Why Won’t My Weather App Work Without WiFi?

My Weather App is the most accurate free weather prediction for any particular city. This app shows accurate weather predictions in the town and for the next 15 days the excellent worldwide climate prediction provided by a well-known national meteorological agency. My Weather App has been disabled, therefore it won’t be able to Work Without via WiFi. By navigating to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and choosing “WLAN & Cellular Data,” you may enable historical app refresh for the weather app. The weather app may then be enabled by finding it and granting access.

Why Wont My Weather App Work Without WiFi?

Ways To Fix My Weather App To Work Without WiFi

1. Location Checking Services

Apple has added the option to let apps access the current location while the app is being used in iOS 14. Reducing the constant location access from errant programs running in the background is an important step.

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Step 1

Launch the iPhone’s Settings app.

Step 2

Go to Navigation > Location services 

Step 3

Flip the Location Services switch at the top.

Step 4

Find the Weather app by scrolling down and tapping on it.

Step 5

Select While Using the App or Widgets from the Allow Location Access option.

As soon as you launch the Weather app going forward, let it take a few seconds to calculate the ideal temperature for your location and show it.

2. Modify The Temperature Unit

Customers could choose to check the temperature in Celsius while others check the temperature in Fahrenheit. The Weather app could show the correct temperature, but due to habit, you can be checking them on every other device. A person can extrude the Temperature Unit by going to Settings > Weather.

3. Set Background App Refresh To ‘ON’

Refreshing the background will allow the program to retrieve new background information. Since you’re having issues with the weather widget, let’s check that everything is correct in this situation.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings and choose General.

Step 2

Click Refresh Background App.

Step 3

Ensure it is far On on the next screen. Additionally, go down and make sure the Weather toggle is turned on.

4. Reset Location And Privacy Settings

If nothing seems to be working, it can be helpful to reset the region information. Follow the below guidance:

Step 1

Click General under Settings.

Step 2

Scroll to the Reset button and click it.

Step 3

Reset Location & Privacy by tapping.

Step 4

Type in and verify your iPhone passcode.

5. Update To The Most Recent iOS Version

To fix these bugs and issues, Apple often delivers iOS upgrades. And notably following a significant iOS update (like iOS 15), soon acquired the newer version (say iOS 15.1). This (and subsequent versions) significantly improve things based solely on user feedback. So, as soon as it becomes available, the user will get the contemporary model.


A person can switch from iOS 15 beta to iOS 15 public if they are currently on iOS 15 beta.

6. Reinstall The Weather App After Uninstalling It

Even though Weather is a built-in Apple program, you may fix issues by uninstalling and reinstalling it. How? Read on.

Step 1

Press and hold the Weather icon on the Home screen or in the App Library.

Step 2

Select Remove App, Delete App and then Delete.

Step 3

Additionally, you may long-press to activate the jiggle mode. You can click the minus button and continue by doing so.

Step 4

Switch off your iPhone.

Step 5

Launch the App Store, then tap Search.

Step 6

To install the genuine program, enter the word “Weather” and tap the download icon.

7. Reset All Configurations

Think about clearing all settings. Each configuration you have altered then after it could be reset to the default. Certain information, notably VPN profiles, may be erased. But since it is, private content like images, music, and apps will continue to exist.

Step 1

Go to Settings and select General.

Step 2

Press Reset.

Step 3

Then select Reset All Settings.

Step 4

Type in the tool passcode (and Screen Time passcode, if asked).

Step 5

Tap Reset All Settings to complete the process.


Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data after completing the aforementioned procedures. The weather app and widget need to operate without a hitch once basic setup tasks are complete. These are the correct solutions to reactivate the iPhone’s broken weather widget. 

  1. How Do I Reset The iPhone Weather App?

Try the weather app on your iPhone by navigating to Settings > General > Reset and selecting “Reset All Settings.”

  1. Could we perhaps go back to the old Weather Channel app?

That is not feasible to happen. Only the app’s advertising-supported version is available from the App Store.

  1. Why Do Different iPhone Weather Apps Exist?

It can be a result of the fact that your tool has a regulated or company profile.

Why Won’t My Weather App Work Without WiFi?

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