them the same old movies. One of them said that he is getting recommendation of Thor the dark world a movie which was released years ago and that movie is in their new releases section.

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What are the customer reviews of this channel?

The customer reviews as said above are not very well for this site or the digital platform of the channel, the reviews are divided into three parts which are:

  1. Excellent: We have seen that the numbers in this range are very good for any company that has been in the industry for a long time, but this is not the case for Starz channel Reviews because this is the region where customers have to give the channel 5 out of 5 stars and the percentage of users who have given these ratings out of the total number of reviewers is only 7%.A disappointing number for a channel which has been working for so many years in the industry.
  • Some of the excellent reviews say: nobody is happy about the content of this channel. The only good thing we found in the comments is that they have great customer service. Therefore, the customers have given 5 stars and the audience, who love the 50s shows, have given this rating.
  1. Average reviews: this is the region where the customer gives the channel a rating of 3–4 stars out of 5, which means they are happy with the channel but they can improve it. Unfortunately, this number is also very small, as only 4% of the reviewers think that the channel lies in this zone.
  • The average reviewer says that the only good thing about this channel is that it has all of the classic 50s shows or old shows that can bring back memories for them; otherwise, they say the channel is not worth it and would not even give it a one-star rating for any other aspect of content or etc.
  1. Bad reviews: this is the region where the customer gives the channel a rating of 1-2 stars. This number is very small for most of the companies, but not for Starz Reviews. 89% of the reviewers have given this channel a rating in this range.
  • Some of the reviewers said: this is a classic waste of time and money. They don’t have new content and are advertising old 2015-2016 movies as new content and new releases. Some said that they don’t have the feature of continue watching, which means that every time you open the OTT platform, the show you watched will not be seen and you will need to go through the search bar to that show. They will not even recognise your progress on that show, which means the customer will need to remember where he/she was before turning off the last time.
  • The channel can seriously use some updates and the core team should review these unhappy customers. In a world where everyone is providing their audience with the best content and the newest content, this channel is not up to the mark.


The price is $9 per month or $75 per year, and the device compatibility is fantastic, except for the Playstation. The content is pretty good with some good and big shows and movies, and the interface of the app and website is very good but the reviews of the OTT platform and the channel are not good because the customers are not happy with the content the channel offers them.


  • What is Starzplay?

If you reside in the countries of Europe, Canada, or the Middle East, then you will have STARZPLAY rather than STARZ. They have the same features, but the shows might be different depending on the licensing and other stuff.

Starz Reviews – Know More

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