UPS SurePost Vs USPS Priority-Know More

During the times of COVID crisis, online business has been like a saving grace for many of us, it has saved many from becoming unemployed and has also provided employment to many. Even before the pandemic, online business was climbing up the ladder at a fast pace, and what makes it so special is that you don’t have to step a foot out of your home and you get the product delivered at your doorstep, or at least near your doorstep. Every online business owner needs an efficient shipping service, without which this perk of doorstep delivery will vanish, and with that, the benefits of online business too. United Postal Service (UPS) and United States Postal Service (USPS) are two such services, working behind the scenes to make these deliveries possible. But, which one is better UPS SurePost or USPS Priority Mail?

To choose the better service, it is important to compare them both for different aspects, it also depends on your needs. If you need it for faster delivery, then you should opt for USPS Priority, because it offers delivery in one to three business days, whereas with UPS SurePost, the time period is of two to seven business days. If we compare them on economical grounds, UPS SurePost is a more affordable option than USPS Priority Mail. Both of the companies offer live shipment tracking. For large shipping volumes, UPS SurePost is better and for lesser volumes, USPS Priority Mail is better. If your package is a lightweight one, USPS Priority Mail is better and if it is a heavy parcel, UPS SurePost is the best option. UPS SurePost provides insurance of $100, whereas, USPS Priority Mail provides insurance of $50.

UPS SurePost Vs USPS Priority

United Parcel Service (UPS) –

United Parcel Service is a global shipping company, it is famous as the largest delivery company in the world. UPS is best for delivering large parcels, UPS also provides free shipping on Saturdays, but only for ground residential parcels. The delivery period of UPS ground can extend up to two weeks. You can choose from many services provided by UPS according to your needs. UPS express critical – expensive but the fastest, UPS next day air, UPS second day air, and UPS three days select – delivers the very next day, delivers on the second business day, and delivers on 3rd business day, respectively. And the most famous one is UPS ground – economical but not speedy.

UPS SurePost – 

UPS SurePost can be called a hybrid delivery service of UPS ground. The package to be delivered through the UPS SurePost goes through the same process as the package to be delivered through UPS ground, the only difference is that the package is delivered to the local post office, and from there onward, to the address where the parcel has to be delivered, known as the ‘last mile’, USPS is the one doing the delivery. It takes more time to ship the package but comparatively it is less costly. As USPS is doing the delivery here, Saturday deliveries are also possible with UPS SurePost. It also provides integrated tracking, which means the tracking number is the same for UPS as well as for the last mile delivery of USPS, which makes it a little more hassle-free. It’s better if you ship at least 50 parcels/week.

United States Postal Service (USPS) – 

United States Postal Service, an independent agency working under US  federal government. It is best known for its faster deliveries, even under non-ideal conditions. Its delivery time is two to three business days. USPS provides flat rate boxes, free packaging options, and also free parcel pick-ups. If the parcel is lightweight, it is the most affordable option. It also provides weekend delivery. It is the only service that can legally deliver the packages directly to the post office boxes. USPS is good even when the shipment is a non-commercial one. 

USPS also provides many services which you can choose from according to your needs. Priority mail express is the fastest one which delivers under a day, priority mail delivers within one to three business days, First class mail is meant for smaller packages whereas Retail ground is meant for heavier parcels, and Media mail is specifically designed for delivery of media, especially educational media.

USPS Priority Mail – 

USPS Priority Mail is meant for fast deliveries but is more economical than USPS Priority mail express, but where priority mail express promises one-day delivery, USPS priority mail delivery time is one to three business days, which depends upon the traveling distance. Saturday delivery and free pickup are provided in it too.

Conclusion – 

The times are changing, work is becoming less manual and more technologically rich. Everything is turning online, from entertainment to money-making. Online business is attaining its peak nowadays, and shipment is one of the most important aspects of online business, but sometimes it can be very time-consuming, or other times it can be very costly. United Postal Service and United States Postal Service are the most famous ones in the states, both offer many services and both have their pros and their cons.  The best delivery service depends upon what you need it for. If time is your main priority, then USPS Priority Mail is the best option for you. USPS Priority Mail is better in many dimensions but if the price is the issue with you and not time, then you should go with the UPS SurePost.

Frequently Asked Questions –
  1.  Is there any other option than United Postal Service and United States Postal Service?

Answer – Other than United Postal Service and United States Postal Service, Federal Express, better known as FedEx is also a good option. 

  1.  Which is the best service provided by USPS for the fastest delivery?

Answer – USPS Priority Mail Express is the fastest option, it provides delivery within a single day. 

  1.  Does United Postal Service and United States Postal Service deliver internationally?

Answer – Yes, both the services offer International shipments.

UPS SurePost Vs USPS Priority-Know More

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