Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday?

When it comes to online shopping, one of the most excellent flex people look out for is the ability of the store to deliver on time. A few years ago, shoppers were satisfied with getting their goods returned 5 to 10 days after shopping, but the game has changed with Amazon. Shopping with Amazon is easy, convenient, reliable, and fast delivery. One clarification that needs to be made here is if shoppers are allowed to shop on weekends and if deliveries are made on Sundays. Let us know ‘Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday?’.

Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday?

Amazon’s online shop offers weekend delivery services, including Sunday deliveries. Contrary to what you might think, this service is not pricey and is available to all shoppers. Just confirm your eligibility status, and you are good to go.

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Amazon and Sunday Deliveries 

Shoppers who like shopping later in the week, especially on weekends, will be glad to hear that there is a Sunday delivery option on Amazon. This has placed Amazon at a high advantage because only a few major online shops can boast of this treat. Although Amazon has promised Sunday delivery to its customers, there is a condition, and only shoppers who meet these conditions can enjoy this feature.

Before we discuss these conditions, note that Amazon Sunday delivery is now possible irrespective of the kind of order placed. Earlier only shoppers who opted for Amazon prime were entitled to Sunday deliveries. The “regular” Amazon orders get their deliveries latest on Saturday, and if delivery can’t be made on Saturday, it will be suspended till the following Monday, or even later. Thankfully, this experience is now a thing of the past. Sunday delivery is now available on every Amazon order, including prime and regular orders. 

One of the conditions that qualify a shopper for Sunday delivery is location. Amazon uses both UPS and USPS for delivery, depending on your location. If you reside in urban areas in the U.S, getting your Sunday delivery will not be much of a problem. Heavily populated areas have numerous UPS and USPS infrastructures to hasten up their delivery process; hence packages will easily be dropped off even on Sundays. However, Sunday deliveries might not be feasible if you reside in rural areas with a sparse population. Again it all boils down to the type of UPS and USPS infrastructure in place. 

How To Determine if Sunday Delivery is Available?

Amazon Sunday deliver is not always available for every package. But you can easily determine if your package is eligible for amazon Sunday deliver. You can conveniently do this in a few straightforward steps. After you are done loading the items purchased in the cart, go to “Review items and Shipping.” There, you can assess your delivery information. The estimated date of delivery will be shown in green, and alongside, you will see a time frame required for you to finalize the order and lock date. Right below these options, there are also a few radio buttons that permit you to choose a different delivery date if you are eligible.

Sometimes, you get to choose a “Prime Day” when all the packages ordered are delivered, irrespective of when the order was made. Other times, you can only compile all your orders till everything is set to be delivered. This method is often time conservative and energy conservative, and you get to earn special Amazon credits too. 

If Sunday delivery is available, the pop-up button beside it will allow you to select Sunday. Note that the option for Sunday delivery will not be made available if it is not suitable for your delivery window. For instance, if an order was placed on Monday with Amazon prime, there is a great chance that Sunday delivery will not be listed as one of your options. However, if you exercise patience and order on Wednesday, you may find Sunday delivery as one of your options, provided your location is eligible. 


Amazon remains one of the few online stores that deliver on Sundays. Utilize this feature and shop all you want on weekends, and be sure your order will be delivered quickly, irrespective of what day of the week it is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I Select Sunday Delivery Specifically?

No, you can’t specifically select Sunday deliveries unless you are eligible. Your eligibility status mostly depends on the type of order you are making and your location.

2) Do I Have to Pay Extra for Sunday Delivery?

You don’t have to make extra payments to enjoy Sunday deliveries. As long as your delivery window and location permits Sunday deliveries, you can utilize this service with zero extra charges. 

3) Who Handles These Amazon Sunday Deliveries?

Amazon is in partnership with both UPS and USPS. 

4) Will I Be Able to Track My Sunday Delivery?

Just like every other regular delivery, Sunday deliveries can be tracked. You can track your package on the Amazon official website or the Amazon app.

Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday?

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