Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays?

We all know Amazon. Don’t we? It’s the leading online retailer all over the world and the most trusted too. There’s no area left by Amazon and its services will find you wherever you live. Not only does Amazon deliver parcels but it also expands its territory into entertainment and Artificial Intelligence by launching Prime and its loved product Alexa. With a great stock price and annual turnover, it registers itself as one of the biggest companies in the US with Google, Meta, Apple, and Microsoft. The company also contributes greatly to Jeff Bezos’ wealth and makes him the wealthiest man on Earth. We all are very well accustomed to ordering tactics on Amazon. But, a question that still lingers in our heads is, does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays?

The answer is very satisfying, yes but unfortunately, it is not available everywhere. But to avail of this, the city you live in must cover Sunday delivery.

Where is Amazon Sunday Delivery available?

Luckily Amazon doesn’t believe in delaying your packages and delivers even on Sundays. But this feature may not be available for some regions in the United States. Well, if your region is covered in Amazon Sunday delivery, the option will be visible on the screen, so you will know when your package is going to arrive. Plus, you don’t need to be a prime member to get your package on Sunday. If you don’t know whether Sunday delivery is available in your area, you can check or contact the UPS for the same. As a matter of fact, Amazon works with UPS to get your parcel in your area and Amazon is the only company that gets you your packages even on Sundays. If your location is an Amazon Locker then you are definitely going to get your package even on Sunday.

What is Amazon Locker?

These are self-service kiosks of Amazon. Simply, they are the stores which receive the package for you and you can collect the package whenever you want to from there. So, if you are too busy to receive your package at work or home, just search the nearest Amazon Locker, and then you are off to wherever you want to go.

When can you get your package on Sunday?

Since the package will be delivered to your home, you can get your parcel at any time between 9 AM to 8 PM. However, you might not be available to receive your package due to your Sunday, you can also go on and track your package. Also, if you are not available at your home, you can go on and set your location to an Amazon Locker.

How to choose a Sunday Delivery?

Well, it’s just as easy as ordering. All you need to do is check the Sunday Delivery for the item and select it. Sunday Delivery will be available for all the eligible items. If the option isn’t available, then your area might not cover Amazon Sunday Delivery. You can also get your packages delivered quickly in a day or two just by selecting one or two-day delivery. But if you are using Amazon Locker services then there are chances that you will get your package on Sunday. However, if you are a Prime user, you get these one or two-day deliveries for free. If you are not a Prime user, then you might have to pay a little extra for these speedy deliveries. Well, whenever you get your delivery it’s better to be double sure about it, and track them. Always be ready to receive your packages whenever they arrive with the tracking details provided by Amazon.


Amazon doesn’t make you wait for your packages and that’s what makes it the best option for online shopping. Its services are open to you, any time, even on Sundays. But however, if you want these speedy deliveries, you might have to pay extra or be a prime member. Not only can you get them in a day but you won’t have to pay delivery charges with Amazon Prime. Well, to sum it up you can always trust Amazon with your packages.


Q. Do I have to pay extra for Sunday Deliveries?

Ans. If you are a prime member then you don’t need to pay extra for Sunday Delivery. But if you are a Non-Prime member then you will have to pay a certain amount depending upon the area and the item.

Q. Can I reschedule my delivery?

Ans. Yes, you can reschedule your delivery anytime by contacting the customer care services of Amazon.

Q. What to do if I can’t receive the package?

Ans. If due to some circumstances, you are unable to receive the package on the day of delivery, Amazon leaves the package at a secure location. If the delivery needs someone to be present, three attempts are made. If you couldn’t receive it on the third attempt too, then the parcel is returned.

Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays?

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