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Costco is an American multinational corporation. It operates based on the chain of membership-only in the retail stores, i.e. only members of the house of Costco can shop from there. It became the fifth largest retailer in the world in 2020. Costco apart from selling prime beef, organic food, wine and rotisserie chicken is also a retailer of stamps. They sell rolls of hundred USPS Forever postage stamps from all their stores. These stamps are purchased at the register by the members when they go to pay. They are not just kept on the shelves. In a few retail shops, the postage stamps are also sold from the customer service counter. Let us know ‘Does Costco Sell Stamps?’.

Does Costco Sell Stamps?

Does Costco Sell Stamps?

Costco is a wholesale retail company and it rolls out bundles of stamps to be sold as a lot. But keeping in mind the convenience of the members, there are a few outlets where they can purchase stamps at a lower rate than that from the post office. The designs of the stamps sold by Costco are flag designed USPS Forever. They are valid only for sending a single piece of First Class mail even if the price of stamps increases in the future. 

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Advantages of buying stamps from Costco

The post office might always not be the most viable option for buying postage stamps. Costco comes to the rescue of its members when the time calls for its advantages.


The Costco retain stores are spread across the length and the breadth of the USA. There are almost eight hundred stores and has become a very common sight in the country. Every store has stocks of a postage stamp and is often found in the most lucrative positions, be it from the workplace or home. 

Wholesale market

This advantage plays out for those members who are planning to send out a bulk letter for an invite to a wedding or any other event. It plays out because of their warehouse, unlike petrol pumps and pharmacies.

The cost of Costco stamps is always stable

Costco sell First-class Forever stamps which can be used forever.  The stamps are available at a discounted rate of $54.75 for a roll of 100 stamps in 2021 in Costco. The greatest advantage is the price and the discounts. Costco always charges prices that are of lower rates than the USPS. No matter what the rates are, even when USPS increases its price, Costco maintains its price. 

Long hours of business

Costco turns the limitations of its biggest competitor into its strength. USPS has constricted working hours and stamps are available only during that time, which becomes a problem. When people have full-time time work and a busy schedule, it becomes a problem to have a break and go out to the post office. With Costco, this adjustment doesn’t isn’t a burden to the customers. The stores are open till 8:30 pm on weekdays and until 6 pm on weekends. 

It is not just stamps

Costco stores have accompaniments with stamps. Members can buy packing, envelopes, packages, labels, markers, pens, and every other stationery required to send a package or letter. This advantage is often missing in the other stamp store. Costco thinks on its feet and makes arrangements for the members so that they do not have to worry about other things.

Rewards for the members of the Costco family

Several arrangements have been made for the members. Costco has a partnership with some financial institutions. The Costco Executive membership offers the members reward for each dollar spent in the various Costco stores. The rewards can be used when the members are purchasing stamps regularly. They help in making extra savings every time a customer buys a stamp. 

Online availability of stamps

Both offline and online options are viable to some stores. The walk-in option has been made lucrative for the customers with the development of a store locator. It allows the customer to enter their home address. The app automatically locates the closest walk-in store. The phone number and the business hours are also provided beforehand for the convenience of the customers. They also mention if the stores have stamps in stock.  

Customers who have business membership with Costco can only avail themselves of the online option of buying stamps and other stationery. Also, stamps are required by various business houses.  They need an account with the Costco store to purchase a roll of stamps. It costs $54.75 plus shipping. 

The discounted prices of stamps, the distribution of stores all across the country, the buyer rewards program, the online and offline or the walk-in facility provided is worth considering only if customers have the membership card. This card is worth signing up for if customers want to purchase other goods and not just stamps.

Does Costco Sell Stamps? – Know More

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