Frontier Vs Mediacom – Know More

Are you too confused between two internet service providers? Well, no worries, you are not alone. There are many people out there who seem to be confused when it comes to choosing an internet service provider. That’s why we have come up with the article where we have compared Frontier and Mediacom from several aspects. Both the companies are quite popular and the best thing about the two is that they have reached even the forgotten regions of the United States. Owing to their awesome service, now people living in the Suburbs and remote areas can enjoy high-speed internet. Lets see about Frontier Vs Mediacom.

Frontier Vs Mediacom - Know More

Frontier VS Mediacom

Frontier is among the largest DSL providers in the United States, whereas Mediacom is among the largest cable internet providers in the United States. Both the companies are known to provide TV and phone services. There is a list of plans to choose from. You can select the plan that works best for you. Frontier is known for high-speed internet service, unlimited data for any plan you choose, and availability even in the rural areas of the States. However, Frontier’s DSL speed can be poor in some areas and the plans for higher speed might be a bit costly. Mediacom is famous for high-speed internet at an affordable range. It is the most recommended option for the residents of Southeast and Midwest. However, if you are not willing to pay a high sign-up price then you should probably avoid Mediacom. Frontier is available in a total of 25 states in the US whereas Mediacom is available in 22 states There are several other aspects in which Frontier and Mediacom differ from each other. All the differences are mentioned in the course of this article. 

Internet Speed

Internet speed is one of the crucial factors when choosing your internet service provider. Different people have varied tasks using the internet and for that reason, ISPs usually have a wide range of plans that offer varied speed options for varied tasks of the customers.

Frontier customers get a wide range of options with a variety of speed plans. The company offers a download speed ranging from 50mbps to 1000mbps. The speed that Frontier provides its customers is enough for anyone who works from home or who loves gaming or streaming or even business owners. Being a fiber connection, the download and upload speeds are quite high.

Mediacom also offers a wide range of plans to its customers. The Mediacom plan that has the fastest internet gives a speed of 1GIG. The company boasts of its uncompromising 1000mbps download speed. If you are unable to take Frontier connection, go for Mediacom. Since Mediacom is DSL

Installation Cost Differences

For installation, one can either choose professional or self-installation. The prices, however, vary. Frontier does not charge their customers who choose the self-installation option but Mediacom’s self-installation option costs $10. However, it is recommended that customers get professional help for the installation. Frontier charges $85 while Mediacom charges $109.99 for the professional installation.

Pros and Cons

Everything has its upsides and downsides. Before you commit, you should always weigh the pros and cons. So here are the pros and cons of both the companies to ease your process of choosing the one that is best for you.

Frontier Pros-

  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited data for every plan
  • DSL service available in remote areas

Frontier Cons-

  • DSL service with a maximum speed of 45mbps
  • Random service costs

Mediacom Pros-

  • Short contracts per month
  • Fast speed internet
  • Wide range of plans available

Mediacom Cons-

  • Unlimited data not available
  • Costs increase after one year


Both Frontier and Mediacom are two of the most popular and widely available ISPs in the United States. In this article, a few of the aspects are mentioned where the companies differ from each other. While Frontier users can enjoy fast-speed internet and unlimited data, Mediacom users enjoy the luxury of choosing from a list of plan options and high-speed internet at the same time. Well, there are some downsides as well to both the providers which you need to look into before you decide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which has higher speed- Frontier or Mediacom?

Well, speed may vary depending on the location of your residence. However, Frontier is known to provide comparatively higher speed. 

  1. Which provides unlimited data- Frontier or Mediacom?

For unlimited data, go for Frontier. No matter what plan you choose you will get unlimited data. But in the case of Mediacom, they provide data ranging from 200GB to 6TB. Mediacom will charge you an additional $10 for every extra 50GB of data usage. 

  1. Which is better- Frontier or Mediacom?

If you want an Internet Service Provider with a wide range of plans, then you might want to try Mediacom. However, if your main priority is fast-speed internet, then you might want to go with Frontier. Anyway, both the companies have their pros and cons, you just have to decide what is it that you want, weigh the pros and cons, and decide accordingly.

Frontier Vs Mediacom – Know More

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