Costco Dry Ice- Find More About It

The American global Costco Wholesale Corporation operates a chain of massive commercial stores that are only available to customers. With a fifth-largest marketplace share, Costco is the globe’s largest distributor of natural and organic items, rotisserie chicken, and wines. Let us know more detail about ‘Costco Dry Ice’.

Costco Dry Ice

Costco Dry Ice

If you are indeed taking a small trip and want to preserve stuff like cold drinks and ice cream chilled, dry ice is a fantastic alternative. However, Costco does not have a corporate policy prohibiting the sale of dry ice. However, dry ice is available at some locations.

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This article on Costco dry ice will inform you which Costco stores sell dry ice.

Is Costco a Dry Ice Supplier?

it does not have a huge amount of dry ice on hand. Dry ice is not accessible in every store, and even those that do provide it do not have it easily available. As a result, it is only available in a few locales. As a logical conclusion, you should look for and phone the businesses to see whether they have dry ice. Dry ice is also available in a variety of other places, including Walmart and grocery stores.

How much does it charge?

Depending on the source, dry ice costs between $1 and $2.75 per pound. Walmart’s $1-$1.5/pound dry ice is the most affordable of the bunch.

What locations carry dry ice?

it’s stores in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas were contacted to see how many stores would carry dry ice. We were unable to locate dry ice at any of the companies we attempted to call.

Including it staffer, dry ice was not successfully received at this Costco in Matthews, S.C., and in places where dry ice is periodically accessible, it can appear and disappear.

Would dry ice be sold in the coming years?

Costco may sell dry ice in each of its outlets in the future but for now, if you do not locate a refrigerated section at the Costco store, make an appointment or phone ahead to ensure they have what you require. 

How could you figure out whether your local carries dry ice?

You may use Costco’s store finder to verify if your local has dry ice on hand ahead of time, or you can phone your local Costco and ask their personnel at the local Costco to provide you with information on dry ice availability.

Can you purchase dry ice from the Costco website on the internet?

Dry ice is currently not available for purchase on the website. Buyers must purchase dry ice in-store because most online shops do not carry it; merchants must pay a high fee to keep the dry ice cold during the shipping procedure.

Why should you be cautious when handling dry ice?

Due to its absolute zero temperature and lethal gas interactions, dry ice can lead to death in exceptional situations. Dry ice should not be used in poorly aired places because it emits lethal amounts of carbon dioxide as it dissolves.

Based on how much CO2 is inhaled, this might result in several negative results, including severe illness or even mortality. Because dry ice is one of the coolest things on the planet, mishandling it might result in damage.

What can you do using dry ice from Costco?

You might want to discover more about inventive uses for dry ice now that you know where to seek it. Dry ice may be utilized in several applications, many well-known and others you might never have thought of.

  • One of the most enjoyable aspects of seeing a play or going to the movies is the fog. There are various methods to use dry ice to create “fog” and a smoky appearance. This is especially humorous around Halloween time.
  • Because it works so well, dry ice is routinely used to preserve food. You may use it to keep food fresh during a power outage or a long car or camping trip. Dry ice is commonly used to keep bodies fresh until they are ready to be buried.
  • It’s a great idea to use dry ice to preserve foodstuff cold, but it’s even better for shooting wildlife. Fishermen who want to preserve their fish could use a lot of it. Dry ice may keep fish fresh for up to ten days longer than regular ice. Dry ice may also be utilized to freeze game meat or vegetables or fruits after hunting in a cooler.


Dry ice may or may not be available at your local Costco. However, customer support employees verified that it is available at several Costco outlet locations. For current stock information, contact your local Costco.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Dry Ice available at any other stores except Costco?

Dry ice may be purchased in the United States at Safeway, Kroger, Walmart, and Meijer. Because dry ice may not always be available at your local business, phone ahead and enquire about availability before you go.

Costco Dry Ice- Find More About It

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