How to Claim Ps5 Recall?

People still have difficulty getting their hands on a Ps5 even after its release. A PS5 recall has added to the difficulty of obtaining one. Sony hasn’t technically issued a recall, but a problem with controller drift is causing many players to voice their concerns. Let us see how to claim Ps5 recall.

How to Claim Ps5 Recall?

If your PS5 controller drifts, you can mail it back to Sony for repair.

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Check out how to claim Ps5 recall below!

How to Claim Ps5 Recall?

Repair by Troubleshooting

Firstly, there is a big chance that you can solve the problem by yourself without Sony’s support. This is a straightforward solution for those who know about games and consoles! For instance, the console may not be working because of the controller.

You may ask for help repairing the controller by calling Sony and waiting on hold until a representative answers the phone. Alternatively, you can check out the troubleshooting steps.

Try all the techniques that Sony Support recommends. If none of the suggested techniques works, you can send it in for repair.

Repair by Warranty

Since Sony has not officially issued a PS5 recall, you can fix your drift issue by applying for a warranty. You are covered under warranty for one year if you have 30 days of use from its delivery date.

If your PS5 controller is broken, call Sony and ask where to send it for repair. When contacting a company representative, waiting on hold for significant periods is expected. If you’re looking for troubleshooting advice or the address to ship your malfunctioning controller, it can take a long time to get in touch with Sony. However, you can try the live chat feature on the PlayStation website. Alternatively, try the Play Station Twitter support.

Nonetheless, to get repair by warranty, ensure you have the warranty at hand.

Once you know where to send it, follow the instructions to send in your faulty console.

What do I do if my Ps5 is Broken?

PlayStation 5 repairs are not available through Sony, nor are repairs for any of its other products. There is no way for them to fix a broken console if you need help troubleshooting a common issue. If it’s a new console purchased straight from Sony, this would be an exception to this rule, as a warranty would cover it.

However, you can repair it yourself following the following steps.

  1. Restart the PlayStation 5 manually. If your console does not come to life after 15 seconds of holding down the power button, you may need to exit Rest Mode. When the console is restarted, a warning notice will appear.
  2. Try inserting a game disk. Gently try to insert a game if you have a Standard Edition PS5 and the disc drive is empty; don’t force it. Your PS5 may start up usually if the PS5 automatically inserts the disc.
  3. Unplug the power supply. For 30 seconds, please turn off your PS5 and unplug it from the outlet. Try turning the console on again after reconnecting the power source.
  4. Power Cycle the Ps5. Hold the power button until the blinking LED light goes out if the console comes on but won’t start. Allow the console to sit for 20 minutes without the power supply, reconnect it, and try turning the system on again.
  5. Power cord replacement. The PS5 uses the same IEC C7 cable as the PS4 and PS3. If you have an older console, try switching power cords. Electronics stores sell replacement cables.
  6. Switch outlets. Surge protectors, power strips, and wall sockets can fail. If other devices can’t utilize it, don’t use it.
  7. Safe Mode restarts the PS5. Hold the console’s power button until you hear a second beep to enter Safe Mode. When you reach this moment, press PS to reboot.
  8. Manually upgrade PS5 software. If the computer starts in Safe Mode, you can manually install the OS from a USB device.
  9. Safe-mode-reset your PS5. Doing so will erase all of your stored game data and reset the console to factory settings.
  10. Clean the PS5’s insides. Clean your PS5 with compressed air to prevent overheating and other hardware concerns. PS5’s outer casing is easy to remove, but its innards must be cleaned carefully.

Does Sony Fix the Ps5 for Free?

Sony would not repair PS5 systems unless they are still covered under warranty, as previously stated. If a warranty covers your console, you should be able to return it for a repair or replacement without incurring additional costs. All new PS5 systems purchased directly from Sony or a certified retailer come with a complimentary warranty.


When you buy anything that doesn’t live up to your expectations, it’s a disappointment. Trying to get help from a busy company is even more aggravating.

Claiming the Ps5 recall is an open-ended right. It’s something everyone should take advantage of. You have no obligation to keep your device working flawlessly. Every year, new owners of the PS5 report problems that require fixing while they struggle with an old system still under warranty.

There’s a lot Sony can do to convince consumers their products work correctly out of the box on day one and at least include repair or replacement options when we believe something is wrong after purchasing it.

How to Claim Ps5 Recall?

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