How To Watch San Francisco Giants Games?

The world is at your fingertips thanks to the Internet. Today, even if we live in a completely separate part of the world, it is pretty simple to view anything we want. It’s simple for us to view it using OTT platforms or satellite TVs. By purchasing different subscriptions, you can easily watch it online. You have the option of viewing it offline or online. Irrespective of where you reside, here are a few options for viewing the San Francisco Giants. Keep reading to know How To Watch San Francisco Giants Games?

How To Watch San Francisco Giants Games?

Games are usually broadcast on NBC Sports, the local sports network featuring the San Francisco Giants if you live in the team’s market. Streaming services will be the only way to access some games this season. Throughout the season, 21 Yankees games will be broadcast on Prime Video, 18 games will be broadcast on Peacock, and certain Friday night games will be broadcast on Apple TV+ and Peacock.

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Viewing San Francisco Giants Games On DirecTV

  • The DirecTV Stream Alternatives bundle includes nearly ninety channels. 
  • Spectators will be able to watch the following channels: TNT, ESPN, TBS, Golf Channel, NBA TV, MLB Network, and more. 
  • Unlimited DVR storage is included with a subscription, and viewers may use many screens to watch. 
  • The trial period for Directv Stream is for 5 days.

Viewing San Francisco Giants Games On Hulu With Live TV

  • Over 75 channels are available on Hulu + Live TV. 
  • The Big Ten Network, TBS, TNT, NFL Network, and more networks are available to sports enthusiasts. 
  • By purchasing the sports add-on for $9.99 for a single month, you may also receive even more channels. 
  • Hulu Plus Live allows customers to view on two screens and has unlimited DVR storage.

Viewing San Francisco Giants Games On YouTube TV

  • There are even more than 85 networks available on YouTube TV, that includes MLB Network, SEC Network, NFL Network, NBA TV, SEC Network, and more. 
  • A sports add-on package is available on YouTube TV for $10.99 for a single month. 
  • Unlimited DVR storage is included with a subscription, and customers may be able to stream three devices together.

Viewing San Francisco Giants Games On MLB.TV

  • This is one of the best ways to watch the game. You will be able to view games even if you live outside the Giants TV market. 
  • You may watch MLB games that are not blocked in where you stay or on a national or regional level with an MLB.TV subscription. 
  • Direct subscriptions are available through MLB.TV or Amazon Prime Video Networks.
  • Changing your location to access material may be against the terms and conditions of the streaming platform you’re using, although some streamers are using a VPN to view channels that are not available in their locations. Check out the provider’s website for more details.

Viewing San Francisco Giants Games On Peacock TV

  • A broad series of devices, including TVs, computers, smartphone and tablet devices, and game consoles, support Peacock. Visit to register without cost.
  • The Peacock is compatible with many Smart TVs that support Android TV, including the Sony Bravia, and set-top boxes that run Android OS 5.1 or later, like the NVIDIA Shield.
  • Some people seem to be able to sideload Peacock on their Amazon Fire TV even though it is recently unavailable in the Amazon Appstore. 
  • Users may look up “How to Sideload Peacock on Amazon Fire TV” online to learn more. Again, Peacock does not accept sideloading; users who do so at their peril.

Viewing San Francisco Giants Games Using Sling Orange  

There’s a possibility you could be able to watch every San Francisco Giants game that airs without relying on cable or satellite because Sling was able to make agreements with pertinent stations. 

  • You may watch 30 channels in total with the Sling Orange subscription, including 35 programs from Bloomberg, BBC America, Cheddar Business, or Newsy, as well as San Francisco Giants games. 
  • San Francisco Giants games and FOX, NBC, or MSNBC for 35 are included in the 45 channels you can access with the Sling Blue subscription. 
  • In addition to San Francisco Giants games and FOX, NBC, or MSNBC, the Sling Orange+Blue package for $50 offers 50 channels. 
  • With Sling Orange, there seems to be little support for simultaneous streaming because there will only be a single stream active at a time. Sling Blue supports up to three streams together. 
  • Sling Orange+Blue enables a total of four streams to be active together, so your entire home can listen in.


Always keep an eye out for the finest subscriptions. Finding the greatest subscriptions today makes it simple for fans to watch their favorite sports online. You can watch the San Francisco Giants online in live time without a cable subscription by using the following streaming services: Sling, DIRECTV, FuboTV, and Hulu.

  1. Can I watch San Francisco Giants games online?

Yes, definitely. All you need to do is choose the apt channel provider and the package and you are good to go.

  1. Is there a package specially curated for game fans?

All channel providers have special packages for fans of all sports and formats. Do your research to know which one to choose to fulfill your game-watching craze. 

  1. Is cable the only option to watch San Francisco Giants games?

Not at all! There are many channel providers these days that you can use to watch games live as well as online.

  1. Why are sports fans preferring online viewing over cable?

It is a matter of practicality. People are mobile and so are their phones and laptops. They can carry their viewing pleasure along with them no matter where they wish to be. 

How To Watch San Francisco Giants Games?

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