What Is The Amazon Promotional Balance?


The promotional balance is available in any account related to a particular promotional credit plan. On Amazon, the promotional balance is available in the Amazon account wallet and use for purchases. There are no restrictions on avail amazon promotional balance like other gift cards or promo codes. Amazon promotional balance is available on your amazon. When you make purchases under one promotional credit plan then your account will contain a promotional balance and it includes the credit for the following year and the balance of the Amazon gift card.

What Is The Amazon Promotional Balance?

Details about Amazon Promotional Balance:

The main purpose of the promotional balance Amazon is to create interest and loyalty with the customers and brands. There are many terms and conditions for the qualify of promotional balance if you do not accept or voilate the terms you cannot access to promotional balance. The detail about every term and condition is written below for the further guidelines:

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Promotional Terms:

To qualify for promotional balance:
  • You have to purchase by adding a product to your shopping cart and completing the order by clicking confirm the order and adding personal information.
  • After that the product will qualify for the promotional balance, if you buy any video game category product that includes downloadable content and hardware sold by Amazon then you will qualify for a 5$ Amazon mp3 music downloadable credit.
  • After completing your order upon the shipment of the product you will receive an email that indicates that your credit for the particular product has automatically applied to your Amazon account.
  • When you receive the promotional balance email they also guide you on, how to redeem the promotional balance?
  •  Promotional credit is only available for one person at a time.
  • The promotional balance is valid for three months, so you have to redeem it before it will get expired.
Guideline for the redemption of promotional balance:
  • Browse the product to which you receive the email of the promotional offer.
  • Select the following product and click buy it now and the promotional balance automatically applied to your purchase.
  • If a particular purchase is not enough like you bought a $2 product and your promotional balance is $5 then the remaining $3 will back to your amazon account.
  • You can check the remaining balance and expiration date of the promotional offer by clicking Redeem your Amazon gift card or the promotional code view balance button.
  • After the purchase, you can check the confirmation mail of the particular purchase that the promotional balance is applied or not.
The terms and conditions for Promotion Balance:
  • You will receive a discount or a promotional reward for every order.
  • The promotional offer automatically applied to your Amazon account when the product you purchase is shipped.
  • An email is sent to you for the details of the promotional offer and the total promotional balance you got and details on how to redeem that offer.
  • This is a limited-time offer.
  • Rewards are available for a limited time, you can check the expiry date in the confirmation email of the offer.
  •  The promotional offer/balance only applies to the product and services sold by Amazon. Products sold by another party will not qualify for this offer even if it is eligible on Amazon.
  • This offer is only the US residents other than the US this offer is not available.
  • Taxes may apply to the free promotional item or the full value of discounted products.
  •  Promotional rewards and offers are not like a discount on items you have purchased.
  •  Offer is not resold or non-transferable.
  •  Offer is valid for a month only.
  • If you do anything against these terms and conditions or violate any term, the offer will be invalid.
  • If you cancel any order, the offer and balance will reserve back in your account.


The overall conclusion of the answer is that you have to redeem the promotional balance before the expiry date and to qualify for the promotional balance you have to follow and accept the terms and conditions. If you violate any terms and condition the offer and the balance will be invalid, so you cannot use it. The promotional balance offer is only for US residents.

Frequently asked questions related to the promotional balance of Amazon:

Does Amazon’s promotional offer expire?

Yes, the amazon promotional offer expires within one month when the email of the offer is delivered to you. You can avail of it within a month. If you do not use the promotional balance it will not be applied to your purchase after a month.

Is the promotional code available on a gift card by Amazon?

Promotional codes are used on the discount item on the retail screen or in your online store. You can specifically create a promotion code to discount cards but it can only apply to assignable gift cards and prepaid amounts.

Where is the promotional code on the Amazon gift card?

The claim code is available on the backside of their card when the customers want to redeem their Amazon gift card. The code is mentioned at the top backside of the card which contains 14 digits, you can see at the back of the card two arrows pointing to an image of a camera and a box of gifts.

Does Amazon automatically use promotional balance?

Your promotional balance will be applied automatically whenever you add a product to your cart for the purchase. After buying that product you can check if the offer is applied or not in the confirmation mail.

What Is The Amazon Promotional Balance?

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