Irish Vs. Scottish -Know More About It

To someone who is a non-European, understanding the difference between the cultures of the various countries in Europe can be difficult — especially in the case of countries in the United Kingdom or the ones surrounding it, even. This is mostly due to their integrated immigration system that has helped the British influence all the cultures surrounding their country. Let us know about “Irish Vs. Scottish”

Irish Vs. Scottish

Irish Vs. Scottish

In a similar context, many people often get confused between the Irish and the Scottish people; mostly not for their names but rather their history and similarity in culture as both share some of the same customs and love for whisky. However, this does not make the two countries the same. They are geographically different as well as have differences in their native tongue, prevailing religion and even the national currency they use in their country. 

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Thus, they might be similar but have their differences that one should know about before assuming anything as such.


Apart from the very obvious answer of ‘they come from two different regions,’ there are many other differences that can be called subtle by many. Some of them are given below:


The first is the most obvious one; both countries lie in the European region, but Ireland is not a part of Great Britain like Scotland is, instead, it is geographically separate as an independent nation — except for the Northern Ireland region. Ireland is an island with a land mass much bigger than Scotland, which is only a small portion of Great Britain.

Languages Spoke

The second difference is with their mother tongue — while both the nations have become primarily English-speaking countries due to the influence of Great Britain, the mother language of Ireland is homogenously more leaning towards the Gaelic Celtic while Scotland has a mix of about three types of Celtics; the Gaelic, the Brythonic and the Anglo-Saxon.

Prevailing Religion

The third subtle difference is based on the religion that is the most prevailing in their region. While both the nations have the majority of the citizens believing in Christianity, the Irish are mostly Catholic, unlike the Scottish who are mostly Protestant.

Currency Used 

Another difference that many discover while travelling there is the difference in currency used in each of those countries. Ireland primarily uses Euro as their national currency while the Scottish uses Pound.


While one may think both the countries must look similar since they are located almost in the same region, such is not the case as Ireland consists more of plains and fields while Scotland has many mountain ranges, valleys as well as fields. This difference makes both countries unique places for tourism.


While both Irish and Scottish may have similar customs, their cultures are still pretty distinct. Many of their customs coincide with each other like the music, dances and drinking festivals, but it is mostly due to common ancestries rather than actual intention. Similarly, different aspects of their culture are popular among the people outside – Ireland is known for its folklore and whiskey while people love Scotland for its typical bagpipe songs and dances. 


It is quite amusing to think but many will notice more similarities between the two nations than actual differences, at this point. From their love of whiskey and drinking in general to their fun-loving nature that revives the life of the party whenever they arrive almost instantly.

Their history with the Celtics is also quite similar as well as their mother tongue which is Gaelic – even though it is in different dialects unique to its region. People from both regions also have quite similar-sounding accents; however, not so similar to those who are used to them. To a non-European, though? Quite the same.

Even the traditional kilts are prevalent in both nations; though the design and style are distinct from one another, the concept is found to be the same.

Both regions primarily speak English now, rather than their mother tongue, due to the influence of Great Britain. However, the Western Region of the Republic of Ireland still speaks Gaelic to this day. The rest of Ireland or even Scotland? Not so much.

Both the regions have similar social and cultural structures – though, that can be mostly accounted for due to them being a part of the European continent rather than just the common heritage and ancestry. 


Now we have learnt “Irish Vs. Scottish”, While both nations have their similarities due to how close they are located and how both have been influenced by British colonialism, it does not makes their differences blur or disappear. And while it is understandable why many may get confused between the two with their similar cultural, social and political scenario, they are still quite distinct and should not be treated or called the same.

They indeed have a connection that cannot be ignored but generalising them will only harm discouragement and harm the distinct culture and lifestyle they have. Thus, we should respect both whiles also having a basic idea about both the Irish and Scottish cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Irish and Scottish part of the United Kingdom?

While Northern Ireland is still a part of the UK, the Republic of Ireland is not – which is where ‘Irish’ people originate from. Thus, no, Irish and Scottish are not part of the United Kingdom.

How to know whether someone is Irish or Scottish?

The best method would be to ask them upfront instead of assuming anything. Other than that, the most obvious difference can be found in their accents, which can be tricky for those to notice who are not originally from Europe.

Are Irish and Scottish Whiskey the same?

Not quite so. Irish Whiskey is known for its smoothness and the Smokey flavour it is usually craved for; while Scottish Whiskey is stronger than its Irish counterpart due to being less distilled.

Irish Vs. Scottish -Know More About It

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