7 Eleven Deals, 7 Eleven Specials-Know More

Who doesn’t enjoy convenience store food? The easily accessible shops and practical prices make them a hit among customers. Here we will see about 7 Eleven Deals, 7 Eleven Specials

7-Eleven is a well-known convenience store. Founded in 1927, it now owns more than  70,000 locations. The wide range of selections, rewards, deals, and specials are just some of the reasons for its growing popularity. This article will talk about the deals available at 7-Eleven, it will also mention the specials 7-Eleven offers.

7 Eleven Deals, 7 Eleven Specials

7 Rewards:

7 Eleven now offers deals specials rewards for loyal customers. One needs to install the ‘My 7-Eleven’ app first to be eligible for these rewards. There are 3 main benefits 7REWARDS entail.

Shopping points: 

Every purchase a customer makes will lead to a specific number of points. Once they have reached a specific amount, the points can be used to buy other commodities. Once you redeem the points, they diminish until you earn them again. 

If one earns 1000 points, they get $1.One can earn more through bonuses by buying select items. They can also exchange the rewards for cash or discounts on their purchases.   


If one buys certain predetermined items, they can be part of a streak. This can help them earn ‘Mega Points’ that lead to bigger rewards.

A streak is when one buys similar kinds of items for a specific time. Popular streak items include pizzas, Slurpees, and chicken wings.

Loyalty badges: 

7-Eleven offers exclusive deals for customers on every 7th visit. One can earn deals on their orders. Sometimes the customer can win a free item of their choice.

All one needs to do is a check in with their app every time they visit a store.

Other benefits of the app

The 7-Eleven app offers some other benefits too. These include:

7-Eleven Wallet: 

The mobile app helps make payments online. This leads to quicker, hassle-free transactions. With the threat of the pandemic, contactless payment was an ideal choice. One can also earn points by playing through the 7-Eleven Wallet.


The app facilitates huge savings while filling up for fuel. One gets cheaper fuel, discounts, and deals by using the app.

Mobile Checkout:

The 7-Eleven app permits customers to checkout without contacting an employee. All one has to do is scan the barcode, pay through the 7-Eleven Wallet and they are good to go. 

7-Eleven Deals

7-Eleven offers various deals. These include 7 REWARD deals and other normal rebates. However, these offers vary from time to time. There are rarely any concrete deals that stay accessible for more than a couple of weeks. They also differ from place to place.

This section is about some of the deals offered in some locations as of June 2022. While these might not be the exact bargains one will get if they visit the shop later, it will help the readers to get a vague idea. 

Brain Freeze Season:

This is an annual occurrence hosted by 7-Eleven during the summer. This year the festival is the incorporation of musical and fashion experiences. One can win prizes by buying select products and using the app to make the payment. The prizes include VIP tickets and travel expenses for events, food and drink passes, boomboxes, hats, coolers, etc.

  • Bodyarmor Edge: 7-Eleven has a deal where buying 2 20oz Bodyarmor Edge products allows one to buy 1 more for free. 
  • Zapp’s: One needs to scan the product using their 7-Eleven app and they are eligible to win mega prizes.
  • Iced Coffee: All sizes of iced coffee are available for $1.One can access this deal both online and offline.
  • Beverages: Buying 6 cups of any beverage (both similar and different from each other) permits one to get the seventh one for free.

Please note that you might not get these exact deals when you visit later. However, hopefully, it helped you get a basic idea of the deals 7-Eleven offers.

7-Eleven Specials

The specialty food items vary depending on the season and location. This section will list some of the most popular food 7-Eleven offers. The specials change daily but are always one of the famous food items. There often is a deal or discount on these items.

The following list mentions all the food items that have been and can be special.

  • Slurpees: Starting at just $1 and their availability in many flavors helped their popularity. Slurpees are one of the most common specialty items from 7-Eleven.
  •  Pepperoni Pizza: Pepperoni pizzas start at $1 a slice. The prices increase depending on the size. The largest, 14-inch pizza comes at around $6.
  • Taquitos: One can get 2 taquitos for less than $3. These are available in 4 different flavors, each just as loved as the next.
  • Cheeseburgers: Cheeseburgers are a classic meal enjoyed by many. At 7-Eleven they start at around $2. One can also get a double patty for $3.50.
  • Coffee: 7-Eleven offers both hot and iced coffee. These are customizable and most toppings cost very little. The smallest size begins at $1 and the cost increases depending on the extras and size.

There you have it, the best deals and specials offered by 7-Eleven. While most of these can be accessed online make sure to download the ‘My 7-Eleven’ app for better offers. The specials change daily in most locations. Best deals can be accessed using their mobile app.

7 Eleven Deals, 7 Eleven Specials-Know More

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