What Does It Mean When A Package Is Received After The FedEx Cutoff?

It can be frustrating when you are expecting a package, and it isn’t coming through, especially when it is something you need desperately or urgently. Sometimes packages take a very long time before arrival, while some never even show up. Let’s learn about ‘What Does It Mean When A Package Is Received After The FedEx Cutoff?’.

What Does It Mean When A Package Is Received After The FedEx Cutoff

What Does It Mean When A Package Is Received After The FedEx Cutoff?

Whatever the situation is, we are sometimes curious about the messages attached to our package, like  “Package received after FedEx cutoff.” 

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Package received after cutoff times means that your package was gotten or dropped off after FedEx no longer delivers packages; your item can no longer be processed for shipment on that day. However, your package is with FedEx, but your package will be delayed until the next shipment.

What is FedEx’s cutoff time?: What Does It Mean When A Package Is Received After The FedEx Cutoff?

FedEx cutoff time is simply the time after shipment processing for the day when your item can no longer be processed for delivery immediately after being dropped.

Most express station(World service center) has their cutoff time be 8 pm. 

Although most FedEx office locations have their cutoff time at 6 pm, the express driver can pick up from the FedEx location to the world service center to be sorted and make it within their cutoff time, which is 8 pm. 

How does FedEx delivery work?

FedEx is an American multinational conglomerate holding company focused on e-commerce and transportation. They are one of the best well, recognized delivery companies that deliver packages within a particular time frame. 

Although FedEx offers various delivery options,  the most common ones are listed below.


 This involves the shipment of packages via trucks or through any means of transportation by road(ground). This delivery option is best when you need a low-budget option with no delays.


 This delivery option is mostly substituted as one day or next day shipment, the terms are used interchangeably, but they mean the same thing. This guarantees next-day delivery. It is best when you need your package the next day. 


This involves the shipment of packages or items from one county to another via Air or ocean, that is, shipment between countries. This is likely the only shipment method option available for inter-country deliveries. 


 This is the best for you when your shipment items are over 150lbs.

Same day

 This delivery option gets your package delivered to you the same day you ordered or the same day your package was received at FedEx. You can consider this option when you need your delivery at your doorstep within hours. 

Steps to take for delayed delivery 

After you order, an expected delivery date is usually given. You are likely to get worried if your package hasn’t been delivered after the delivery date. 

  • You might not be able to state what the matter is, but there are some the steps you can take:
  • Confirm your details and that the delivery location was input correctly.
  • Inquire about the status of your order by contacting your shipping carrier.
  • Find out why your delivery was delayed; your shipping carrier is answerable to you when your package gets delayed.


Your package will still be delivered when received after the cutoff time. Even though your package is received after the cutoff time, it does not mean it would be stolen or out of FedEx care. 

The only thing is that your package would be delayed. Sometimes we might be unable to avoid dropping off a package after the cutoff, but you need to understand that it is safe, but delivery would be delayed. 

Frequently asked questions
  • Can I change my delivery address?

 You can change your delivery address with FedEx if your package is not yet delivered; that is before shipping; all you have to do is log in to your FedEx account,  navigate the tracking page and click the manage tab. Go ahead to select the address you want to update and then Edit. Save the updated address, and that’s all. You can only edit the delivery address if you are the shipper, but you can’t change the delivery address if you are the receiver. 

  • Does FedEx process on weekends?

FedEx run delivery throughout the week because they believe weekend counts too; however, Sunday deliveries are on a few occasions and weekend crews are 25% of the weekdays’ crews. 

  • What is the cut-off time for FedEx Overnight shipment? 

The local station’s proximity to the shipping airport determines the cutoff time. For instance, a station close to an airport where the flight leaves at 8 pm might have a cutoff to be 7 pm, while other stations that are about 60 to 70 miles away would cutoff at 6 pm, and stations 100 miles away would cutoff 4 pm or 3 pm. 

The time is set so that the processing of all packages will be completed and loaded for shipping. To be sure, check your local station information on the FedEx website. 

What Does It Mean When A Package Is Received After The FedEx Cutoff?

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