Is Costco coming to West Virginia?

Costco or Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American-based company and is the only membership-operated bix box chain retail store, it currently has 828 warehouses all over the world with its main warehouse being located in Seattle which also houses its headquarters. The multi-national company employs 273,000 people as of 2020, it also has a wide variety of products ranging from food items to even caskets. Here we will see about Is Costco coming to West Virginia?

Is Costco coming to West Virginia?

Is Costco coming to West Virginia?

No, Costco is not planning on coming to West Virginia, it does not have any branch in the whole of Virginia and it doesn’t have any intention of opening one anytime soon because it considers the total population of Virginia to be too low, even in its urban areas. Furthermore, Virginia’s major population comes in the lower median in terms of income which is $25,320 a year, this is about twice as low as a Costco customer earning.

Which states have no Costco stores?

There are very few states which do not have a Costco in their area, in the United States Costco is located in 46 states.

  1. Maine
  2. Rhode Island
  3. West Virginia
  4. Wyoming

What type of memberships does Costco have?

  1. Executive membership:
  • $120 per year membership fee($60 for membership fee plus $60upgrade fee)
  • A free household card is included
  • Annual 2% reward on qualified Costco purchase 
  • Additional savings and benefits on Costco services
  • Extra benefits on select Costco travel products
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide
  1. Business membership
  • $60 per year membership
  • A free household card is included
  • Add affiliate cardholder for another $60
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide
  • Purchase for resale
  • Business members must provide Costco with resale information
  1. Gold star membership
  • $60 per year membership
  • A free household card is included
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide

What are the various services provided by Costco?

Costco is not only known for its wide variety of products but also for the services that it provides to its customers, these services are insurance, business, home, or auto-related issues. But this is only for the customers who have a membership.

  1. Insurance: This includes pet insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business health insurance, and business vision insurance.
  2. Home: This includes bottled water service, mortgage purchase, and refinancing, personal checks, forms and accessories, identity protection, and home insurance.
  3. Auto: This includes the Costco auto program, auto insurance, auto parts and services, and budget truck rental.
  4. Business: This includes payment processing, business checks, forms and accessories, business health insurance, business vision insurance, and bottled water delivery.

Is a Costco worth going shopping for?

There are certain pros and cons of buying the membership, even though it has cheaper prices that don’t mean that everyone requires a big wholesale store like Costco, and of course, there are those stores that may not have as cheap prices as Costco but they do not require a paid membership to have a certain number of benefits.


  1. The low prices and amazing deals that come with it
  2. Bulk shopping
  3. High-quality merchandise
  4. A generous return policy
  5. Useful for people with big families 
  6. Free samples try before buying a product


  1. Not all perks are for everyone, some are limited to people holding a membership
  2. Not suitable for people who live alone
  3. If the customer does not have space to store bulk products it is of no use
  4. If the customer doesn’t have a big car the membership is useless
  5. Have to spend at least $2000 annually
  6. There are a lot of department stores that have free membership
  7. Limited payment options
  8. Lack of choices
  9. Crowded 

What is the location of all Costco warehouses?

As of 2022 Costco has opened a lot of new warehouses around the world and it has a plan for more expansion in the coming months. The company is planning to open new warehouses in a few new regions outside the US to expand their market . Costco adds or subtracts products according to what sales in the region and on the availability as well.

  1. 572 in the USA
  2. 105 in Canada
  3. 40 in Mexico
  4. 30 in Japan
  5. 29 in the United Kingdom
  6. 16 in South Korea
  7. 14 in Taiwan
  8. 13 in Australia
  9. 4 in Spain
  10. 2 in France
  11. 2 in China
  12. 1 in Island

What are some of the products sold in Costco?

Some of the products include pet supplies, health and personal supplies, cleaning products, cheese and dairy, meats, poultry, deli, gourmet food, frozen products, cakes and sweets, household supplies, wine and wine gift baskets, floral deliveries, beverages including water, seafood organic products, pantry, and dry goods, snacks, candy, coffee and sweeteners, breakfast cereals, paper and plastic products, kitchen equipment, laundry detergent and supplies, and gift baskets.


Cosco is a multinational corporation opening its warehouses in new locations every day, the first thing it looks at before opening a warehouse is how many people are there in the town and out of those how many people can afford the products in Costco because at last, the first aim of Costco is to make a profit and sell whatever they can before they reach there shelf life and they also need to reach their target sale. A big plus point for Costco is that there are not a lot of wholesale stores available in a lot of places and even if they are they do not have the vast level of services and products offered to customers by Costco and of course, almost everything you need is at one location, it is perfect for buying in bulk the only downside is the paid membership and its benefits which are only available to these customers.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the biggest Costco warehouse located?

The biggest Costco warehouse is located in Salt Lake, Ohio with the location size being 235,000 square feet in total and has a massive dairy room and a full-size roasting pig and goats for sale.

Does Costco have a delivery option?

Yes, Costco has a same-day delivery option available for the members if they are located within the qualifying zip codes.

Is Costco coming to West Virginia?

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