Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Locations -Know More

Ollie’s bargain is completely contradictory to its literal meaning, which means jumping high off the ground! Ollie’s is prominently known for its low prices on almost all the items possibly available in other retailing enterprises such as Walmart, Target or ALDI’s. It is known for its ability to sell real brands at real bargain prices. Let us know about “Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Locations”

Ollies Bargain Outlet Locations

Currently, Ollie’s has 407 locations that are charged and working all over the US. Even after beating Amazon, and exceeding its sales by $1.8 billion in 2020, Ollie’s sticks only to the US and conducts business in the US only. It does not have any outlets outside the US. Currently, it has opened 46 new stores in the United States. Even Forbes wrote an article on Ollie’s, whose headline goes –“ $ 5 billion retail empire that sells nothing online (but is beating Amazon)”. Ollie’s rolls out almost 40 outlets in a year in different cities in the United States.

Here are some of its upcoming stores-

  • Ollie’s hazard, KY Opening!
  • Ollie’s Aurora, IL Opening!
  • Ollie’s East Wichita, KS Opening!

If you are looking for the headquarters of Ollie’s then, Ollie’s are headquartered in Harrisburg, it is a city in Pennsylvania in the United States. Harrisburg is the state capital of Pennsylvania and is famously known for its National Civil War Museum. So if you are driving all the way to Harrisburg, then don’t miss out on the Capitol building, there is a state museum of Pennsylvania which is known for commemorating the culture, nature and the industrial heritage of Pennsylvania. The much-publicised Hershey park is located in the East of Harrisburg, it is a chocolate theme park which offers a variety of entertainment and rides and is best for kids!

Therefore, it is recommended to visit all these places if you are driving up to the headquarters of Ollie’s in Harrisburg; there is so much going on in the State capital that you will be amazed by the liveliness of it.

A Little Bit About Ollie’s-

Ollie’s was founded in 1982; the first Ollie’s bargain outlet store was opened in Mechanicsburg, PA in 1982. Since 1982 Ollie’s has grown into the biggest/largest deep discount retailer’s organisation in America. Currently, it has various distribution centres – one is in New York, PA, Commerce, LA, and Lancaster, TX.

 It is especially known for its savage merchandise, all the well-known brands, excess inventory, low prices et cetera. Basically, it is a retail store that is known for selling bulk products at cheap prices. It is the largest retailer of closeouts. Ollie’s keeps famous brand named goods in all of its locations, in all the stores you will find almost the same prices and goods that are available in the other locations however,  the inventory keeps changing from time to time.

Ollie’s Also Provides Job Opportunities That Are Offered At All Locations-

Ollie‘s tagline – “people are the key to our success”, holds true for their business as it is through people that the stocks experience outflow as well as inflow in the stores.

Ollie’s invests in their associates for their future and the growth of both the company as well as the workers. Ollie’s has a Leadership Institute Program which is designed in a way that aims to train and develop associates/salesmen for their next internal tasks and moves within the company. Ollie encourages and seeks an entrepreneurial spirit. It offers a non-planogram atmosphere that enables the store managers to use all their workspace to the best of their capabilities and knowledge. Most of the workers employed in Ollie’s Pennsylvania stores are usually students from Penn State University.

You can visit Ollie’s for almost all of your needs such as pottery, rugs, yard games, Garden Flats, weed killer, grass seed, air conditioner, luggage, ceiling fan, bug spray, citronella, mouse traps, and fishing stuff, there is a book section which is adored by readers, you name it and it’s there.

Some Of The Famous Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Locations Are-

  • Alabama outlet-

Address – 2004 Veterans Memorial Dr, Birmingham, AL 35214, United States

  • Florida outlet – 

Address number 1 – 942 FL- 436, Casselberry, FL 32707, United States. 

Address number 2 – 7095 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33634, United States. 

Address number 3 – 12110 US- 19, Bayonet Point, FL 34667, United States.

  • Greensburg, PA outlet – 

Address – 660 E Pittsburgh St, Greensburg, PA 15601, United States.

  • Ollies Burlington outlet – best known for its rugs – Michigan outlet. 

Address – 2137 N Church St, Burlington, NC 27217, United States.

  • Indiana outlet- 

Address – 5249Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46237, United States.

  • Muskegon, MI outlet is half of a former Target – 

address – 1730 E Sherman Blvd, Muskegon, MI 49444.

Ollie’s bargain outlet stores in the United States as of 2021 or as follows –

Pennsylvania 46
Ohio 33
North Carolina 31
Florida 31
Georgia 30
Virginia 23
New York 21
Tennessee 19
Kentucky 17
Michigan 17
Alabama 17
Indiana 16
South Carolina 14
Texas 13
Maryland 12
Louisiana 10
Mississippi 8
West Virginia 7
New Jersey 6
Oklahoma 6
Arkansas 4
Connecticut 3
Massachusetts 8
Delaware 1
Rhode Island 1


Now we have learnt “Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Locations”, Although you can find most of the stuff in your nearest outlet, you can go look for things in other outlets as well if you don’t find what you are looking for in the nearest outlet. As different locations have different inventories and are famous for different things, such as some outlets being cheaper than others, the Florida outlet is considered the cheapest. The address has been provided in the article above.

Frequently Asked Questions-
  1. Which Ollie’s bargain outlet is the cheapest? 

The Florida outlet is considered the cheapest Ollie’s bargain outlet. However, some products have lower prices in other locations as well.

  1. Which Ollie’s bargain outlet is best known for rugs? 

The Burlington outlet is best known for rugs and is known for various other products such as kitchen and home tools, cheapest air fryers et cetera.

  1. What is the address of Ollie’s bargain headquarters?

6295 Allentown Blvd, Harrisburg, PA 17112, United States- this is the address for the Harrisburg headquarters of Ollie’s bargain outlet.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Locations -Know More

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