Wild water adventure park tickets at Costco- know more

Wild water adventure Park in Clovis, CA is the best source of entertainment, fun enjoyment and at the same time getting some physical activity done. In this article we shall see Wild water adventure park tickets at Costco.

There are a plethora of rides to choose from, if you are looking for a place to spend the most amazing weekend of your lifetime then think no more and head to the wild water adventure Park in Clovis California. It is a kid-friendly and family-friendly adventure Park, therefore it is advisable to come with your best friends and family to get the most unforgettable experience ever!

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Wild water adventure park tickets at Costco

Wild water adventure park coupons and tickets

  • Costco store – People who are looking for discounted tickets for the wild water adventure Park can head to the Costco stores as Costco doesn’t sell these tickets online on their website. Also, Costco doesn’t have the tickets for the wild water adventure park available at every store, there are only selective stores in which Costco sells these tickets, therefore it is advisable to call Costco to inquire about the availability of tickets in a particular store in a particular location.
  • Discounted tickets – The discounted tickets are available for $28 more or less, if you are lucky enough then you can get your hands on exclusive deals and discount coupons that Costco rarely gives out. Therefore it is advisable to always keep an eye out for coupons and discounts and tickets on Costco for the wild water adventure park and many such amazing adventure Parks in the States.
  • Deals – Usually, Costco gives out tickets for about $27.99, this price is pretty affordable and sounds great for adults and children who Are of age 3 and above. This Ticket of $27.99 includes 1 meal and a Park entrance, the meal is a piece of pizza and a soft drink!
  • If you don’t want to get discounted tickets from Costco then you can also get tickets at the admission gates in the wild water adventure Park, these tickets at the admission gate for four $34.99 and $38.99 on Saturdays, and these tickets do not usually include a meal with them. Except on 4 July, these tickets can be used any day.
  • Different stores/different deals- Sometimes few Costco stores also sell various season passes for the wild water adventure park. For example in the Fresno California store, they have five visit season passes which were available for $59.99. These season passes are usually for $69.99 if you take them from the admission gate at the wild water adventure park.

NOTE – In order to get your hands on the discounted ticket prices for the wild water adventure Park, you have to be a member of Costco, you can do this by going to the website and signing in for their membership, their membership includes a lot of deals and vouchers and amazing discounts that will leave you happily surprised.

Exciting rides and activities

The wild water adventure Park at Clovis California, as a lot of amazing rides that are unforgettable and the experience, is just out of this world, there is the most famous ride called the drop zone also called a ghost slider, distaff oh there is extremely friendly and they usually Play friendly/and harmful pranks on the customers while dropping them into a Long water slide that opens up in the end and one should definitely try that if You Are visiting the wild water adventure Park in Clovis California.

Another ride is called the rampage, this is also extremely fun because you are made to slide from a significant height and then you slide all the way into a huge pool and because of the pressure you keep on sliding till the end of the pool. For safety reasons and in order to make sure that the slide is smooth they make you sit on a plastic tray which is extremely useful for the ride.

For the kids, there is a special area called the adventure bay which has kid-friendly small slides and rides so that the kids can have their share of fun and not get hurt.

There is another slide called the rapids, it is similar to the rampage but the only difference is that you can slide with a bunch of your friends together into a huge pool while the rampage is only for a single person. In this one, you are made to sit on an inflatable desk which ensures a smooth and enjoyable slide and it is also kids friendly.


Not all the Costco locations offer the wild water adventure park tickets. You must call before going to the store or you can also check online for various deals and discounts. Read the article above to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any specific number of hours associated with the price of the tickets?

Answer – Discounted tickets will give you the same amount of fun and amenities as the regular tickets available at the admission gates of the wild water adventure park and you can spend the whole day there.

Wild water adventure park tickets at Costco- know more

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