Where To Sell Empty Beer Kegs?

If you have an empty keg, you can sell it for cash or in-store credit at several commercial booze stores and outlets. Because of frequent keg theft, only a few liquor stores and scrap yards are willing to acquire empty beer kegs. In most cases, an empty beer keg must be returned to the retailer who filled and sold it. In this article let us see Where To Sell Empty Beer Kegs?

Where To Sell Empty Beer Kegs?

Illegal to sell empty beer kegs

Selling empty beer kegs is unlawful because they are theoretically the property of the firm that sold them to you. When you acquire empty beer kegs, such as when purchasing a new property, it might be difficult to know how to dispose of them.

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DIY project, or to a salvage yard

Some may suggest you sell them to a salvage yard or to someone who wants them for a DIY project, but you must first figure out who legally owns the beer kegs.

When a beer keg becomes empty, it is meant to be, returned to the store where it was purchased.

Kegs are expensive to produce

This is because kegs are costly to produce, and when they are returned, they will be refilled and reused. Because the beer keg is the vendor’s property, you should return it to him in an ideal world.

Never try to sell a keg of beer that isn’t full.

Empty the beer kegs that should never be sold for salvage since it is theft. So, if you have an empty beer keg at home, you should try to return it to the store where you bought it as soon as possible.

Are kegs that are empty worth anything?

Yes, empty kegs are valuable. Because they are composed of solid metal, you could obtain a good price for them if you traded them in to salvage.

When a beer keg is empty, it normally weighs around 30 pounds, and you can usually receive $20/25 for it if you sell it for scrap. This isn’t a large sum of money, but when you consider that the beer keg is free, it’s a reasonable sum. You would, however, be breaking the law if you sold an empty beer keg for scrap.

As previously stated, the retailer where you purchased the beer kegs is the owner of the kegs. If you return an empty keg to the store where you bought it, it will be reused. However, many people have realized that kegs are valuable, which has resulted in keg theft.

Because of the spike in keg theft, numerous scrapyards are refusing to accept beer kegs, citing the law. Even if the empty beer kegs are worth a lot of money, you should never try to sell them.

If you don’t return a keg, what will happen?

You are technically stealing a beer keg if you do not return it once you have consumed all of the contents. This does not mean that the cops will show up at your door with a search warrant to look for the missing barrel.

When retailers sell kegs of beer, they know there’s a good possibility they won’t be returned, so they often charge a keg deposit in addition to the beer price.

If you return your empty keg to the retailer, you will get your deposit returned. If you buy another keg of beer, the deposit money you get will be used for the following keg, and so on. The worst that can happen if you don’t return the keg to the shop is that your deposit will be lost.

However, in many cases, people were unaware of these deposits in the first place, so you’re not losing anything. It simply means that a new keg must be manufactured to replace the one you did not return.


To secure the safe return of the keg, which is a precious commodity for the business, the provider will collect a refundable deposit at the time of rental.

Keg theft and sales have become such a problem that numerous states have established keg registration legislation, requiring identity and contact information to be affixed to the shell to assist prevent illegal trading. 

This means you should check to see if the empty keg you have isn’t stolen before selling it to the vendors. Check with smaller, locally owned, and run liquor stores in your area.


When a keg is left untapped, how long does it last?

45-60 days is about right

This is especially true for craft beers, as some kinds last longer than others.

A beer keg is composed of what type of metal?

steel (stainless)

Although kegs have been constructed from a variety of materials over the years, including wood, plastic, and aluminum, stainless steel is presently the most common.

How should an empty keg be returned?

Kegs that have been left empty must be returned as soon as possible. Once you’ve returned the kegs to the store where you got them, make sure they’re locked until they may be returned.

Where To Sell Empty Beer Kegs?

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