Victoria secret credit limit increase- Know more

If you are someone who loves to shop till you drop, and Victoria’s Secret is your favourite brand, then you need a credit card because it can help you save a lot of money while shopping from that particular brand. Usually, people are always curious to find out how the credit card works, what its benefits are and how you can also get your hands on this money-saving angel card. In this article we shall see Victoria secret credit limit increase

Victoria secret credit limit increase

Having a store card is usually helpful as you become an exclusive member who is always the first to know about their deals, offers and sales or other various discount offers that the company offers. However, these cards can only come in handy if you are their frequent customer and are always buying something or the other from their stores. With the help of a store card, you can get access to the point’s programme that stores like Victoria’s Secret, H&M etc, offer.

The credit card limit and how to increase it?

  • The limit that Victoria’s Secret usually gives us is 500$ which is the starting limit, while some cardholders have also reported the credit limit to be as high as $5000. Mostly, Victoria’s Secret credit card credit limits are highly dependent on the overall creditworthiness of the customer. The basic rule is that customers with the highest income and best credit scores are offered the highest starting credit limits.
  • One has to keep in mind that the initial credit limit that you start with provided by victoria’s secret doesn’t necessarily have to be your credit line always, it will obviously change. One way of increasing the credit limit is by simply asking them by calling on their customer service number provided on the back of your card, which is normally, (800) 695-9478, the other way is by requesting them online. It is recommended by experts not to keep on doing this more than once a year. The credit card issuing team will also be checking periodically to make sure that you are eligible for a credit limit increase.
  • The best way to increase your credit limit is by paying on time and making sure that you keep your credit utilisation low. This is the only way to get unsolicited credit line increases.
  • Another way of getting a credit limit increase is that they automatically provide you with an increase after 6-9 months of getting an Angel card. A higher credit limit can give you a lot of benefits such as getting better loan options, lowering your credit utilisation, and thereby lowering your credit score, also it is totally helpful in emergencies.
  • Another point to note is that, in order to increase your credit limit, find and dispute credit mistakes on your credit card.
  • There is a 101% chance that you have an error on your report that might be hindering your score. Therefore, you should check your credit report for errors, ask them to verify, write a dispute letter and partner up with a credit repair company.

NOTE – if you pay the balance of your card regularly, then your credit score will increase automatically.

Benefits Of Getting an Angel Card

First, let us get you oriented with the amazing benefits that credit cards bring to you. So a few perks that come with this card is that you will be provided with a coupon with which you can save 15$ and do not forget their annual sale, even during the sale, you will be getting various types of discount coupons, you will also be getting a birthday gift, another perk of owning this credit card is that you will be getting free shipping if you spend something more than fifty dollars, you will be getting exclusive rewards as well and there is something called perk of the month, but remember all this is only available for people who have a victoria secret credit card.

The biggest benefit of having a victoria’s secret credit card is that you will be able to use your card at bath and body works as well as they are under the same company, this is a major benefit for those who love fragrances, candles, luscious bath products, aromatherapy etc. but usually, people do get a limit for about 300 – 2000 $.


Maintaining a credit score and generally paying on time is the best way to increase your credit limit. Read the article above to know more. You can be approved for getting a credit card at a $200 credit limit as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How many credit cards does Victoria’s Secret offer?

Answer- Victoria’s secret offers three credit cards-

Number one is their Victoria or PINK credit card, which is the basic one.

Number two is the Silver credit card; this is received as an upgrade if you maintain $250 or more in spending per year.

Number three is the Gold credit card, which gives you the highest level of Victoria’s Secret perks if you maintain $500 or more in spending per year.

Victoria secret credit limit increase- Know more

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