How to add Disney+ to Suddenlink?

What type of device is Suddenlink?

Suddenlink is a Digital Terminal / Transport Adapter (DTA). It is a subsidiary of Altice USA. It is an American telecommunication trading in cable television, broadband, and home security. IP telephony and advertising. It serves TV, hi-speed internet, Wi-Fi & streaming applications in one device at an affordable price. The owners are soon to rebrand Suddenlilnk as Optimum. This Digital adapter can give you access to Suddenlink advanced TV by simply installing it. Higher Picture & sound Quality and in rare cases you can even get new Channels. If you have this Digital Adapter you can easily were various Streaming apps like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. under one Umbrella. But to connect any streaming apps through Suddenlink, you have 1st Installed it on your TV. Let us see how to add Disney+ to suddenlink.

How to add Disney+ to Suddenlink?

How to add Disney+ in Suddenlink?

Suddenlink Digital Transport / Terminal Adapter allows us to add any OTT application to our TV. If you want to add the Disney+ application to your TV connected with Suddenlink, follow the steps:

  • In Suddenlink, Disney+ comes in Channel 22 or 222(HD)
  • Tune into the channel.
  • If you are not a Disney+ member then 1st you have to create your Disney+ account, if you are a member then simply sign in to your account.
  • Now you are set to watch your favorite shows from Disney+, just by tunning to the channel in the better picture and sound quality at an affordable price.

How to install Suddenlink on your TV?

Make sure Suddenlink Digital Adapter has these things in the box; Power Cord, Remote, remote instruction guide, 2AA batteries, external remote control signal receiver, Hook and Loop fasteners, Digital Transport Adapter( DTA) quick start guide, and coaxial cable.

  • Plug the existing cable into the Digital Adapter marked “Cable In”
  • Connect one end of the Coaxial cable to the DTA marked “To TV” and another end to your TV
  • Connect one end of the Power cord to DTA marked “+5 DC in” and the other end to the power outlet.
  • There will be a button in the port where you can turn into either 3 or 4 options. According to the availability.
  • Now you have to connect the remote, simply turn on the TV and Press & hold the “SET” button until the red light on the remote blinks twice, then go to channel 991 and again the red light will blink twice, press the channel up button multiple times until the TV turns off
  • When the TV turns Off, press the SET button again until the red light blinks twice to lock the code
  • Now turn on the Power button on the remote.

Suddenlink packages:

Local Broadcast$50
Standard Cable$60
Suddenlink Core$105
Suddenlink Value$110
Suddenlink Select$130
Suddenlink Premier$155
Family Package$10
Movie Package$10
Sports and Information Package$15
Sports Plus Package$5
Conexion Unica$15
Economy Tier$35
Broadcast Station Surcharge$15
Sports Programming Surcharge$6.65
Sports and Information Package$15
Sports Plus Package$5

Premium Channels:

HBO Max$19
Starz and Starz Encore$17
SHOWTIME/ The Movie Channel$17

Internet Connection Packs:
Gigabit Internet Packs

Internet 100$89.99
Internet 200$99.99
Internet 300$109.99
Internet 400$119.99
Internet 500$129.99
1 Giga Internet$ 139.99

400 Mbps Internet connections

Internet 50$89.99
Internet 100$99.99
Internet 200$119.99
Internet 400$139.99

What is a Digital Terminal / Transport Adapter?

Digital Terminal Adapter is a device that is used by cable companies, to switch to all-digital cable systems.


Why Disney+ is popular? When we think about childhood cartoons the first thing that comes to our mind is Disney. There were other channels also like POGO, Animax, Cartoon Network, etc. but the most viewed channel was and always be Disney.  Back then we used to wait for our favorite Disney Cartoon, Disney shows or movies to be telecast at a specific time. But today we can easily watch it at any time we want, thanks to Disney for Creating Disney+. Disney + is an OTT video streaming platform that includes movies, Shows, cartoons, etc. Disney + was first launched in the US in 2019. 

  • Why do most people prefer Suddenlink as their DTA cable?

Suddenlink came into existence in 2003. It started from Communication, a local cable connection company to one of the St. Louis area’s biggest private cable companies. It gives various options to watch at cheaper prices, which makes it different from other DTA’s. Thus people prefer Suddenlink over other DTA cables.

How to add Disney+ to Suddenlink?

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